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The Why Store lyrics
Genre: Rock
Welcome to the Why Store (1993) 01. Your World [add]
02. I Have Fallen [add]
03. Oh Lord [add]
04. Never Wanted [add]
05. Let You In [add]
06. Everybody Holds the Future [add]
07. Rosie [add]
08. Blanket Inside [add]
09. What Do You Know [add]
10. Don't Tell Me Nothing [add]
11. One Size Fits All [add]

Inside the Why Store (1994) 01. Is She Cold [add]
02. It's All Right [add]
03. All My Life [add]
04. For Your Soul [add]
05. Sleepy Little Train to Memphis [add]
06. Washed Away [add]
07. Heaven in You [add]
08. Weeping [add]
09. Still Inside of You [add]
10. Anytime [add]
11. When You're High [add]
12. Lend You the Money [add]

The Why Store (1996) 01. Broken Glass [add]
02. Father [add]
03. Nobody [add]
04. Surround Me [add]
05. Fool's Bargain [add]
06. Lies [add]
07. Good to Me [add]
08. So Sad to Leave It [add]
09. Sunrise [add]
10. She Likes to Move It [add]
11. Fade Away [add]
12. When I'm With You [add]
13. Lack of Water [add]

Two Beasts (1998) 01. Working [add]
02. Burnout [add]
03. No Matter [add]
04. Two Beasts [add]
05. Do Do Do [add]
06. Manic Man [add]
07. Here I Go [add]
08. Who Is Your Love? [add]
09. Everybody [add]
10. Montague [add]
11. She's Broken [add]
12. Story Song [add]
13. When You're High [add]

Live at Midnight (1999) 01. Let You In [add]
02. Everybody [add]
03. Tell Ya Why [add]
04. What Do You Know [add]
05. Weeping [add]
06. Good to Me [add]
07. Surround Me [add]
08. Fade Away/Still Inside of You [add]
09. Lack of Water [add]
10. Father [add]
11. Reality [add]
12. Manic Man [add]
13. Oh Lord [add]
14. Sunrise [add]
15. Broken Glass [add]
16. So Sad [add]
17. Your World [add]
18. When Your High [add]
19. Sleepy Train [add]

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