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Flanders & Swann lyrics
Genre: Rock
At the Drop of a Hat [live] (1960) 01. A Transport of Delight [add]
02. Song of Reproduction [add]
03. The Gnu Song [add]
04. Design for Living [add]
05. Je Suis Les T?n?breux [add]
06. Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz/Satellite Moon/A Happy Song) [add]
07. A Song for the Weather [add]
08. The Reluctant Cannibal [add]
09. Greensleeves [add]
10. Misalliance [add]
11. Kokoraki [add]
12. Madeira, M'Dear [add]
13. Too Many Cookies [add]
14. Vanessa [add]
15. Tried by the Centre Court [add]
16. The Youth of the Heart [add]
17. The Hippopotamus Song [add]

At the Drop of Another Hat (1964) 01. The Gas-Man Cometh [add]
02. Sounding Brass [add]
03. Los Olvidados [add]
04. In the Desert [add]
05. Ill Wind [add]
06. First and Second Law [add]
07. All Gall [add]
08. Horoscope [add]
09. Friendly Duet [add]
10. Bedstead Men [add]
11. By Air [add]
12. Slow Train [add]
13. A Song of Patriotic Prejudice [add]
14. Built Up Area [add]
15. In the Bath [add]
16. Sea Fever [add]
17. Hippo Encore [add]

The Bestiary of Flanders & Swann (1964) 01. The Warthog (The Hog Beneath the Sea) [add]
02. The Sea Horse [add]
03. The Chameleon [add]
04. The Whale (Mopy Dick) [add]
05. The Sloth [add]
06. The Rhinoceros [add]
07. Twosome: Kang & Jag (Kangaroo and Jaguar) [add]
08. Dead Ducks [add]
09. The Elephant [add]
10. The Armadillo [add]
11. The Spider [add]
12. Threesome: Duck Billed Platypus/The Humming Bird/The Portuguese ... [add]
13. The Wild Boar [add]
14. The Ostrich [add]
15. The Wompom [add]
16. Twice Shy [add]
17. Commonwealth Fair [add]
18. P**p*b****b**d****** [add]
19. Paris [add]
20. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Cha Cha Cha [add]
21. The Hundred Song [add]
22. Food for Thought [add]
23. Bed [add]
24. 20 Tons of TNT [add]
25. The War of 14-18 [add]

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