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Roger Sanchez lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Turn on the Music (0000) 01. Turn the Music Inside [add]
02. Take a Chance [add]
03. Not Enough [add]
04. Lost [add]
05. Again [add]
06. Hot 4 U [add]
07. Free [add]
08. Reasons [add]
09. I'm Yours [add]
10. Don't Tell Me It's Over [add]
11. Soledad [add]

United DJs of America, Vol. 8: New York City (1997) 01. The Flame [add]
02. The Stalker [add]
03. Hindu Lover [add]
04. Mas Groove [add]
05. Studio 54 [add]
06. C-Lime Woman [add]
07. Release Yo' Self [add]
08. Problem Child [add]
09. The Revival [add]
10. Love Commandments [add]
11. Stand Tall [add]
12. Vibe [add]

House Music Movement (1998) 01. Got Funk? [add]
02. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life [add]
03. Let's Do It [add]
04. Land of the Lost [add]
05. Spinal Scratch [add]
06. Feel the Sun [add]
07. The Mighty High [add]
08. You [add]
09. Din da Da [add]
10. Back [add]
11. Make the Beat Pound [add]
12. You Can't Hide from Your Bud [add]
13. Vibe [add]
14. Answering Machine [add]
15. Fade II Black [add]
16. Funky & Fresh [add]
17. The Potion [add]

Maximum House & Garage (1999) 01. Can't Get Enough [add]
02. The Real Tribute [M-Club Mix] [add]
03. D.J. Spen Presents Jasper [add]
04. Make Me Feel [add]
05. Put Your Hands Up [Cajun and Duffer Swift's Rok Star Mix] [add]
06. I Want Your Love [add]
07. Where Do We Go [Armands Last Hustle in Paris Mix] [add]
08. A Day in Copacabana [add]
09. Sausalito [add]
10. Kings of Spain [Mandrax Lower East Mix] [add]
11. You Don't Know [M.A.S. Pasta Dub] [add]
12. No-One in the World [Mack Mongoloid Mix] [add]
13. Da Powa [Da North Face Killa Thrilla Mix] [add]
14. Mucho Bajo [add]
15. Disco II Disco [Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix] [add]
16. Buffalo Gals Stampede [S-Man's Spicy Buffalo Wings Dub] [add]
17. Soul Grabber, Pt. 3 [Soulsonic Dub] [add]
18. Everybody Dance [add]
19. Inspiration and Light [add]
20. My Beat [Derrick Carter's Disco Circus Mix] [add]
21. Fire Chief [add]
22. Sitting in the Sun [Derrrick Carter's Winter Crazy Dub Reprise] [add]
23. Deep in the Jungle [add]
24. Up All Night [add]
25. I Want You (For Myself) [add]
26. Go Deep [Spiritual Flute Mix] [add]
27. In My Life [Joses Main Mix] [add]
28. Everything U Need [add]
29. House Music [Ian Pooley Remix] [add]
30. Keep on Searchin [add]
31. High Times [add]
32. Wat'cha Say, Com'on [add]
33. Reach for Me [Reach for the Accapella] [add]
34. Followed [add]
35. Music Is the Answer [D-Tour Groove Mix] [add]

Ministry of Sound, Vol. 11: Roger Sanchez (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. You Can't Change Me [add]
03. Sunday Shoutin [95 North Vs. T.M. Vocal Mix] [add]
04. Pasilda [Knee Deep Mix] [add]
05. Bad Habit [Jose Nunez Vocal Mix] [add]
06. Groovejet [add]
07. Scream and Shout [add]
08. That Girl Ain't Right [add]
09. Just Leave Me [add]
10. You've Been On My Mind [King Unique Dub] [add]
11. I Feel For You [add]
12. Spaced Invader [add]
13. Rise Up [add]
14. The Four Elements (Earth) [add]
15. Remember [add]
16. Signals [add]
17. True House [Eddie Amador Remix] [add]
18. Your Wildest Dreams [add]
19. Learning To Fly [add]
20. Stereo [add]
21. Riddem Control [add]
22. Rise [Jason Jinx Mix] [add]
23. Dooms Night [Timo Maas Remix] [add]
24. Free At Last [add]
25. Don't Stop [add]
26. How's Your Evening So Far [add]
27. Opium Scumbagz [add]
28. Moody [add]
29. When The World IS Running Down (You Can't Go Wrong) [add]
30. Beau Mot Plage [add]

