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The Main Ingredient lyrics
Genre: R&B
The Main Ingredient L.T.D. (1970) 01. Everybody Plays the Fool [add]
02. Just Don't Want to Be Lonely [add]
03. Make It With You [add]
04. I'm So Proud [add]
05. Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling in Love) [add]
06. You've Been My Inspiration [add]
07. You've Got to Take It (If You Want It) [add]
08. Girl Blue [add]
09. The Girl I Left Behind [add]
10. Where Were You When I Needed You [add]

Bitter Sweet (1972) 01. Travelling [add]
02. Where Are You [add]
03. You've Got to Take It (If You Want It) [add]
04. Everybody Plays the Fool [add]
05. Whirlwind [add]
06. Fly Baby Fly [add]
07. I Can't See Me Without You [add]
08. Where Do Broken Hearted Lovers [add]
09. Who Can I Turn To? [add]
10. No Tears [add]

Afrodisiac (1973) 01. Superwoman [add]
02. Where Were You When I Needed You [add]
03. I Am Yours [add]
04. Work to Do [add]
05. Girl Blue [add]
06. You Can Call Me Rover [add]
07. Something 'Bout Love [add]
08. Love of My Life [add]
09. Something Lovely [add]
10. Goodbye My Love [add]

Euphrates River (1974) 01. Euphrates [add]
02. Have You Ever Tried It [add]
03. Summer Breeze [add]
04. California My Way [add]
05. Happiness Is Just Around the Bend [add]
06. Looks Like Rain [add]
07. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing [add]
08. Just Don't Want to Be Lonely [add]

Rolling Down a Mountainside (1975) 01. Rolling Down a Mountainside [add]
02. Of This I'm Sure [add]
03. The Good Old Days [add]
04. I Want You to Make Me Glad [add]
05. Thanks for the Laughs [add]
06. You and Me, Me and You [add]
07. Family Man [add]
08. A Broken Heart Don't Really [add]
09. That Ain't My Style [add]

Shame on the World (1975) 01. Shame on the World [add]
02. Put Your Love in My Hnads [add]
03. Let Me Prove My Love to You [add]
04. Old Greyhound [add]
05. Jamaica (Let Me Go Home) [add]
06. Over You [add]
07. Lillian [add]
08. If I'm Gonna Be Sad [add]

Music Maximus (1977) 01. Laughing Song [add]
02. I Gotta Know You [add]
03. Instant Love [add]
04. Car of Love [add]
05. Can't Get Ready (For Losing You) [add]
06. Night Orgy - Comes the Night [add]
07. Who You Really Are [add]
08. Half a Chance [add]
09. Many Women in My Life [add]

Pure Magic (2001) 01. I'll Do for You [add]
02. Will You Marry Me [add]
03. I Love You (The Letter) [add]
04. Our Business [add]
05. We Got Us [add]
06. Why Should I [add]
07. It's Alright [add]
08. The Dance [add]
09. Magic [add]
10. By Any Means Necessary [add]
11. How Long [add]
12. I Won't Let You Do That to Me [add]

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