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The Proclaimers lyrics
Genre: Rock
This Is the Story (1987) 01. Throw the 'R' Away [add]
02. Over and Done With [add]
03. Misty Blue [add]
04. The Part That Really Matters [add]
05. (I'm Gonna) Burn Your Playhouse Down [add]
06. Letter from America [Acoustic Version] [add]
07. Sky Takes the Soul [add]
08. It Broke My Heart [add]
09. The First Attack [add]
10. Make My Heart Fly [add]
11. Beautiful Truth [add]
12. The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues [add]
13. Letter from America [Band Version] [add]

Sunshine on Leith (1988) 01. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) lyrics
02. Cap in Hand [add]
03. Then I Met You [add]
04. My Old Friend the Blues [add]
05. Sean [add]
06. Sunshine on Leith [add]
07. Come on Nature [add]
08. I'm on My Way [add]
09. What Do You Do? [add]
10. It's Saturday Night [add]
11. Teardrops [add]
12. Oh Jean [add]

Hit the Highway (1994) 01. Let's Get Married [add]
02. The More I Believe [add]
03. What Makes You Cry? [add]
04. Follow the Money [add]
05. These Arms of Mine [add]
06. Shout Shout [add]
07. The Light [add]
08. Hit the Highway [add]
09. A Long Long Long Time Ago [add]
10. I Want to Be a Christian [add]
11. Your Childhood [add]
12. Don't Turn Out Like Your Father [add]

Persevere (2001) 01. There's a Touch [add]
02. Sweet Little Girls [add]
03. A Land Fit for Zeros [add]
04. How Many Times [add]
05. One Too Many [add]
06. That's When He Told Her [add]
07. Scotland's Story [add]
08. When You're in Love [add]
09. She Arouses Me So [add]
10. Everybody's a Victim [add]
11. Don't Give It to Me [add]
12. Heaven Right Now [add]
13. Slowburner [add]
14. Act of Remebrance [add]

Born Innocent (2003) 01. Born Innocent [add]
02. Should Have Been Loved [add]
03. Blood on Your Hands [add]
04. Unguarded Moments [add]
05. Hate My Love [add]
06. Redeemed [add]
07. You Meant It Then [add]
08. Five O'Clock World lyrics
09. He's Just Like Me [add]
10. Role Model [add]
11. No Witness [add]
12. Dear Deidre [add]
13. There's No Doubt [add]

Restless Soul (2005) 01. When Love Struck You Down [add]
02. Restless Soul [add]
03. Turning Away [add]
04. I'm Gone [add]
05. That's Better Now [add]
06. Everyday I Try [add]
07. He Just Can't [add]
08. Bound for Your Love [add]
09. What I Saw in You [add]
10. The One Who Loves You Now [add]
11. She's Brighter [add]
12. D.I.Y. [add]
13. Now and Then [add]
14. One More Down [add]

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