First Contact (2001) 01. Computabank [add]
02. Another Chance lyrics
03. Contact [add]
04. You Can't Change Me [add]
05. The Partee [add]
06. Ventura [add]
07. I Never Knew [add]
08. Nothing2Prove [add]
09. Leavin' [add]

Release Yourself 2003 (2003) 01. Morning Chant [add]
02. Rhythm in Your Mind [add]
03. Just Us [add]
04. Naturally [Blaze Remix] [add]
05. Be There [add]
06. Floating [Original Mix] [add]
07. Calling Your Name [add]
08. What You Are to Me [add]
09. Changes [Ben Watt Remix] [add]
10. Second Wind [add]
11. La Noche y el Dia [Ananda Project Vocal Experience] [add]
12. Magia Do Prazer [Ray Mang Album Mix] [add]
13. Guajira [add]
14. Por Que Amor [add]
15. Push [add]
16. Supasax [add]
17. Dancin [add]
18. A Star Is Born [add]
19. Dancin' in the Dark [add]
20. Free My Soul [Free My Soul Mix] [add]
21. Freaks Like Us [add]
22. The DJ's Calling [add]
23. Everyday [DJ Gregory Remix] [add]
24. What's Come Over Me [add]
25. David [add]
26. Music Revolution [add]
27. Your First Time [Jinx Pull Mix] [add]
28. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [Plastic Music Remix] [add]

Presents: Release Yourself 3 (2004) 01. In the Jungle [add]
02. Come to Me [add]
03. Closer [DJ Spinna Remix] [add]
04. Feelin Fine [Recanstruction Remix] [add]
05. Tempo da Solo [add]
06. I Wanna Know [add]
07. Alone [Solu Music Mix] [add]
08. Heartbeat [Kaskade Remix] [add]
09. Jazz Is.. [add]
10. Rainwater [add]
11. A Stronger Man [add]
12. The Music Makes Me [add]
13. Some Changes [Hardsoul Remix] [add]
14. Play Me With Your Sound [add]
15. Love Me Right [add]
16. You Should Have Said (I Love You) [add]
17. Dancin [Release Yourself Remix] [add]
18. Bare Brass [Laurent Wolf Remix] [add]
19. Morenita [Sanz & Charles Schillings Remix] [add]
20. Rendez Vu [Roger's Secret Rendez Vouz Mix] [add]
21. Temptations [Dean Coleman Remix] [add]
22. Hot 4 U [add]
23. Touch It [Lee Cabrera Mix] [add]
24. Diamond Life [Carl Kennedy & Mark Royal Remix, S-Man's Re-Edit] [add]
25. Rain Dance [Steven Mestre Mix] [add]
26. Mysteriosa [add]
27. Mellow [Quick Thumpin Pass] [add]
28. The Love You Bring Me [add]

Release Yourself, Vol. 4 (2005) 01. Breath Me [Mylo Mix] [add]
02. A Better Love [Rocco Mix] [add]
03. This World [add]
04. This Song Is for You [add]
05. Journey's Prelude [Frankie Feliciano Beats] [add]
06. Bright Like a Star [add]
07. Kana [add]
08. No More Believe [add]
09. Inside My Soul [add]
10. Te Quiero [add]
11. Boa Viagem [add]
12. Sonice [add]
13. Sweet Love [Fred Everything Mix] [add]
14. Feeling Blue [add]
15. Tempo Da Solo [David Vendetta Mix] [add]
16. Breathe Again [add]
17. After Midnight [add]
18. Into a Groove [Alex Romano Rework] [add]
19. You Should've Said [Roger's Release Mix] [add]
20. Raindance [Carl Kennedy Mix] [add]
21. Save Our Souls [S-Man's Revision] [add]
22. 8 Letters [MK & MTV Remix] [add]
23. Let the Sun Shine [add]
24. I Like the Oldskool [add]
25. Music Is Your Life (Keep on Dancin') [add]
26. Let's Get Happy [add]
27. La Noche [add]
28. Nocturnal [Nocturnal 2] [add]
29. Lotta Love [add]
30. Rise [add]

