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George Wallington lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The George Wallington Trio [Savoy] (0000) 01. Twins [add]
02. Polka Dot [add]
03. I'll Remember April [add]
04. High Score [add]
05. Hyacinth [add]
06. Joy Bell [add]
07. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
08. Fine and Dandy [add]
09. Knockout [add]
10. Igloo [add]
11. Failyland [add]
12. Racing [add]

George Wallington Trio [Vogue] (0000) 01. A Day in Paris [add]
02. Fairyland [add]
03. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
04. Just One of Those Things [add]
05. Star Eyes [add]
06. These Foolish Things [add]
07. Woody 'N You [add]
08. NY [add]

George Wallington and His Band (0000) 01. Summertime [add]
02. Summertime [alternate take] [add]
03. Festival [add]
04. Festival [alternate take] [add]
05. Christina [add]
06. Frankie and Johnny [add]
07. Frankie and Johnny [alternate take] [add]
08. Baby Grand [add]
09. Bumpkins [alternate take] [add]

Live! at Cafe Bohemia [Prestige/OJC] (0000) 01. Johnny One Note [add]
02. Sweet Blanche [add]
03. Minor March [add]
04. Snakes [add]
05. Jay Mac's Crib [add]
06. Bohemia After Dark [add]
07. Minor March [alternate take/*] [add]

Jazz for the Carriage Trade (0000) 01. Our Delight [add]
02. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
03. Foster Dulles [add]
04. Together We Wail [add]
05. What's New? [add]
06. But George [add]

Knight Music (0000) 01. Godchild [add]
02. Serendipity [add]
03. Billie's Tune [add]
04. The Ghostly Lover [add]
05. Up Jumped the Devil [add]
06. It's All Right With Me [add]
07. The End of a Love Affair [add]
08. Will You Still Be Mine? [add]
09. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
10. World Weary [add]
11. One Night of Love [add]

The New York Scene (0000) 01. In Salah [add]
02. Up Tohickon Creek [add]
03. Graduation Day [add]
04. Indian Summer [add]
05. 'Dis Mornin' [add]
06. Sol's Ollie [add]

Jazz at Hotchkiss (0000) 01. Dance of the Infidels [add]
02. Strange Music [add]
03. Before Dawn [add]
04. Ow! [add]
05. S Make T [add]

Virtuoso (0000) 01. Moonflower [add]
02. Clearness of View [add]
03. Beautiful Eyes [add]
04. Melody [add]
05. Virtuoso [add]
06. Temporal [add]
07. Beautiful to Behold [add]
08. Heart of Hearts [add]
09. One Foolish Leaf [add]
10. Sociability [add]

The Pleasure of a Jazz Inspiration (0000) 01. Miss St. Louis [add]
02. Memory of the Heart [add]
03. Writing in the Sand [add]
04. The Scentless Rose [add]
05. The Peacock's Tale [add]
06. Tears Beneath the Moon [add]
07. Felicity [add]
08. Tender Loving Friendship [add]

The George Wallington Trios (1952) 01. Summer Rain [add]
02. Escalatin' [add]
03. Laura [add]
04. When Your Wedding Ring Was New [add]
05. Red, White, and Blue [add]
06. Arrivederci [add]
07. Among Friends [add]
08. My Nephew and I [add]
09. Variations [add]
10. Squeezer's Breezer [add]
11. Cuckoo Around the Clock [add]
12. I Married an Angel [add]
13. Ours [add]

George Wallington [Prestige I] (1953) 01. Among Friends [add]
02. My Nephew and I [add]
03. Variations [add]
04. Squeezers Breezers [add]
05. Cuckoo Around the Clock [add]
06. I Married an Angel [add]
07. Ours [add]

George Wallington Showcase (1954) 01. Summertime [add]
02. Festival [add]
03. Christina [add]
04. Frankie and Johnny [add]
05. Baby Grand [add]
06. Bumpkins [add]

The Workshop of the George Wallington Trio (1954) 01. Before Dawn [add]
02. A Night in Tunisia [add]
03. If I Love Again [add]
04. Your Laughter [add]
05. Throughbird [add]
06. Without Reservation [add]
07. Morning Dew [add]
08. Busman's Holiday [add]

George Wallington with Strings (1955) 01. My Funny Valentine [add]
02. Alone Together [add]
03. Autumn in New York [add]
04. Thou Swell [add]
05. Invitation [add]
06. Moonlight in Vermont [add]
07. Variations [add]
08. Racing [add]
09. Marcel the Furrier [add]
10. Every Loving Blues [add]
11. Hold Me Close [add]
12. Morning Dew [add]
13. Before Dawn [add]
14. If I Love Again [add]
15. Your Laughter [add]
16. Morning Dew [add]

The Prestidigitator (1957) 01. In Salah [add]
02. Composin' at the Composer [add]
03. Jouons [add]
04. Rural Route [add]
05. Promised Land [add]
06. August Moon [add]
07. Prestidigitator [add]

The Symphony of a Jazz Piano (1985) 01. Jack Finding His Jill [add]
02. The Moment We Fancy Each Other [add]
03. The Lovely Things We See [add]
04. Posthumous Glory [add]
05. Delusion [add]
06. Soap Bubbles [add]
07. Mother Wit [add]
08. Love Notes and Ringlets [add]
09. The Spring of Life [add]
10. Two Lovers [add]
11. Goodness of Heart [add]
12. Billie, I Must Leave You Now [add]

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