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Mandy Patinkin lyrics
Genre: Rock
Mandy Patinkin (1989) 01. Over the Rainbow [add]
02. Coffee in a Cardboard Cup [add]
03. Pretty Lady [add]
04. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? [add]
05. Love, Unrequited, Robs Me of My Rest [add]
06. No More [add]
07. Me and My Shadow [add]
08. No One Is Alone [add]
09. Sonny Boy [add]
10. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody [add]
11. "Casey" : and the Band Played On [add]
12. "Casey": Marie [add]
13. "Casey": Once upon a Time [add]
14. Anyone Can Whistle [add]
15. Soliloquy [add]
16. I'll Be Seeing You [add]
17. The Happy Medley: There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder [add]
18. The Happy Medley: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails [add]
19. The Happy Medley: Puttin' on the Ritz [add]
20. The Happy Medley: Alexander's Ragtime Band [add]
21. The Happy Medley: Swanee [add]
22. The Happy Medley: My Mammy [add]
23. The Happy Medley: Handful of Keys [add]
24. Pennies from Heaven [add]

Dress Casual (1990) 01. Doodle Doo Doo [add]
02. When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along [add]
03. Tschaikowsky [add]
04. On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe [add]
05. Bein' Green [add]
06. Triplets [add]
07. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows [add]
08. If You Can Find Me, I'm Here [add]
09. I Remember [add]
10. When [add]
11. Take Me to the World [add]
12. Great Big Town [add]
13. You Mustn't Kick It Around [add]
14. I Could Write a Book [add]
15. Happy Hunting Horn [add]
16. What Do I Care for a Dame [add]
17. Do It the Hard Way [add]
18. I'm Talking to My Pal [add]
19. Sorry-Grateful [add]
20. Being Alive [add]
21. Ya Got Trouble (In River City) [add]
22. Giants in the Sky [add]
23. Mr. Arthur's Place [add]
24. Yossel, Yossel [add]
25. Hollywood Medley Intro [add]
26. Steppin' Out With My Baby [add]
27. A Shine on Your Shoes [add]
28. It Only Happens When I Dance With You [add]
29. That International Rag [add]
30. I've Got Them Feelin' Too Good Today Blues [add]
31. Let Yourself Go [add]

Experiment (1994) 01. As Time Goes By [add]
02. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
03. Somewhere That's Green [add]
04. Someone Is Waiting [add]
05. Something's Coming [add]
06. Multitudes of Amys [add]
07. Jitterbug Waltz [add]
08. So Many People [add]
09. Good Thing Going [add]
10. Taxi [add]
11. I Dreamed a Dream [add]
12. I Wish I Knew [add]
13. The Road You Didn't Take [add]
14. Where or When [add]
15. Always [add]
16. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? [add]
17. Bring Him Home [add]
18. Experiment [add]

Oscar & Steve (1995) 01. I Have the Room Above [add]
02. Loving You [add]
03. If I Loved You [add]
04. I Wish I Could Forget You [add]
05. Pleasant Little Kingdom/Too Many Mornings [add]
06. A Kiss to Build a Dream On [add]
07. Poems [add]
08. You Are Beautiful [add]
09. Bali Ha'i [add]
10. Beat out Dat Rhythm on a Drum [add]
11. There Won't Be Trumpets [add]
12. An Ordinary Couple/When the Children Are Asleep [add]
13. When I Grow Too Old to Dream/Remember [add]
14. Honey Bun [add]
15. Not a Day Goes By [add]
16. You've Got to Be Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen [add]

Mamaloshen (1998) 01. Belz [add]
02. Hey, Tsigelekh [add]
03. Rabbi Elimeylekh [add]
04. Raisins and Almonds [add]
05. Papirosin [add]
06. Ten Kopeks/Supercalifragilistic-Expialidocious/The Hokey Pokey [add]
07. Maria [add]
08. Yome, Yome [add]
09. Paper Is White [add]
10. Song of the Titanic [add]
11. Motl the Operator [add]
12. Under Your White Stars [add]
13. American Tune [add]
14. Take Me Out to the Ball Game/God Bless America [add]
15. Der Alter Tzigayner/White Christmas [add]
16. Oyfn Pripetshik [add]

Kidults (2001) 01. If I Only Had a Brain/Optimistic Voices [add]
02. Minute Waltz [add]
03. Singin' in the Bathtub [add]
04. The Ugly Duckling [add]
05. Soon It's Gonna Rain [add]
06. School Days Medley: Inchworm/School Days (When We Were a Couple of ...) [add]
07. A-Tisket, A-Tasket [add]
08. Japanese Sandman/Cat's in the Cradle [add]
09. Not While I'm Around [add]
10. Rhode Island Is Famous for You [add]
11. April in Fairbanks [add]
12. Holiday for Strings [add]
13. How Could You Believe Me? [add]
14. Everybody Says Don't / The King's New Clothes [add]
15. New Words [add]
16. "A" You're Adorable/Getting to Know You [add]

Sings Sondheim (2002) 01. Opening [add]
02. Lesson #8 [add]
03. Another Hundred People [add]
04. When? [add]
05. Someone Is Waiting [add]
06. Johanna [add]
07. Green Finch and Linnet Bird [add]
08. Pretty Women [add]
09. Finishing the Hat [add]
10. If You Can Find Me, I'm Here [add]
11. Live, Laugh, Love [add]
12. Live Alone and Like It [add]
13. Everybody Says Don't [add]
14. Rich and Happy, Pt. 1 [add]
15. Our Time [add]
16. Broadway Baby [add]
17. Rich and Happy, Pt. 2 [add]
18. Uptown, Downtown [add]
19. Liaisons [add]
20. Send in the Clowns [add]
21. Live, Laugh, Love (Reprise) [add]
22. You Could Drive a Person Crazy [add]
23. Free [add]
24. Company [add]
25. Waiting for the Girls Upstairs [add]
26. Pleasant Little Kingdom/Too Many Mornings [add]
27. Not While I'm Around [add]
28. All Things Bright and Beautiful [add]
29. It Takes Two [add]
30. In Someone's Eyes [add]
31. Beautiful [add]
32. Losing My Mind [add]
33. Take the Moment [add]
34. Sunday [add]

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