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Hank Mobley lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Hank Mobley Quartet (0000) 01. Hank's Prank [add]
02. My Sin [add]
03. Avila and Tequila [add]
04. Walkin' the Fence [add]
05. Love for Sale [add]
06. Just Coolin' [add]

The Jazz Message of Hank Mobley, Vol. 1 (0000) 01. There Will Never Be Another You [add]
02. Cattin' [add]
03. Madeline [add]
04. When I Fall in Love [add]
05. Budo [add]
06. I Married an Angel [add]
07. The Jazz Message (Freedom for All) [add]

52nd Street Theme (0000) 01. Bouncing with Bud [add]
02. 52nd Street Theme [add]
03. Au Privave [add]
04. Minor Disturbance [add]
05. Little Girl Blue [add]
06. Alternating Current [add]

Mobley's Message (0000) 01. Bouncing with Bud [add]
02. 52nd Street Theme [add]
03. Minor Disturbance [add]
04. Au Privave [add]
05. Little Girl Blue [add]
06. Alternating Current [add]

The Jazz Message of Hank Mobley, Vol. 2 (0000) 01. Thad's Blues [add]
02. Doug's Minor B' Ok [add]
03. B. For B.B. [add]
04. Blues Number Two [add]
05. Space Flight [add]

Mobley's Second Message (0000) 01. There Are Things I Love [add]
02. Message from the Border [add]
03. The Latest [add]
04. Xlento [add]
05. Crazyology [add]
06. I Should Care [add]

Tenor Conclave (0000) 01. Tenor Conclave [add]
02. Just You, Just Me [add]
03. Bob's Boys [add]
04. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]

Hank Mobley and His All Stars (0000) 01. Reunion [add]
02. Ultra Marine [add]
03. Don't Walk [add]
04. Lower Stratosphere [add]
05. Mobley's Musings [add]

Hank Mobley Quintet (0000) 01. Funk in Deep Freeze [add]
02. Fin de l'Affaire [add]
03. Base on Balls [add]
04. Stella Wise [add]
05. Wham and They're Off [add]
06. Startin' from Scratch [add]

Hank (0000) 01. Fit for a Hanker [add]
02. Hi Groove, Low Feedback [add]
03. Easy to Love [add]
04. Time After Time [add]
05. Dance of the Infidels [add]

Hank Mobley (0000) 01. Mighty Moe and Joe [add]
02. Falling in Love With Love [add]
03. Bags' Groove [add]
04. Double Exposure [add]
05. News [add]

Curtain Call (0000) 01. Don't Get Too Hip [add]
02. Curtain Call [add]
03. Deep in a Dream [add]
04. The Mobe [add]
05. My Reverie [add]
06. On the Bright Side [add]

Peckin' Time (0000) 01. High and Flighty [add]
02. High and Flighty [alternate take/*] [add]
03. Speak Low [add]
04. Speak Low [alternate take/*] [add]
05. Peckin' Time [add]
06. Stretchin' Out [add]
07. Stretchin' Out [alternate take/*] [add]
08. Git-Go Blues [add]

Soul Station (0000) 01. Remember [add]
02. This I Dig of You [add]
03. Dig Dis [add]
04. Split Feelin's [add]
05. Soul Station [add]
06. If I Should Lose You [add]

Roll Call (0000) 01. Roll Call [add]
02. My Groove, Your Move [add]
03. Take Your Pick [add]
04. A Baptist Beat [add]
05. The More I See You [add]
06. The Breakdown [add]

Another Workout (0000) 01. Out of Joe's Bag [add]
02. I Should Care [add]
03. Gettin' and Jettin' [add]
04. Hank's Other Soul [add]
05. Hello, Young Lovers [add]
06. Three Coins in the Fountain [add]

Workout (0000) 01. Workout [add]
02. Uh Huh [add]
03. Smokin' [add]
04. The Best Things in Life Are Free [add]
05. Greasin' Easy [add]
06. Three Coins in the Fountain [add]

No Room for Squares (0000) 01. Three Way Split [add]
02. Carolyn [add]
03. Up a Step [add]
04. No Room for Squares [add]
05. Me 'N You [add]
06. Old World Imports [add]
07. Carolyn (Alternate Take) [alternate take/*] [add]
08. No Room for Squares [alternate take/*] [add]

Straight No Filter (0000) 01. Straight No Filter [add]
02. Chain Reaction [add]
03. Soft Impressions [add]
04. Third Time Around [add]
05. Hank's Waltz [add]
06. Syrup and Biscuits [add]
07. Comin' Back [add]
08. The Feelin's Good [add]
09. Yes Indeed [add]

Dippin' (0000) 01. The Dip [add]
02. Recado Bossa Nova [add]
03. The Break Through [add]
04. The Vamp [add]
05. I See Your Face Before Me [add]
06. Ballin' [add]

A Caddy for Daddy (0000) 01. A Caddy for Daddy [add]
02. The Morning After [add]
03. Venus Di Mildew [add]
04. Ace Deuce Trey [add]
05. 3rd Time Around [add]

A Slice of the Top (0000) 01. Hank's Other Bag [add]
02. There's a Lull in My Life [add]
03. Cute 'N Pretty [add]
04. Touch of Blue [add]
05. Slice of the Top [add]

Third Season (0000) 01. An Aperitif [add]
02. Don't Cry, Just Sigh [add]
03. The Steppin' Stone [add]
04. Third Season [add]
05. Boss Bossa [add]
06. Give Me That Feelin' [add]

Reach Out (0000) 01. Reach Out (I'll Be There) [add]
02. Up, Over, And Out [add]
03. Lookin' East [add]
04. Goin' Out of My Head [add]
05. Good Pickin's [add]
06. Beverly [add]

The Flip (0000) 01. The Flip [add]
02. Fellin' Folksy [add]
03. Snappin' Out [add]
04. 18th Hole [add]
05. Early Morning Stroll [add]

Thinking of Home (0000) 01. Suite: Thinking of Home/The Flight/Home at Last [add]
02. Justine [add]
03. You Gotta Hit It [add]
04. Gayle's Groove [add]
05. Talk About Gittin' It [add]

Messages (1956) 01. Bouncing with Bud [add]
02. 52nd Street Theme [add]
03. Minor Disturbance [add]
04. Au Privave [add]
05. Little Girl Blue [add]
06. These Are the Things I Love [add]
07. Message from the Border [add]
08. Xlento [add]
09. The Latest [add]
10. I Should Care [add]
11. Crazyology [add]

Hank Mobley Sextet (1956) 01. Touch and Go [add]
02. Double Whammy [add]
03. Barrel of Funk [add]
04. Mobleymania [add]

Poppin' (1957) 01. Poppin' [add]
02. Darn That Dream [add]
03. Gettin' into Something [add]
04. Tune-Up [add]
05. East of Brooklyn [add]

The Turnaround! (1965) 01. The Turnaround [add]
02. East of the Village [add]
03. The Good Life [add]
04. Straight Ahead [add]
05. My Sin [add]
06. Pat 'n' Chat [add]

Hi Voltage (1967) 01. High Voltage [add]
02. Two and One [add]
03. No More Goodbys [add]
04. Advance Notion [add]
05. Bossa De Luxe [add]
06. Flirty Gerty [add]

Far Away Lands (1967) 01. A Dab of This and That [add]
02. Far Away Lands [add]
03. No Argument [add]
04. The Hippity Hop [add]
05. Bossa for Baby [add]
06. Soul Time [add]

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