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Occult lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Enemy Within (1996) 01. Souls [add]
02. Inquisition of the Holy [add]
03. Crossing the Boundaries (Of Life and Death) [add]
04. Selfbetrayal [add]
05. Twisted Words ( My Darkest Emotions) [add]
06. Through Dark and Light Dwell [add]
07. One Way Out [add]
08. Passive Relations [add]
09. Eyes of Blood [add]
10. Until the Battle [add]
11. Delusions [add]

Of Flesh & Blood (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Parasite [add]
03. Dreamsweeper [add]
04. Stolen [add]
05. Killing Breed [add]
06. Ritual of Demise [add]
07. Downfall of Deity [add]
08. Oath in War [add]
09. Doomsday Destroyer [add]
10. Dead Man Walking [add]
11. Vow of Retaliation [add]
12. Dormant Till Dusk [add]
13. Creatures of the Night [add]

Elegy for the Weak (2004) 01. Disturbing the Dead [add]
02. Nuclear Torment [add]
03. Nocturnal Predator [add]
04. Feel the Blade [add]
05. Expire [add]
06. Warbeast [add]
07. Obsessed by the Grave [add]
08. Slaughtering the Pigs [add]
09. Reaper Call [add]
10. Slut of Sodom [add]
11. Until the Battle [*] [add]

Prepare to Meet Thy Doom (2005) 01. Leader in War [add]
02. The Black Are Rising [add]
03. After Triumph [add]
04. Prepare to Meet Thy Doom [add]
05. And Darkness Shall Begin [add]
06. Almighty Horde [add]
07. Whispering Tear [add]
08. The Nazerene Whore [add]
09. Elements in Black [add]
10. Quest for the Spirits [add]
11. Leader in War [demo version] [add]
12. Almighty Horde [demo version] [add]
13. After Triumph [demo version] [add]
14. And Darkness Shall Begin [demo version] [add]

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