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Ted Taylor lyrics
Genre: R&B
Be Ever Wonderful (1963) 01. Be Ever Wonderful [add]
02. Pleadin' for Love [add]
03. It Hurts to Be in Love [add]
04. Some Day [add]
05. Little Red Rooster [add]
06. How Could You Do That [add]
07. You're Tippin', She's Rippin' [add]
08. Stay Away from My Baby [add]

Shades of Blue (1970) 01. You've Been Crying [add]
02. The Girl of My Dreams [add]
03. I've Got the Chills [add]
04. This Love of Mine [add]
05. Keep Walking On [add]
06. If I Don't See You Again [add]
07. Very Truly Yours [add]
08. Everywhere I Go [add]
09. Days Are Dark [add]
10. Wrapped in a Dream [add]
11. Only Your Love [add]
12. Close Your Eyes [add]

You Can Dig It (1970) 01. It's Too Late [add]
02. Cover Me [add]
03. If I Thought You Needed Me [add]
04. The Road of Love [add]
05. Ollie Mae [add]
06. You Got to Feel It [add]
07. Funky Thing [add]
08. I'm Lonely Tonight [add]
09. Without a Woman [add]
10. Long Ago [add]
11. Strangest Feeling [add]
12. I Need Your Love So Bad [add]

Taylor Made (1971) 01. It's a Funky Situation [add]
02. Something Strange Is Going on in My House [add]
03. Houston Town [add]
04. Who's Doing It to Who [add]
05. Call the House Doctor [add]
06. (This Is A) Troubled World [add]
07. Papa's Gonna Make Love [add]
08. How's Your Love Life Baby [add]
09. Only the Lonely Knows [add]
10. Sweet Lovin' Pair [add]
11. Can't Take No More [add]
12. I Feel a Chill [add]

Keep on Walking (1980) 01. Everywhere I Go [add]
02. Days Are Dark [add]
03. Strange Things Happening [add]
04. (Hold on) I Got the Chills [add]
05. If I Don't See You Again [add]
06. Keep Walking On [add]
07. Miss You So [add]
08. It's Too Late [add]
09. She's Got a Munchy Tunchy [add]
10. Bread Box of Love [add]
11. How's Your Love Life Baby [add]
12. Only the Lonely Knows [add]
13. Don't Be Slapping My Hand Buddy [add]
14. Houston Town [add]
15. I Need Your Love So Bad [add]
16. Keep What You Get (And Like It) [add]

Steal Away (1991) 01. My Key Jumpback in My Hand [add]
02. Home at Last [add]
03. The Wolf [add]
04. Feed the Flame [add]
05. I Can't Take No More [add]
06. Crumb in Your Bread Box of Love [add]
07. Steal Away [add]
08. Get Your Own Woman [add]
09. Only the Lonely Knows [add]
10. Torch of Love [add]

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