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The Youngbloods lyrics
Genre: Rock
Earth Music (1967) 01. Euphoria [add]
02. All My Dreams Blue [add]
03. Monkey Business [add]
04. Dreamer's Dream [add]
05. Sugar Babe [add]
06. Long and Tall [add]
07. I Can Tell [add]
08. Don't Play Games [add]
09. The Wine Song [add]
10. Fool Me [add]
11. Reason to Believe lyrics

The Youngbloods (1967) 01. Grizzelly Bear lyrics
02. All over the World (La-La) [add]
03. Statesboro Blues [add]
04. Get Together lyrics
05. One Note Man [add]
06. The Other Side of This Life [add]
07. Tears Are Falling [add]
08. Four in the Morning [add]
09. Foolin' Around (The Waltz) [add]
10. Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby [add]
11. C.C. Rider [add]

Elephant Mountain (1969) 01. Darkness, Darkness lyrics
02. Smug [add]
03. On Sir Francis Drake [add]
04. Sunlight [add]
05. Double Sunlight [add]
06. Beautiful [add]
07. Turn It Over [add]
08. Rain Song (Don't Let the Rain Bring You Down) [add]
09. Trillium [add]
10. Quicksand [add]
11. Black Mountain Breakdown [add]
12. Sham [add]
13. Ride the Wild [add]

Rock Festival [live] (1970) 01. It's a Lovely Day [add]
02. Faster All the Time [add]
03. Prelude [add]
04. On Beautiful Lake Spenard [add]
05. Josiane [add]
06. Sea Cow Boogie [add]
07. Fiddler a Dram [add]
08. Misty Roses [add]
09. Interlude [add]
10. Peepin' and Hidin' [add]
11. Ice Bag [add]

Good and Dusty (1971) 01. Stagger Lee [add]
02. That's How Strong My Love Is [add]
03. Willie and the Hand Jive [add]
04. Circus Face [add]
05. Hippie from Olema No. 5 [add]
06. Good and Dusty [add]
07. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
08. Drifting and Drifting [add]
09. Pontiac Blues [add]
10. Moonshine Is the Sunshine [add]
11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
12. I'm a Hog for You Baby [add]
13. Light Shine [add]

Ride the Wind [live] (1971) 01. Ride the Wind [add]
02. Sugar Babe [add]
03. Sunlight [add]
04. The Dolphin [add]
05. Get Together lyrics
06. Beautiful [add]

Sunlight (1971) 01. Sunlight [add]
02. Reason to Believe lyrics
03. Foolin' Around (The Waltz) [add]
04. Statesboro Blues [add]
05. On Sir Francis Drake [add]
06. One Note Man [add]
07. Dreamer's Dream [add]
08. Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby [add]
09. I Can Tell [add]
10. Long and Tall [add]

High on a Ridgetop (1972) 01. Speedo [add]
02. She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule to Ride) [add]
03. Going By the River [add]
04. Running Bear [add]
05. I Shall Be Released [add]
06. Dreamboat [add]
07. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window [add]
08. Donna [add]
09. La Bamba [add]
10. Kind Hearted Woman [add]

This Is the Youngbloods (1972) 01. Get Together lyrics
02. The Wine Song [add]
03. C.C. Rider [add]
04. Fool Me [add]
05. Tears Are Falling [add]
06. Grizzly Bear [add]
07. Beautiful [add]
08. Too Much Monkey Business [add]
09. Rain Song (Don't Let the Rain Get You Down) [add]
10. All Over the World (La-La) [add]
11. Sunlight [add]
12. Quicksand [add]
13. The Other Side of This Life [add]
14. All My Dreams Blue [add]
15. Darkness Darkness [add]
16. Euphoria [add]
17. Don't Play Games [add]
18. Sugar Babe [add]
19. Smug [add]
20. Ride the Wind [add]

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