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Satoshi Tomiie lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Full Lick (1999) 01. Big Bang [add]
02. Banging Traffic (Interlude) [add]
03. Love in Traffic [add]
04. Darkness [add]
05. Up in Flames [add]
06. Senaky One [add]
07. Prohibited One (Interlude) [add]
08. Secret Place [add]
09. Come to Me [Lamento Take 2] [add]
10. Inspired [add]
11. Heaven [add]
12. Sincerity, Pt. 1-2 [add]
13. Come to Me [add]
14. Black Opal [add]

Integration 1 (2001) 01. Time [Matthew Boones Almohadilla Remix] [add]
02. Our Time [Peace Division Dub] [add]
03. Tarrentella [Redanka's Nysc Mix] [add]
04. Paranoize/Main-Patch [add]
05. D/Diskostatic [Tarrentella Vs Redanka Remix] [add]
06. The DJ, The Music & Me [add]
07. Beat of a Drum [Peace Division Remix] [add]
08. AC-DC [Gangbanger Mix] [add]
09. My Orbit [Oblique Strateqies Mix] [add]
10. Penetration [Madam Vs Bi-Path Clipped Dub] [add]
11. Passenger [add]

Global Underground: Nubreed (2002) 01. Numb [Original Eclipse Mix] [add]
02. Music Play [add]
03. These Are the Beats [Original Mix] [add]
04. Marscarter [Debo and Porter's Deported Vocal] [add]
05. Afterthought [add]
06. From Dusk Till Dawn [SandEr Kleinenberg's Audio Paranoid Mix] [add]
07. Deuce [Mara's Chooicide Remix] [add]
08. So Pure [Finger Fest Inc. Remix] [add]
09. Hungry [Satoshi Tomiie Remix] [add]
10. Groove Is in the Air ['Simon's Future Dreams Mix' DJ Tools] [add]
11. Burden [Lemon 8's Inner Sanctuary Mix] [add]
12. Mind Filter [Trendroid Croc Hunter Remix] [add]
13. I Want You (For Myself) [Luke Fair Remix] [add]
14. A Lesser Man [add]
15. Substance [add]
16. Graffiti [add]
17. Late Night Return [add]
18. You're My Everything [K and S Brooklyn Bass Mix/Nubian Mix] [add]
19. You Gotta Believe (Atomic Slyde) [Low End Specialists Chernobyl Remix] [add]
20. Let U Know [add]
21. Visible Noise [add]
22. Strange World [Lemon 8 Remix] [add]
23. Seventh Seal [Tweaked Line Mix] [add]
24. Chilling Moments [Bedrock Vocal] [add]
25. Tell You [Luke Fair Remix] [add]

ES (2005) 01. Time for Revolution [add]
02. Tribute [add]
03. You Love This Ass [edit] [add]
04. Piano Track [Original Mix] [add]
05. Banrock [add]
06. D Drive [version] [add]
07. Peaces of Gold [add]
08. You and Me [Satoshi Tomiie ES Edit] [add]
09. Wait (I Know What You Need) [add]
10. Friday Loops [JheReal Mix] [add]
11. Yeahdancetomyrecordbitch [add]
12. We Interrupt This Program [add]
13. Fake [Original] [add]
14. Lonely Child [add]

ES-B (2005) 01. Sweet Things [Original Version] [add]
02. Proton Candy [add]
03. Glow [add]
04. Designated [add]
05. Man: Machine [PJ Remix] [add]
06. Concept [add]
07. Chorgs [add]
08. Closer to Me [ES-B Mix] [add]
09. Death Cab for Bootsy [add]
10. Bar a Thym [add]
11. Make Me High [add]
12. Code Breaker [add]

The Masters Series, Pt. 9 (2007) 01. Farra [add]
02. The 16th Machine [add]
03. Air Moves [Freestyle Man Discotronix Mix] [add]
04. Don't Push It [Original Mix] [add]
05. Welcome to Zion [Original Mix] [add]
06. Don't Be Lonely [AN2 Remix] [add]
07. The Right Wing [add]
08. Darkroomboot [Sasse Elkatronix Rework] [add]
09. So That's What Happens [Original Mix] [add]
10. Alienation 3 - Beyond the Forest [add]
11. I Go Deep [add]
12. Praise [Llorca Remix] [add]
13. Aura [Jimpster Mix] [add]
14. Ahh [D'julz Remix] [add]
15. I Need [DJ Fex Fexperimented Mix] [add]
16. Serotone [Radioslave's Panorama Garage Remix] [add]
17. Lose Control [add]
18. It's Your Time [Different Gear Remix] [add]
19. Moods [add]
20. Celofans [Original Mix] [add]
21. Flick It [Original Mix] [add]
22. Sleeping in the Bass Box [add]
23. Crop Duster [add]
24. Driven [Original Mix] [add]

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