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Andre Williams lyrics
Genre: R&B
Wall/Daughter (0000) 01. Wall [Wav 44.1K/16BIT] [add]
02. Daughter [Wav 44.1K/16BIT] [add]

Silky (1998) 01. Agile, Mobile and Hostile [add]
02. I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajamas [add]
03. Bonin' [add]
04. Through It All [add]
05. Looking Down at You/Looking up at Me [add]
06. Bring Me Back My Car Unstripped [add]
07. Car With the Star [add]
08. Pussy Stank [add]
09. Only Black Man in South Dakota [add]
10. Let Me Put It In [add]
11. Country Western Song [add]
12. Everybody Knew [add]

Red Dirt (1999) 01. Hey Truckers [add]
02. Busted [add]
03. She's a Bag of Potato Chips [add]
04. I Can Tell [add]
05. Pardon Me (I've Got Someone to Kill) [add]
06. Weapon of Mass Destruction [add]
07. Easy on the Eyes [add]
08. I'm an Old, Old Man (Tryin' to Live While I Can) [add]
09. Tramp Trail [add]
10. Psycho [add]
11. I Understand (Do You) [add]
12. Old John [add]
13. Queen of the World [add]
14. My Sister Stole My Woman [add]

The Black Godfather (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. The Black Godfather [add]
03. Whip the Booty [add]
04. What'cha Gonna Do? [add]
05. Sling That Thing [add]
06. The Dealer, the Peeler and the Stealer [add]
07. Freak Blues [add]
08. You Got It and I Want It [add]
09. Nasty Women [add]
10. I Hate Cha [add]
11. Montana Slim [add]
12. I Wanna Go Back to Mexico [add]
13. Can't Find My Mind [add]

Bait and Switch (2001) 01. Detroit Michigan [add]
02. Get This Love off My Mind [add]
03. I Ain't Guilty [add]
04. Bait and Switch [add]
05. Put That Skillet Away [add]
06. Sling It Bang It and Give It Cab Fare Home [add]
07. Soul Brother in Heaven and Hell [add]
08. It's Gonna Work Out Fine [add]
09. Your Stuff Ain't the Same [add]
10. The Lie [add]
11. Head First [add]
12. Open Your Eyes [add]
13. Hey Country Girl [add]
14. Bigger Than Greed or Need [add]
15. Sent Up [add]

Holland Shuffle! [live] (2003) 01. Agile, Mobile and Hostile [add]
02. You Got It and I Want It [add]
03. I Can Tell [add]
04. Shake a Tail Feather [add]
05. I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajamas [add]
06. Car With the Star [add]
07. I Don't Know Why [add]
08. Pussy Stank [add]
09. Get This Love off My Mind [add]
10. Jail Bait [add]
11. Hallelujah [add]

Red Beans and Biscuits (2005) 01. Red Beans (A.K.A. Bo Hot Stomp) [add]
02. Can You Deal With That [add]
03. Andre's Guitar Groove [#] [add]
04. Andre's Jam [#] [add]
05. If I Didn't Love You [add]
06. Andre's Fender Rhodes Groove [#] [add]
07. Thunder Thighs [#] [add]
08. Pass the Biscuits '67 [#] [add]
09. I'm the Rock [add]
10. Andre's Thang [#] [add]
11. I Miss You So [#] [add]
12. Daniel Boone [add]
13. Baby, Baby, Oh Baby [add]
14. Lips [add]
15. Streakin' Song [add]
16. Andre's Bag [#] [add]

Aphrodisiac (2006) 01. The Hold Up [add]
02. Do You Remember? [add]
03. I'm Not Worthy [add]
04. Prove It to Me [add]
05. I Don't Need Mary (Juana) [add]
06. Three Sisters [add]
07. Uptown Hustle [add]
08. Chrysler 300 [add]
09. Thunder Thighs [add]
10. I Can See [add]

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