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Jane Siberry lyrics
Genre: Folk
Jane Siberry (1981) 01. Marco Polo lyrics
02. This Girl I Know lyrics
03. The Sky Is So Blue lyrics
04. The Mystery at Ogwen's Farm [add]
05. The Magic Beads lyrics
06. Writers Are a Funny Breed [add]
07. The Strange Well lyrics
08. Above the Treeline [add]
09. In the Blue Light [add]

No Borders Here (1983) 01. The Waitress lyrics
02. I Muse Aloud lyrics
03. Dancing Class lyrics
04. Extra Executives lyrics
05. You Don't Need lyrics
06. Symmetry (The Way Things Have to Be) [add]
07. Follow Me lyrics
08. Mimi on the Beach [add]
09. Map of the World, Pt. 1 [add]

The Speckless Sky (1985) 01. One More Colour lyrics
02. Seven Steps to the Wall [add]
03. The Very Large Hat lyrics
04. Vladimir - Vladimir [add]
05. Mein Bitte lyrics
06. The Empty City lyrics
07. Map of the World, Pt. 2 [add]
08. The Taxi Ride lyrics

The Walking (1988) 01. The White Tent the Raft [add]
02. Red High Heels lyrics
03. Goodbye lyrics
04. Ingrid and the Footman lyrics
05. Lena Is a White Table [add]
06. The Walking (And Constantly) lyrics
07. The Lobby lyrics
08. The Bird in the Gravel [add]

Bound By the Beauty (1989) 01. Bound by the Beauty [add]
02. Something About Trains lyrics
03. Hockey lyrics
04. Everything Reminds Me of My Dog [add]
05. The Valley lyrics
06. The Life Is the Red Wagon [add]
07. Half Angel Half Eagle lyrics
08. La Jalouse lyrics
09. Miss Punta Blanca lyrics
10. Are We Dancing Now? (Map III) [add]

When I Was a Boy (1993) 01. Temple lyrics
02. Calling All Angels lyrics
03. Love Is Everything lyrics
04. Sail Across the Water [add]
05. All the Candles in the World [add]
06. Sweet Incarnadine lyrics
07. The Gospel According to Darkness [add]
08. An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around) [add]
09. The Vigil (The Sea) [add]
10. Bells [add]
11. At the Beginning of Time [add]
12. Love Is Everything [Harmony Version] [add]

Maria (1995) 01. Maria lyrics
02. See the Child [add]
03. Honey Bee lyrics
04. Caravan lyrics
05. Lovin' Cup lyrics
06. Begat Begat lyrics
07. Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead lyrics
08. Would You Go? [add]
09. Mary Had a Little Lamb [add]
10. Oh My My lyrics

Teenager (1996) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The Squirrel Crossed the Road [add]
03. Let's Not Talk Now lyrics
04. Song to My Father [add]
05. Broken Birds lyrics
06. Puppet City lyrics
07. Oh My Sister lyrics
08. The Long Pirouette lyrics
09. Bessie lyrics
10. We Should Be There by Morning [add]
11. Viking Heart lyrics
12. When Spring Comes lyrics
13. Angel Voyeur lyrics
14. Trumpeter Swan lyrics

Child: Music for the Christmas Season [live] (1997) 01. She's Playing the Taxidriver [add]
02. Caravan lyrics
03. Wildwood Carol lyrics
04. A Bitter Christmas [add]
05. What Is This Fragerence Softly Stealing? [add]
06. Quoi, Ma Voisine, Es-Tu Fach?e? (Neighbour Neighbour) [add]
07. Shir Amami lyrics
08. Mary's Lullaby lyrics
09. New Year's Baby [add]
10. An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around) [add]
11. Silent Night lyrics
12. You Will Be Born lyrics
13. O Holy Night lyrics
14. In the Bleak Midwinter [add]
15. Christmas Mass [add]
16. The Christmas Song [add]
17. Maria Wanders Through the Thorn [add]
18. What Child Is This? lyrics
19. The Valley lyrics
20. Hockey lyrics
21. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]
22. Are You Burning, Little Candle? lyrics

Lips: Music For Saying It (1999) 01. First Word lyrics
02. Valley of the Dolls [add]
03. Freedom Is Gold lyrics
04. Hotel Room 417 lyrics
05. Foecke lyrics
06. I Will Survive lyrics
07. Flirtin' Is a Flo-Thing [add]
08. Say It (Excerpt) [add]
09. Grace Hospital lyrics
10. You Say I Say lyrics
11. Mimi Speaks lyrics
12. Last Word lyrics
13. Say It [add]
14. Barkis Is Willin' lyrics

Tree: Music for Films and Forests (1999) 01. Slow Tango lyrics
02. Burning Ship lyrics
03. When Last I Was a Fisherman [add]
04. It Can't Rain All the Time [add]
05. I Paddle My Canoe lyrics
06. Adam and Eve [add]
07. Up the Loggin' Road [add]
08. Goin' Down the River [add]
09. At the Beginning of Time [add]

Hush (2000) 01. Jacob's Ladder lyrics
02. All Through the Night [add]
03. Pontchartrain lyrics
04. Streets of Laredo [add]
05. As I Roved Out lyrics
06. False False Fly lyrics
07. The Water Is Wide lyrics
08. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot lyrics
09. Ol' Man River lyrics
10. O Shenandoah/Sail Away [add]

City (2001) 01. My Mother Is Not the White Dove [add]
02. Harmonix [add]
03. It Can't Rain All the Time [add]
04. Shir Amami lyrics
05. The Bridge [add]
06. She's Like a Swallow [add]
07. When I Think of Laura Nyro [add]
08. Calling All Angels lyrics
09. Nut Brown Maid [add]
10. All the Pretty Ponies [add]
11. Spade and Sparrow [add]
12. Narrow Bridge [add]
13. Slow Tango lyrics
14. The Kiss [add]

Shushan the Palace: Hymns of Earth (2004) 01. How Beautiful Are the Feet [add]
02. Sheep May Safely Graze [add]
03. A Star Shall Rise Up Out of Jacob [add]
04. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth [add]
05. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming [add]
06. In the Bleak Midwinter [add]
07. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree [add]
08. Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light [add]
09. If God Be for Us [add]

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