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John Tejada lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Little Green Lights and Four Inch Faders (1999) 01. L.E.D. [add]
02. In Control [add]
03. Pasadena Shuffle [add]
04. Caspa [add]
05. Prism War [add]
06. Streamer [add]
07. Disruption [add]
08. Torque [add]
09. Green Fingers [add]
10. Solar Eyes [add]
11. Umbilical [add]
12. Journey Home [add]

Daydreams in Cold Weather (2002) 01. To the West [add]
02. Stop the Mechanism [add]
03. Create Fixate [add]
04. Shifted [add]
05. Young [add]
06. Summer Rain [add]
07. Count the Seconds [add]
08. Rehearsing Disaster [add]
09. Abre los Ojos [add]
10. The Silence of Us [add]
11. In Coach [add]
12. Some Would Know Why [add]

Fairfax Sake (2003) 01. Faux Obsolete [add]
02. Harmonic Turbulence [add]
03. Soul Reborn [add]
04. The Problem With Rules [add]
05. Intuition [add]
06. Modern Scene [add]
07. Inside the Atom [add]
08. Flash Ray [add]
09. Describe the Touch [add]
10. Syntax Free [add]
11. Sight and Sound [add]

The Toiling of Idle Hands (2003) 01. Sound of Possibility [add]
02. Tethered [add]
03. Beautiful Confusion [add]
04. Dividing Each Existence [add]
05. The Pavement View [add]
06. Mating Rhythm [add]
07. Mental Jukebox [add]
08. Electric Whipcrack [add]
09. Thoughts in Chains [add]
10. A Fading Memory [add]

The Matrix of Us (2004) 01. Summer Spell [add]
02. Genetical Love [add]
03. Disappear [add]
04. Can't Tell Time Anything [add]
05. So Strange to Explain [add]
06. To the Northern Sky [add]
07. Red Lit Night [add]
08. Reach for the Lights [add]
09. Today Can't Be Anymore [add]
10. Until I Realize [add]
11. Series of Meaningful Movements [add]

Logic Memory Center (2004) 01. Strange Creatures [add]
02. Unit B1656 [add]
03. Everything Will Be OK [add]
04. Possessive Patterns [add]
05. This Fake Place [add]
06. Alone With You [add]
07. Loose Change [add]
08. Inside Out [add]
09. Strive [add]
10. Something About the Drums [add]

Cleaning Sounds Is a Filthy Business (2006) 01. What Happened to Manners? [add]
02. Clever Bunch [add]
03. Mutation [add]
04. Folding Room [add]
05. The End of It All [add]
06. The Zone [add]
07. Science, I Think [add]
08. Paper Jet [add]
09. Calculated Time [add]
10. Panorama [add]

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