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Martin Newell lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Greatest Living Englishman (1993) 01. Goodbye Dreaming Fields [add]
02. Before the Hurricane [add]
03. We'll Build a House [add]
04. The Greatest Living Englishman [add]
05. She Rings the Changes [add]
06. Home Counties Boy [add]
07. A Street Called Prospect [add]
08. Christmas in Suburbia [add]
09. Straight to You Boy [add]
10. The Jangling Man [add]
11. The Green-Gold Girl of Summer [add]
12. An Englishman's Home [add]
13. Intro [live] [add]
14. Orgasm Ray Gun [live/*] [add]
15. I Hank Marvinned [live/*] [add]
16. Lloyd Grossman Hits the Skids [live/*] [add]
17. The Golden Eagle [live/*] [add]
18. The Lawn's Pear [live/*] [add]
19. This Is What I'd Like [live/*] [add]
20. Will You Still Love Me? [live/*] [add]
21. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? [live/*] [add]
22. Catsick [live/*] [add]
23. Heroin in Whiskas [live/*] [add]
24. A Sink Called Ron [live/*] [add]
25. This Is What She's Like [live/*] [add]
26. Journey to the Bottom of Your Handbag [live/*] [add]
27. The Bastard Son of J.R. Hartley [live/*] [add]
28. A Quick Slash [live/*] [add]
29. Mr. Kiplings House Rap [live/*] [add]
30. Bruce Forsyth Calls It Off [live/*] [add]
31. The Railway Children [live/*] [add]
32. Government Guitar Warning [live/*] [add]

The Off White Album (1995) 01. Call Me Michael Moonlight [add]
02. The World of Dandy Leigh [add]
03. Arcadian Boys [add]
04. The Blue Beret [add]
05. Ursula in a Waiting Room [add]
06. When the Damsons Are Down [add]
07. Lions Drunk on Sunlight [add]
08. Miss Van Houten's Coffee Shoppe [add]
09. She Was Never Drowning [add]
10. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [add]
11. Queen Phyllis of Colchester [add]
12. Goodnight Country Girl [add]
13. The Girls in the Flat Upstairs [add]

The Spirit Cage (2000) 01. Wake up and Smell the Offy [add]
02. You Slay Me [add]
03. Sugarcane [add]
04. My Old School [add]
05. New Europeans [add]
06. The Boys of September [add]
07. A Smashing Bird Like Brenda [add]
08. The High Clouds of Summer [add]
09. Your Winter Garden [add]
10. Days Like These [add]
11. My Funeral [add]
12. Lily's Lullaby [add]

Radio Autumn Attic (2002) 01. The Duchess of Leylandia [add]
02. The Wicked Witch [add]
03. Beat Street [add]
04. Do You Dream of the Sea? [add]
05. A Woman and Some Whisky [add]
06. World of the Stars [add]
07. Because She's Driftwood [add]
08. Life As a Broken Doll [add]
09. Sailing to America [add]
10. When We Were a Thing [add]
11. The Beer Elves [add]
12. Prende Mi [add]
13. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]
14. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]
15. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]
16. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]
17. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]
18. Chocks Away [From The Little Ziggy] [add]

The Light Programme (2004) 01. Blackout [add]
02. Trinity Square [add]
03. Jacqui [add]
04. My Lost Weekend [add]
05. The Sun Over the Yardarm [add]
06. Grenadine and Blue [add]
07. Wait for the Rain [add]
08. Sparkletown [add]
09. After the Boy Gets In [add]
10. Venus of the Essoldo [add]
11. Rosebay Railway [add]
12. Synergy [add]
13. Little Trinity [add]

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