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Kate Wolf lyrics
Genre: Folk
Back Roads (1976) 01. Lately [add]
02. Emma Rose [add]
03. Sitting on the Porch [add]
04. The Redtail Hawk [add]
05. Telluride [add]
06. Goodbye Babe [add]
07. It Ain't in the Wine [add]
08. Tequila & Me [add]
09. Legend in His Time [add]
10. Riding in the Country [add]
11. Oklahoma Going Home [add]
12. Back Roads [add]

Lines on the Paper (1977) 01. I Don't Know Why [add]
02. Lines on the Paper [add]
03. You're Not Standing Like You Used To [add]
04. Picture Puzzle [add]
05. The Heart [add]
06. The Trumpet Vine [add]
07. I Never Knew My Father [add]
08. Amazed to Find [add]
09. Everybody's Looking for the Same Thing [add]
10. The Lilac and the Apple [add]
11. Midnight on the Water [add]
12. Lay Me Down Easy [add]

Safe at Anchor (1979) 01. Safe at Anchor [add]
02. Early Morning Melody [add]
03. Sweet Love [add]
04. She Rises Like the Dolphin [add]
05. Great Love of My Life [add]
06. Shining! [add]
07. September Song [add]
08. Seashore Mountain Lady [add]
09. Looking Back at You [add]
10. Two-Way Waltz [add]

Close to You (1981) 01. Across the Great Divide [add]
02. Leggett Serenade [add]
03. Like a River [add]
04. Unfinished Life [add]
05. Friend of Mine [add]
06. Love Still Remains [add]
07. Eyes of a Painter [add]
08. Here in California [add]
09. Stone in the Water [add]
10. Close to You [add]

Poet's Heart (1985) 01. Poet's Heart [add]
02. Carolina Pines [add]
03. Muddy Roads [add]
04. All He Ever Saw Was You [add]
05. Brother Warrior [add]
06. Crying Shame [add]
07. Slender Thread [add]
08. In China or a Woman's Heart (There Are Places No One Knows) [add]
09. See Here, She Said [add]

Evening in Austin [live] (1989) 01. Eyes of a Painter [add]
02. Green Eyes [add]
03. Picture Puzzle [add]
04. Brother Warrior [add]
05. Carolina Pines [add]
06. Crying Shame [add]
07. Love Still Remains [add]
08. Like a River [add]
09. Give Yourself to Love [add]
10. Pacheco/The Redtail Hawk [add]
11. These Times We're Living In [add]
12. Let's Get Together [add]
13. Friend of Mine [add]
14. One More Song [add]

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