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Q-Burns Abstract Message lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Oeuvre (1998) 01. Enter/Other [add]
02. Touchin' on Something [add]
03. Bugeyed Sunglasses [add]
04. 141 Revenge Street [add]
05. Puff the Magic [add]
06. Pools in Eyes [add]
07. Flava Lamp [add]
08. Toast [add]

Feng Shui (1998) 01. He's a Skull [add]
02. Solar Car [add]
03. Jennifer [add]
04. Feel [add]
05. New Patterns [add]
06. Feng Shui [add]
07. Kinda Picky [add]
08. A.S.T. [add]
09. There Must Be Something... [add]
10. Leela [add]
11. Talking Box [add]

Invisible Airline (2001) 01. Hey! Star City [add]
02. Shame [add]
03. Differently lyrics
04. Amusement Park Heart [add]
05. Mother's Dead [add]
06. Innocent [add]
07. Asa Nisi Masi [add]
08. Imprisoned Glitch [add]
09. Drifting Off lyrics
10. You Are My Battlestar [add]
11. This Time [add]
12. Dreamland [add]

Re-Routed (2002) 01. This Time [Rivera Rotation Mix] [add]
02. Dreamland [Thunderball Sleepwalker Mix] [add]
03. Innocent [Lovesky's Confuse Me With Fear Mix] [add]
04. Differently [Funky Transport Mix] [add]
05. Hey! Star City [Tetris Mix] [add]
06. Shame [Hakan Lidbo Mix] [add]
07. Drifting Off [Flyter Avgoere Mix] [add]
08. Innocent [King Britt's Scuba Mix] [add]
09. This Time [S-25 Mix] [add]
10. Imprisoned Glitch [Doctorolive's Concrete Massage Mix] [add]
11. Differently [Neon Heights Ruffer Than Ruff Mix] [add]

Future Past Tense (2004) 01. Two Hours [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
02. Dedication [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
03. Floori.D.A. [Q Burns Abstract Message and Grumptronix Unrelease] [add]
04. Do You Want Me [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
05. Can O Cope [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
06. We Build Arks [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
07. Come Back to Me [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
08. Hometown Blue [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
09. Night Fumblings [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
10. Rhythm of Life [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
11. On the Beach (6: 00 P.M.) [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]

Agave Nectar Mix Compilation, Vol. 1 (2007) 01. How Funky [add]
02. Need Ure Love [add]
03. Zip Jumper [add]
04. Salsanova [Jacob London Edit] [add]
05. B-Tone [add]
06. How Can U (Be So Far Away) [Q Burns Abstract Message Remix] [add]
07. Change My World [Sound Republic Remix] [add]
08. Free Your Mind [add]
09. Suntan [Joey Youngman Remix] [add]
10. Time [Doza's Lawnchair Generals Remix] [add]
11. Atmosphere [add]
12. S?o Salvador [Olivier DeSmet & Joshua Marquez Remix] [add]
13. Live Nude Rhodes [Dan's Dirty Re-Direction Remix] [add]

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