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Ken Whiteley lyrics
Genre: Rock
Listening (0000) 01. Woke Up This Morning [add]
02. If the Wind [add]
03. That's What I Love About You [add]
04. Listening [add]
05. Bird, Mole, Flower [add]
06. All I Need [add]
07. Easy to Change [add]
08. Lord You Lifted Me [add]
09. Falling Snow [add]
10. Both Shall Sing [add]
11. Open the Door [add]
12. Candlelight [add]

Acoustic Eclectic (2000) 01. Let Me Fly [add]
02. You Can Depend on Me [add]
03. Family Tree [add]
04. Bright Morning Star [add]
05. As Nighttime Falls [add]
06. Hold to God's Unchangin' Hand [add]
07. Powerful Love [add]
08. Stardust [add]
09. Friends and Ancestors [add]
10. Light of Love [add]
11. Try to Shine [add]
12. Don't Burn the Candle at Both Ends [add]
13. Here With Me [add]
14. Open Up [add]
15. My Dear Love [add]
16. Sing With Me [add]

Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright! (2004) 01. Bring Peace [add]
02. Good News [add]
03. No Ways Tired [add]
04. Let My Life Be Prayer [add]
05. Gospel Music (Makes Me Feel Alright) [add]
06. Moses' Last Miracle [add]
07. In the Night [add]
08. Travelling On [add]
09. In Your Hands [add]
10. Voice of the Lord [add]
11. Wilderness [add]
12. Sing With Me [add]
13. I Don't Want to Be Lost [add]

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