Release Yourself, Vol. 5 (2006) 01. Nocturnal [Dom Navarra's So Deep Mix] [add]
02. Life Ain't Easy [2006 Edit] [add]
03. Tear in My Eye [add]
04. Just Like Elixir [add]
05. Untitled Love Affair [Mr. V's Sole Channel Dub] [add]
06. You Are [John Lucas Dub Mix] [add]
07. I Can't [add]
08. I Need Love [add]
09. Cabbage Juice [Deep Josh Remix] [add]
10. Feel the Music [add]
11. Clear Sky [Manoo & Francois A. Remix] [add]
12. Whatever Makes You Happy [Soulworks Remix] [add]
13. Amphytrion [add]
14. Adobe [add]
15. Alright [Tom de Neef's TDN Re-Dub] [add]
16. Break 4 Love 2006 [add]
17. Be Mine [add]
18. Get Down [Beatchuggers Remix] [add]
19. There's a Woman [add]
20. Unidos Para La Musica [add]
21. Crank [DJ Simi & Masterkeys Remix] [add]
22. Elektro [The Cube Guys Delano Remix] [add]
23. Sexy Fuck [add]
24. Discoteka [DJ Dove Show and Prove Remix] [add]
25. Blow That Door [Original Vox Mix] [add]
26. My Friend [add]
27. Love Lies [Original Mix] [add]
28. Back to Mine [Martijn Ten Velden's Bondage Workout] [add]
29. Something to Lose [add]

Come with Me (2006) 01. Turn on the Music [add]
02. Take a Chance [add]
03. Not Enough [add]
04. Lost [add]
05. Again [add]
06. Hot 4 U [add]
07. Free (Headwinds) [add]
08. Reason [add]
09. I'm Yours [add]
10. Don't Tell Me It's Over [add]
11. Soledad [add]

Choice: A Collection of Classics (2007) 01. Jungle Fever [S-Man's Jungle Edit] [add]
02. Darkest Light [add]
03. New Bell [add]
04. Upside Down [S-Man's Flipside Edit] [add]
05. Mt. Airy Groove [S-Man's Old School Edit] [add]
06. The Mexican [S-Man's B-Boy Battle Edit] [add]
07. Slang Teacher [add]
08. For the Same Man [add]
09. Problems d'Amour [add]
10. Set Fire to Me [Inferno Dub Version] [add]
11. Woman [add]
12. Love Money [add]
13. Que Tal America [add]
14. Is It All Over My Face [S-Man's Luv Dancin' Edit] [add]
15. Your Love [add]
16. Distant Planet [add]
17. 7 Ways to Jack [add]
18. Bring Down the Walls [add]
19. Night Moves [add]
20. Computer Madness [add]
21. Let Me Show You Love [add]
22. House for All [S-Man's Deep in the Vibe Edit] [add]
23. The Poem 92 [add]
24. City Streets [add]
25. I Called U (The Conversation) [add]
26. Energy Flash [add]
27. Work It to the Bone [add]

Choice [Limited Edition Unmixed] (2007) 01. Jungle Fever [S-Man's Jugle Edit] [add]
02. Upside Down [S-Man's Flipside Edit] [add]
03. Mt. Airy Groove [S-Man's Old School Edit] [add]
04. The Mexican [S-Man's B-Boy Battle Edit] [add]
05. Slang Teacher [add]
06. For the Same Man [add]
07. Set Fire to Me [Inferno Dub Version] [add]
08. Woman [add]
09. Is It All Over My Face [S-Man's Luv Dancin' Edit] [add]
10. Your Love [add]
11. Distant Planet [add]
12. 7 Ways to Jack [add]
13. Bring Down the Walls [add]
14. Night Moves [add]
15. House for All [S-Man's Deep in the Video Edit] [add]
16. City Streets [add]
17. I Called U (The Conversation) [add]
18. Energy Flash [add]

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