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Slim Dusty lyrics
Genre: Country
Along the Road of Song (0000) 01. The Showman's Song [add]
02. Spending My Life in the Sun [add]
03. I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke [add]
04. Sweeney lyrics
05. Winter Winds [add]
06. Whiplash [add]
07. Down at Charley Grays [add]
08. Along the Road of Song [add]
09. Travellin' Through [add]
10. Queensland State So Far [add]
11. Losin' My Blues Tonight [add]
12. Sunny Northern Rose [add]

People and Places (0000) 01. Song of the Macleay [add]
02. Down at Charley Gray's [add]
03. Keela Valley [add]
04. The Old Woodshed Do [add]
05. Middleton's Rouseabout [add]
06. Game as Ned Kelly [add]
07. The Land of Lots of Time [add]
08. Old Bushmates of Mine [add]
09. Mad Jack's Cockatoo [add]
10. Sweeney lyrics
11. Cosy Inn [add]
12. Charley Gray's Barn Dance [add]

Coming Home (1990) 01. The Only Way [add]
02. Further Out [add]
03. The Flying Doctor's Ball [add]
04. Good Hard Dog [add]
05. Old Bush Pub [add]
06. Sale Day at St. Lawrence [add]
07. Clara Waters [add]
08. Nardoo Burns [add]
09. Roy [add]
10. Humpty Doo Waltz [add]
11. Dinosaur [add]
12. Lace Up Shoes [add]
13. Yellow Gully [add]
14. Tex Morton [add]
15. Regal Zonophone [add]
16. The World's Biggest Cedar Tree [add]
17. The Only Time a Fisherman Tells the Truth [add]
18. The Outback's Not So Wayback Anymore [add]
19. Nebo Pub [add]
20. Camp Cooks [add]
21. My Old Cooloolah Home [add]
22. Footsteps Coming Home [add]

91 Over 50 (1996) 01. Born a Traveling Man [add]
02. I Hope They Fight Again [add]
03. A Word to Texas Jack [add]
04. How Will I Go with Him Mate? [add]
05. Must've Been a Hell of a Party [add]
06. Gum Trees by the Roadway [add]
07. Do You Think That I Don't Know [add]
08. Ned Kelley Was a Gentleman [add]
09. Cattlecamp Crooner [add]
10. Ringer's Stomp [add]
11. Duncan lyrics
12. Kelly's Offsider [add]
13. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July [add]
14. Old Time Country Halls lyrics

Essentially Australian (1996) 01. Campfire Yarn [add]
02. Old Men's Home [add]
03. As Good as New [add]
04. Since Then [add]
05. Answer to the Old Rusty Bell [add]
06. The Frog [add]
07. Lead Me Down to the Stockyard [add]
08. Shearing Shed Blues [add]
09. Old Laddie [add]
10. Scrap with a Buck Kangaroo [add]
11. A Picture of Home [add]
12. Over the Hill [add]

Looking Forward Looking Back (2000) 01. Looking Forward Looking Back lyrics
02. Never Was at All [add]
03. There's a Rainbow over the Rock [add]
04. Matilda No More [add]
05. The Bloke Who Serves the Beer lyrics
06. Paddy William [add]
07. Clean up Our Own Backyard [add]
08. Old Time Country Songs [add]
09. A Bad Days Fishing [add]
10. Port Augusta [add]
11. Good Heavens Above [add]
12. Hooks and Ride [add]
13. Keela Valley Coals [add]
14. Memories and Dreams [add]
15. Looking Forward Looking Back (Reprise) [add]

Down the Dusty Road (2001) 01. You Can Never Do Wrong in a Mother's Eye [add]
02. Paddy Gramp [add]
03. Big Frogs in Little Puddles [add]
04. The Old Rusty Bell [add]
05. Answer to the Old Rusty Bell [add]
06. Last Train to Nowhere [add]
07. The Wild Life You Lead [add]
08. Road of Loneliness [add]
09. When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley [add]
10. Down the Dusty Road to Home [add]
11. Road Train Blues lyrics
12. If Jesus Called on You [add]
13. My Loves a Stranger Now [add]
14. Morning Mail [add]
15. Campfire Yarn [add]
16. Old Men's Home [add]

West of Winton (2002) 01. Waltzing Matilda [add]
02. West of Winton [add]
03. Saddle Up and Ride [add]
04. The Vanishing Breed [add]
05. The Old Saddle [add]
06. Truthful Fella [add]
07. Old Scobie [add]
08. Back With the Show Again [add]
09. Finney's Home Brew [add]
10. The Shearer's Story [add]
11. Old Dingo [add]
12. Happy Anniversary [add]
13. Ham and Eggs [add]
14. Sassafras Gap [add]
15. Dan the Wreck [add]

