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Inca Eyeball lyrics
Genre: Rock
Quattros Symbollos (2000) 01. Instrumental Exposition for Tatoo Mike's Sad Demise [add]
02. Wha'ts up Again [add]
03. Tattoo of an Arab [add]
04. I'm Dad Thick [add]
05. A Million Fags Smoked in a Fartnight [add]
06. I'm Dead Stoic [add]
07. I'm Dead Dead [add]
08. I'm Dead Muscl [add]
09. Shot off a Hand (Shot It off Clean) [add]
10. My Fantasy: A Wretched Kingdom [add]
11. Black, Black Tunnel [add]
12. I'm Al [add]
13. Let's Build a Dirty Windmill! [add]
14. Mavis the Mobile Ghost [add]
15. The Day I Kissed 'Teitham' on the Mouth [add]
16. Equipment [add]
17. Someone Shoudl Shut That Bitch Up [add]
18. Scenic Tip [add]
19. My Cuboid [add]
20. Why Don't You Do Something to Help Me? [add]
21. Privates on Parade [add]
22. Hey Butler [add]
23. Tong of Kat [add]
24. You'll End up at Wilkos Like Me [add]
25. Horrid Dismembered Corpse VII [add]
26. Skissors [add]
27. I'm Dead Depressed [add]
28. Electrocute Dadder [add]
29. Fat Librarian [add]
30. Where's Kenneth Armitage [add]
31. O Huge Vault of Vaseline [add]
32. Harrid Dismembered Corpse VIII [add]
33. Where's Brettles [add]
34. Where's Velma? [add]
35. Fat Mick, Dead Toby and Me [add]
36. Mitten Pencil [add]
37. Book of Sweme [add]
38. Where's George Melly? [add]
39. Where's Phoebe? [add]
40. Where's Me? [add]
41. Baroque Patel [add]
42. I'm Dead Agest [add]
43. O Mertle [add]
44. Your Ass Sweetie [add]
45. Spineles's Vampire [add]
46. Pungent Sfench [add]
47. Copy Right Song [add]
48. WR. Phibes [add]
49. Mud Rumble [add]
50. Rim Detector [add]

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