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Patriot lyrics
Genre: Rock
Another Dead Generation (1998) 01. C.H.B.C. [add]
02. You Only Got One Life [add]
03. Fighting [add]
04. Apathy [add]
05. The Best of Friends [add]
06. R.S.V.P. [add]
07. Another Dead Generation [add]
08. To Serve and Protect [add]
09. Two Faced Times [add]
10. Bare Knuckle Pete [add]
11. You and Me [add]
12. To Whom It May Concern [add]
13. I Won't Run from You [add]
14. One Shot, One Kill [add]
15. Burn It Down [add]
16. Crime of the Times [add]

Cadence from the Street (1998) 01. Trespass [add]
02. Rat Race [add]
03. Beer Run [add]
04. D.W.I. [add]
05. And Here They Lie [add]
06. Big Mouth [add]
07. Memories of Oi! [add]
08. Cadence from the Street [add]
09. Pruodly We Stand [add]
10. Timeclock Bully [add]
11. The Morning After [add]
12. Skinhead Girl [add]
13. Bois Night Out [add]
14. A Bit of Aggro [add]
15. Reap What You Sow [add]

We the People (2001) 01. Novus Ordo Seclorum [add]
02. Cohesion [add]
03. 52 Pick-Up [add]
04. Songs for the Youth [add]
05. One for the Road [add]
06. Friendly Fire [add]
07. Ales of Glory [add]
08. Red Light Nights [add]
09. Chewing Class [add]
10. DMZ [add]
11. Tap the Vein [add]
12. Pub Heroes [add]
13. You're Nowhere [add]
14. We Didn't Do It [add]
15. We'll Always Be Around [add]

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