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Raging Slab lyrics
Genre: Rock
Raging Slab (1989) 01. Don't Dog Me [add]
02. Joy Ride [add]
03. Sassy's All I Got [add]
04. Waiting for the Potion [add]
05. Get off My Jollies [add]
06. Shiny Mama [add]
07. Geronimo [add]
08. Bent for Silver [add]
09. Love Comes Loose [add]
10. Dig a Hole [add]
11. San Loco [add]

Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert (1993) 01. Anywhere But Here [add]
02. Weatherman [add]
03. Pearly [add]
04. So Help Me [add]
05. What Have You Done [add]
06. Take a Hold [add]
07. Laughin' and Cryin' [add]
08. Don't Worry About the Bomb [add]
09. Lynne [add]
10. Lord Have Mercy [add]
11. National Dust [add]
12. Ain't Ugly None [add]

Sing Monkey Sing (1996) 01. Should'a Known [add]
02. Econoliner [add]
03. Never Comin' Down [add]
04. Nobodies [add]
05. Lay Down [add]
06. Gracoius [add]
07. C'mon 'N' On [add]
08. She Like Ta [add]
09. Better [add]
10. Wrong [add]
11. Gravity [add]
12. Checkyrd Demon [add]
13. Skull's Ending: The Beginning/Slab Song Sermon/Skyfish# [add]

The Dealer (2001) 01. Here Lies [add]
02. Sir Lord Ford/When Electricity Came to Arkansas [add]
03. Double Wide [add]
04. Real Good Time [add]
05. Too Bad [add]
06. Chasin the Dragon [add]
07. Flap Your Boogie Flap [add]
08. That's Alright [add]
09. The Ballad of Truly Mae [add]
10. Bite the Lightning [add]
11. I Don't Know You [add]
12. Roadless Rider [add]
13. (What I) See Through You [add]
14. I Saw the Light [add]
15. That Ain't What I Meant [add]
16. Good Mornin' Lil' Schoolboy [add]

Pronounced Eat Shit (2002) 01. Little Red Lights [add]
02. Boogalooser [add]
03. Ruby [add]
04. Miss Delicious [add]
05. Dry Your Eyes [add]
06. Hell Yawns Before Me [add]
07. Black Bell [add]
08. Chrome Won't Get You Home [add]
09. Shake What You Can [add]
10. Never Never Know [add]
11. When the Cock Crows [add]
12. Bury Me Deep [add]
13. For What You're Worth [add]

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