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The Roadrunners lyrics
Genre: Blues
Jump Children (1996) 01. I Can't Stop It [add]
02. White Knuckle Love Affair [add]
03. I Like Drinkin' Too [add]
04. Nightcrawler [add]
05. Skid Row Blues [add]
06. Peg Leg Joe's [add]
07. The Walk [add]
08. Boxed into a Corner [add]
09. Jump Children [add]
10. Walk That Walk [add]
11. I Love My Sugar [add]
12. Ho Ho Ho [add]
13. Let's Party [add]
14. I Done Done It [add]

Boogie Woogie Roll (1996) 01. Let the Boogie Woogie Rol [add]
02. Good Rockin' Tonight [add]
03. The Walk [add]
04. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer [add]
05. Big "10" Record [add]
06. Up Jumped the Devil [add]
07. Sittin' on It All the Time (Old Maid Old Maid) [add]
08. Boxed into a Corner [add]
09. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) [add]
10. Love Rollercoaster [add]
11. Hoopy Juice Medley: Hey Bartender/ Six to Eight/ Jungle Juice/ I ... [add]

Nightcrawlin' (1998) 01. Big Ten Inch Record [add]
02. Your Last Boogie [add]
03. Good Rockin' Tonight [add]
04. Up Jumped the Devil [add]
05. Old Maid [add]
06. Nightcrawler [add]
07. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) [add]
08. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer [add]
09. Bingo [add]
10. Every Day I Have the Blues [add]
11. Pink Champagne [add]

Rhythm Rockin' Blues (1999) 01. Rhythm Rockin' Blues [add]
02. Rock a While [add]
03. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [add]
04. Devil With a Blue Dress On [add]
05. Leavin' Tennessee [add]
06. You Must Be Crazy or Something [add]
07. Rockin' Ever Since I Met My Baby [add]
08. Next Time You See Me [add]
09. Every Night in the Week [add]
10. Real Good Man [add]
11. Baby Baby What's Wrong [add]
12. I'll Be What You Want Me to Be [add]
13. Young Girl [add]
14. Ho Ho Ho [add]

Have We Got Blues For You? (2003) 01. Do the Ghost Dance [add]
02. Hocus Pocus [add]
03. Dizzy Miss Lizzy [add]
04. You Are the One [add]
05. Wildcat Tamer [add]
06. She's Gone [add]
07. Never Gone This Way [add]
08. Bottle Up and Go [add]
09. Cadillac Baby [add]
10. Voodoo Child # 3 [add]
11. The Way You're Cheatin' Me [add]
12. Worried Man Blues [add]
13. She's Dynamite [add]
14. I'm Gonna Treat You Right [add]
15. Let It Roll [add]
16. One More Time [add]
17. Lil' Miss Fire [add]
18. Cat Woman [add]
19. Lockjaw [add]
20. It's Alright Alright [add]

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