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Outrageous Cherry lyrics
Genre: Rock
Outrageous Cherry (1994) 01. Pale Frail Lovely One [add]
02. The Stare [add]
03. If Someone Loves You [add]
04. 'Til I Run Out [add]
05. West [add]
06. Party's Over [add]
07. Ace 100 [add]
08. Withdrawal [add]
09. Overwelmed [add]
10. Bridge [add]
11. Radio Telephone Operator Procedures, Pt. 2 [add]

Stereo Action Rent Party (1996) 01. Sign of the Times [add]
02. Days [add]
03. Qui Peut Dire? [add]
04. Song from the Bottom of a Well [add]
05. Wonderful [add]
06. Boy Child [add]
07. I'm Not in Love [add]
08. Chinese White [add]
09. Miss X [add]
10. Reel Around the Moon [add]
11. Reel Around the Fountain [add]
12. Some of Them Are Old [add]
13. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes [add]
14. Make the Workd Go Away [add]

Nothing's Gonna Cheer You Up (1997) 01. I've Never Seen Your World [add]
02. More Than Blue [add]
03. Panavision 70 [add]
04. Genevieve [add]
05. Nothing's Gonna Cheer You Up [add]
06. You Don't Understand Me [add]
07. Jayne [add]
08. The Hypnotic Eye [add]
09. Nope [add]
10. Where Things Belong [add]
11. Strained [add]

Out There in the Dark (1999) 01. Georgie Don't You Know [add]
02. Togetherness [add]
03. Where Do I Go When You Dream? [add]
04. Corruptable [add]
05. Eclipsed [add]
06. Easy Come, Uneasy Glow [add]
07. Tracy [add]
08. Only the Easy Way Down [add]
09. Song for Inoshiro Honda [add]
10. A Bad Movie [add]
11. It's Always Never [add]
12. Out There in the Dark [add]
13. There's No Escape From the Infinite [add]

The Book of Spectral Projections (2001) 01. The Book of Spectral Projections [add]
02. Shadow of My Universe [add]
03. The Unseen Devourers [add]
04. Fate's Strange Parade [add]
05. The Hour Glass [add]
06. Here Where the Stars Are Cracking Up [add]
07. Wide Awake in the Spirit World [add]
08. My Demon Friend [add]
09. Through Parallel Dimensions [add]
10. It's Only Sorcery [add]
11. The Astral Transit Authority [add]
12. History of Magic [add]
13. Of Transparent Versions [add]
14. Is It Time? [add]
15. Everything's Back to Normal [add]
16. When You Emerge [add]
17. Always Less Than Changing [add]
18. Electric Child of Witchcraft Rising lyrics
19. Spectral Sunrise [add]
20. It's So Nice to Be Here [add]

Supernatural Equinox (2003) 01. Girl You Have Magic Inside You [add]
02. A Song for Someone Sometimes [add]
03. Young and Miserable [add]
04. This Evening [add]
05. The Orgone Vortex [add]
06. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures [add]
07. See Through Everything [add]
08. Supernatural Equinox [add]
09. If You Want Me [add]
10. Psychic Wheels [add]
11. Saturday Afternoon [add]
12. (I Know) You're Both of Me [add]
13. See You Next Time [add]

Our Love Will Change the World (2005) 01. Pretty Girls Go Insane [add]
02. (You're Not) A Nice Girl [add]
03. Detroit Blackout [add]
04. Unless [add]
05. You've Been Unkind [add]
06. Why Don't We Talk About Something Else [add]
07. Trouble Girl [add]
08. Our Love Will Change the World [add]
09. The Unchanging Frequency [add]
10. You're a Reflection of Infinite Chaos [add]
11. What Have You Invented Today? [add]
12. Calling [add]

Stay Happy (2006) 01. The Illuminated Council for World Destruction [add]
02. Memphis Stereo [add]
03. New Creature [add]
04. The Past Disappears Around Every Corner [add]
05. Paranoid World [add]
06. Stay Happy [add]
07. Solid Sound Gangster [add]
08. The Song They Don't Want You to Sing [add]
09. Trust [add]
10. It's Not Fun [add]
11. It's Been Awhile [add]

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