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Gary McFarland lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon? (0000) 01. God Only Knows [add]
02. By the Time I Get to Phoenix [add]
03. Sunday Will Never Be the Same [add]
04. Lady Jane [add]
05. Flamingo [add]
06. Flea Market [add]
07. Here, There and Everywhere [add]
08. Three Years Ago [add]
09. O Morro [add]
10. Melancholy Baby [add]
11. Up, Up and Away [add]

America the Beautiful (0000) 01. America the Beautiful: On This Site Shall Be Erected... (First ...) [add]
02. America the Beautiful: 80 Miles an Hour Through Beer-Can Country ... [add]
03. America the Beautiful: Suburbia, Two Poodles and a Plastic Jesus ... [add]
04. America the Beautiful: "If I'm Elected..." (Fourth Movement) [add]
05. America the Beautiful: Last Rites for the Promised Land (Fifth ...) [add]
06. Sixth Movement: Due to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled [add]

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying (1961) 01. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying [add]
02. Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm [add]
03. Grand Old Ivy [add]
04. Paris Original [add]
05. I Believe in You [add]
06. Brotherhood of Man [add]
07. Love from a Heart of Gold [add]

The Gary McFarland Orchestra (1963) 01. A Moment Alone [add]
02. Reflections in the Park [add]
03. Peach Tree [add]
04. Night Images [add]
05. Misplaced Cowpoke [add]
06. Tree Patterns [add]

Soft Samba (1964) 01. She Love You [add]
02. La Vie en Rose [add]
03. California, Here I Come [add]
04. I Want to Hold Your Hand [add]
05. From Russia With Love [add]
06. And I Love Her [add]
07. The Good Life [add]
08. Emily [add]
09. The Love Goddess [add]
10. More [add]
11. Ringo [add]
12. A Hard Day's Night [add]

Tijuana Jazz (1965) 01. Sugar Mama [add]
02. Decoration Day [add]
03. Shake It Baby [add]
04. Country Boy [add]
05. Bottle up and Go [add]
06. You're Wrong [add]
07. It Serves You Right to Suffer [add]
08. Money [add]

The In Sound (1965) 01. Satisfaction [add]
02. I Concentrate on You [add]
03. Here I Am [add]
04. The Moment of Truth [add]
05. Fried Bananas [add]
06. Bloop Bleep [add]
07. The Hills of Verdugo [add]
08. The Sting of the Bee [add]
09. Over Easy [add]
10. Wine and Bread [add]

Profiles (1966) 01. Winter Colors [add]
02. Willie [add]
03. Sage Hands [add]
04. Bygones and Boogie [add]
05. Mountain Heir [add]
06. Milo's Other Samba [add]

The October Suite (1966) 01. One I Could Have Loved (Theme from the Motion Picture 13) [add]
02. St. Tropez Shuttle [add]
03. Remember When [add]
04. Traffic Patterns [add]
05. Childhood Dreams [add]
06. Open Highway [add]

Soft Samba Strings (1966) 01. Full Moon and Empty Arms [add]
02. Skylark [add]
03. I Know the Meaning [add]
04. Manha de Carnaval [add]
05. Lamp Is Low [add]
06. Reverie [add]
07. These Are the Things I Love [add]
08. Theme From 13 [add]
09. Once We Loved [add]
10. Our Love [add]

Scorpio and Other Signs (1968) 01. Take Care ... Beware [add]
02. Whatever-Whenever [add]
03. Days Dipped in Dreams [add]
04. Trying to Find a Way [add]
05. No Other Way [add]
06. Thanks But No Thanks [add]
07. Sa Deyes [add]
08. Long Live the King [add]
09. Close Your Eyes and Follow Me [add]
10. Can't Help Dancing [add]
11. Runaway Heart [add]
12. I Don't Need the Rain to See Rainbow [add]

Butterscotch Rum (1971) 01. All My Better Days [add]
02. Poor Daniel [add]
03. Salvation Army Rags [add]
04. Miami, Here We Come [add]
05. Straight Apron [add]
06. Dance With Me [add]
07. Rain on the Ocean [add]
08. Patricia [add]

Requiem for Gary McFarland (1972) 01. Flea Market [add]
02. 80 Miles an Hour Through Beer-Dan Country [add]
03. God Only Knows [add]
04. Slaves [add]
05. Because [add]
06. Salvation Army Rags [add]
07. Get Back [add]
08. Last Rites for the Promised Land [add]
09. Poor Daniel [add]
10. Shadows Are Falling [add]
11. Melancholy Baby [add]
12. Everybody's Talkin' [add]

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