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Michelle Shocked lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Texas Campfire Tapes (1986) 01. 5 A.M. in Amsterdam [add]
02. The Secret Admirer [add]
03. The Incomplete Image [add]
04. Who Cares? [add]
05. Down on Thomas St. [add]
06. Fogtown lyrics
07. Steppin' Out [add]
08. The Hep Cat [add]
09. Necktie [add]
10. (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister [add]
11. The Ballad of Patch Eye and Meg [add]
12. The Secret to a Long Life (Is Knowing When It's Time to Go) [add]
13. The Chain Smoker [add]
14. Stranded in a Limousine [add]
15. Goodnight Irene [add]

Short Sharp Shocked (1988) 01. When I Grow Up lyrics
02. Hello Hopeville lyrics
03. Memories of East Texas [add]
04. (Making the Run To) Gladewater [add]
05. Graffiti Limbo [add]
06. If Love Was a Train [add]
07. Anchorage lyrics
08. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore [add]
09. VX FX DX [add]
10. Black Widow lyrics
11. Fog Town [add]

Captain Swing (1989) 01. God Is a Real Estate Developer [add]
02. On the Greener Side [add]
03. Silent Ways lyrics
04. Sleep Keeps Me Awake lyrics
05. The Cement Lament lyrics
06. (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister [add]
07. Looks Like Mona Lisa (Smells Like Tuna Fish) [add]
08. Too Little, Too Late [add]
09. Street Corner Ambassador [add]
10. Must Be Luff lyrics

Arkansas Traveler (1991) 01. 33 RPM Soul [add]
02. Come a Long Way [add]
03. Secret to a Long Life [add]
04. Contest Coming (Cripple Creek) [add]
05. Over the Waterfall [add]
06. Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy) [add]
07. Jump Jim Crow [add]
08. Hold Me Back [add]
09. Strawberry Jam [add]
10. Pridigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe) [add]
11. Blackberry Blossom lyrics
12. Weaving Way [add]
13. Arkansas Traveler [add]
14. Woody's Rag [add]

Kind Hearted Woman (1994) 01. Stillborn [add]
02. Homestead [add]
03. Winter Wheat [add]
04. Cold Comfort [add]
05. Eddie [add]
06. A Child Like Grace [add]
07. Fever Breaks [add]
08. Silver Spoon [add]
09. Hard Way [add]
10. No Sign of Rain [add]

Deep Natural (2002) 01. (((Joy))) [add]
02. What Can I Say? [add]
03. Why Do I Get the Feeling? [add]
04. Good News [add]
05. Forgive to Forget [add]
06. That's So Amazing [add]
07. Peach Fuzz [add]
08. I Know What You Need [add]
09. Can't Take My Joy [add]
10. Little Billie [add]
11. If Not Here [add]
12. Moanin' Dove [add]
13. House Burning Down [add]
14. Psalm [add]
15. Go in Peace [add]
16. Go Dub [add]
17. I Know What You Dub [add]
18. Match Burns Dub [add]
19. Dod Dub [add]
20. House Burns Dub [add]
21. Forget to Dub [add]
22. Why Do I Dub? [add]
23. Draughts of Dublin [add]
24. What Dub? [add]
25. Peach Fuzz [Version Dub] [add]
26. Can't Take My Dub [add]
27. Fat Brown Snake Dub [add]
28. F2F Dub [add]

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (2005) 01. Early Morning Saturday [add]
02. How You Play the Game [add]
03. Don't Ask [add]
04. Used Car Lot [add]
05. Hardly Gonna Miss Him [add]
06. Evacuation Raoute [add]
07. Fools Like Us [add]
08. Elaborate Sabotage [add]
09. Don't Tell [add]
10. Goodbye [add]
11. (Hi Skool) [add]

Got No Strings (2005) 01. To Be a Cat [add]
02. Give a Little Whistle [add]
03. Got No Strings [add]
04. Spoonful of Sugar [add]
05. Spectrum [add]
06. Wish Upon a Star [add]
07. Baby Mine [add]
08. A Dream Is a Wish [add]
09. Bare Necessities [add]
10. On the Front Porch [add]

Mexican Standoff (2005) 01. Lonely Planet [add]
02. La Cantina el Gato Negro [add]
03. Wanted Man [add]
04. Picoesque [add]
05. Match Burns Twice [add]
06. Mouth of the Mississippi [add]
07. Bitter Pill [add]
08. 180 Proof [add]
09. Weasel Be Poppin' [add]
10. Blackjack Heart [add]

To Heaven U Ride (2007) 01. Introductions [add]
02. Strange Things Happening [add]
03. The Weight [add]
04. Quality of Mercy [add]
05. God Bless the Child [add]
06. Good News [add]
07. Cancer Alley Rap [add]
08. Wade in the Water [add]
09. Uncloudy Day [add]
10. Study War No More [add]
11. Blessed [add]
12. Pslam [add]
13. Psalm [add]
14. Answered Prayer Rap [add]
15. Can't Take My Joy [add]

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