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David Sylvian lyrics
Genre: Rock
Brilliant Trees (1984) 01. Pulling Punches lyrics
02. The Ink in the Well [add]
03. Nostalgia lyrics
04. Red Guitar lyrics
05. Weathered Wall lyrics
06. Backwaters lyrics
07. Brilliant Trees lyrics

Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities (1985) 01. Words with the Shaman: Ancient Evening/Incantation/Awakening (Song ...) [add]
02. Words with the Shaman: Pt. 2, Incantation [add]
03. Words with the Shaman: Pt. 3, Awakening (Songs from the Treetops) [add]
04. Preparations for a Journey [add]
05. The Stigma of Childhood (Kin) [add]
06. A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce [add]
07. Steel Cathedrals [add]

Gone to Earth (1986) 01. Taking the Veil [add]
02. Laughter & Forgetting [add]
03. Before the Bullfight [add]
04. Gone to Earth [add]
05. Wave lyrics
06. River Man lyrics
07. Silver Moon lyrics
08. The Healing Place lyrics
09. Answered Prayers [add]
10. Where the Railroad Meets the Sea [add]
11. The Wooden Cross [add]
12. Home [add]
13. Upon This Earth lyrics

Secrets of the Beehive (1987) 01. September lyrics
02. The Boy With the Gun [add]
03. Maria lyrics
04. Orpheus lyrics
05. The Devil's Own lyrics
06. When Poets Dreamed of Angels [add]
07. Mother and Child [add]
08. Let the Happiness In [add]
09. Waterfront lyrics
10. Forbidden Colours lyrics

Plight and Premonition (1988) 01. Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts) [add]
02. Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel) [add]

Flux + Mutability (1989) 01. Flux: A Big, Bright, Colourful World [add]
02. Mutability (A New Beginning Is in the Offing) [add]

Ember Glance: The Permanence of Memory (1991) 01. The Beekeeper's Apprentice [add]
02. Epiphany [add]

The First Day (1993) 01. God's Monkey lyrics
02. Jean the Birdman [add]
03. Firepower lyrics
04. Brightness Falls lyrics
05. 20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) [add]
06. Darshan [The Road to Graceland] [add]
07. Bringing Down the Light [add]

Damage: Live (1994) 01. Damage [add]
02. God's Monkey lyrics
03. Brightness Falls lyrics
04. Every Colour You Are lyrics
05. Firepower lyrics
06. Gone to Earth [add]
07. 20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) [add]
08. Wave lyrics
09. Riverman lyrics
10. Darshan (The Road to Graceland) [add]
11. Blinding Light of Heaven [add]
12. The First Day [add]

Dead Bees on a Cake (1999) 01. I Surrender lyrics
02. Dobro #1 lyrics
03. Midnight Sun lyrics
04. Thalheim lyrics
05. Godman [add]
06. Alphabet Angel lyrics
07. Krishna Blue lyrics
08. The Shining of Things [add]
09. Cafe Europa lyrics
10. Pollen Path lyrics
11. All of My Mother's Names [add]
12. Wanderlust lyrics
13. Praise lyrics
14. Darkest Dreaming lyrics

Damage [live] (2002) 01. God's Money [add]
02. Brightness Falls lyrics
03. Every Color You Are [add]
04. Jean the Birdman [add]
05. Firepower lyrics
06. Damage [add]
07. Gone to Earth [add]
08. 20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) [add]
09. Wave lyrics
10. Riverman lyrics
11. Blinding Light of Heaven [add]
12. The First Day [add]

Blemish (2003) 01. Blemish [add]
02. The Good Son [add]
03. The Only Daughter [add]
04. The Heart Knows Better [add]
05. She Is Not [add]
06. Late Night Shopping [add]
07. How Little We Need to Be Happy [add]
08. A Fire in the Forest [add]

Money for All (2006) 01. Money for All [add]
02. Get the Hell Out [add]
03. The Banality of Evil [Burnt Friedman Remix] [add]
04. Wonderful World [Burnt Friedman Remix] [add]
05. Birds Sing for Their Lives [add]
06. Serotonin [Burnt Friedman Remix] [add]
07. Money for All [version] [add]
08. Get the Hell Out [Burnt Friedman Remix] [add]

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