Travelling Still, Always Still (2002) 01. End of the Bitumen [add]
02. Travellin' Still, Always Will [add]
03. Tracks I Left Behind [add]
04. Man on the Side of the Road [add]
05. Just an Old Cattledog; Belt & Buckled [add]
06. Bonner (The Quiet Achiever) [add]
07. You and My Old Guitar [add]
08. I Wonder If the Creeks Are Still Flowing [add]
09. Claypan Boogie [add]
10. Sundown [add]
11. Taking on What's Next! [add]
12. The Men Who Try and Try [add]

Piece of Australia (2003) 01. Waltzing Matilda [add]
02. Pub with No Beer [add]
03. He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober lyrics
04. Duncan lyrics
05. Wobbly Boot [add]
06. Medley: Boomerang/Tie Me Kangaroo Down/Where the Dog Sit's on the Tu [add]
07. Ringer from the Top End [add]
08. G'day G'day [add]
09. Indian Pacific lyrics
10. Abalinga Mail [add]
11. Medley: Click Go the Shears/the Overland Trail/Waltzing Matilda [add]
12. G'day Blue [add]
13. Christmas on the Station [add]
14. Medley: Along the Road to Gundagai/I'm Going Back Again to Yarrawong [add]
15. Cunnamulla Fella [add]
16. A Word to Texas Jack [add]
17. Austrailia's on the Wallaby [add]

Columbia Lane: The Last Sessions (2004) 01. Blue Hills (In the Distance) [add]
02. Rollin' Down the Road [add]
03. Nature's Gentleman [add]
04. Answer to Billy [add]
05. Long Distance Driving [add]
06. Gonna Take My Dog for a Run [add]
07. Get Along [add]

Slim Dusty Sings (2005) 01. The Sunlander [add]
02. Mother [add]
03. The Rain Still Tumbles Down [add]
04. Lonesome Road of Tears [add]
05. King Bundawaal [add]
06. Since the Bushland Boogie Came This Way [add]
07. Harry the Breaker [add]
08. Walkin' on My Way [add]
09. A Little Girl Dressed in Blue [add]
10. The Nature of Man [add]
11. Gumtrees by the Roadway [add]
12. Roaring Wheels [add]

Songs for Rolling Stones (2005) 01. Born to Be a Rolling Stone [add]
02. Rovin' Gambler [add]
03. Bumming Around [add]
04. Whiskey Blues [add]
05. Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister? [add]
06. The Road to Gundagai [add]
07. Three Times Seven [add]
08. Little Blossom [add]
09. Travellin' Guitar [add]
10. Down the Track [add]
11. I'll Be a Bachelor Till I Die [add]
12. Somebody's Mother Tonight [add]

Pubs, Trucks and Plains (2007) 01. A Pub with No Beer [1979 Version Radio Edit] [add]
02. Born with an Endless Thirst [add]
03. The Bloke Who Serves the Beer lyrics
04. Duncan lyrics
05. Must've Been a Hello of a Party [add]
06. Three Rivers Hotel lyrics
07. Wobbly Boot [add]
08. He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober lyrics
09. Drowning My Blues [add]
10. Brown Bottle Blues [add]
11. Old Bush Pub [add]
12. Callaghan's Hotel [add]
13. Pay Day at the Pub [add]
14. Joe Maguire's Pub [add]
15. Nebo Pub [add]
16. Finney's Home Brew [add]
17. Little Old One Horse Pub [add]
18. The Pub Rock [add]
19. The Answer to the Pub with No Beer [add]
20. A Pub with No Beer [Original 1957 Version] [add]
21. No Good Truckin' Man [add]
22. Bent-Axle Bob [add]
23. Under the Spell of Highway One [add]
24. Pushin' Time [add]
25. Long Black Road [add]
26. Names Upon the Wall lyrics
27. Gotta Keep Movin' [add]
28. Truckin's in My Blood [add]
29. Dieseline Dreams [add]
30. The Lady Is a Truckie [add]
31. Rolling Down the Road [add]
32. Kelly's Offsider [add]
33. Star Trucker [add]
34. Highway One [add]
35. Something in the Pilliga [add]
36. Trucks, Tarps and Trailers [add]
37. Sally (The Girl on Channel 8) [add]
38. Mechanised Swaggie [add]
39. Lights on the Hill [add]
40. One Truckie's Epitaph [add]
41. Hard, Hard Country [add]
42. Back to the Old Saltbush Plains [add]
43. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July [add]
44. Land of No Second Chance [add]
45. The Birdsville Track [add]
46. Plains of Peppimenarti [add]
47. By a Fire of Gidgee Coal [add]
48. Things I See Around Me [add]
49. Indian Pacific lyrics
50. Cattlemen from the High Plains [add]

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