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Smithfield Fair lyrics
Genre: Folk
Scotland Owns Me (1995) 01. The Skye Boat Song [add]
02. Moon Over Caledonia [add]
03. From Hebridean Shore [add]
04. Scots Wha Hae [add]
05. If I Were a Wealthy Man [add]
06. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose [add]
07. Child of the Wind [add]
08. Lament for John of Culloden [add]
09. A Long Way from Bonnie Argyll [add]
10. Coming Through the Rye [add]
11. The Inverness Ball/Roots of Tweed [add]
12. Once a Weaver [add]
13. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
14. Meet It Were to Praise Him [add]
15. Scotland Owns Me [add]
16. The Parting Glass [add]
17. The Blessing of Auld Tam's Pipes [add]

Scattered Seeds of Scotland (1997) 01. Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Go [add]
02. James of the Glen [add]
03. The Worshipping Stones [add]
04. Gradh Geal Mo Chridhe [An Eriskay Love Lilt] [add]
05. Catch the Wind! [add]
06. Mary of Argyll [add]
07. The Gypsy Rover [add]
08. Home to Islay [add]
09. Cam Ye O'er Frae France [add]
10. Mairi's Wedding [add]
11. Robi Donna Gorach /Och Och Mar Tha Mi! [Nae Mair We'll Meet Again/Och Och Mar Tha M] [add]
12. John Anderson, My Jo [add]
13. The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond [add]
14. The Children of Scotland [Clann Nan Alba] [add]
15. Loch Voil to Loch Linnhe [add]

Highland Call (1998) 01. An Coineachen (A Fairy Lullaby) [add]
02. Long Fada (Longships) [add]
03. Fear a Bhata (The Boatman) [add]
04. Siuil a Run (Move, My Treasure) [add]
05. Cumha Seamus A'gleann (Lament for James of the Glen) [add]
06. The Pretender Will Cam Nae More [add]
07. Mo Run Geal, Dileas (My Faithful Fair One) [add]
08. Cearcall A'chuain (The Ocean's Cycle) /Oran Na Maighdeann Mhara ... [add]
09. Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean (The Tocherlass Lass) [add]
10. A' Chruinneag Ileach (The Islay Maiden) [add]
11. Chi Mi Na Mor Bheanna (Mist Covered Mountains of Home) [add]
12. Danns Nan Famhair (Giants' Dance) [add]
13. Soraidh Slan le Fionnairidh (Farewell to Finnary) [add]
14. Soraidh Donnchadh MacIain Nan MacLabhruinn (Farewell, Duncan McJohn Of) [add]

Cairdeas (Kinship) (2000) 01. Glenlogie [add]
02. An Ataireachd Ard [add]
03. 's Ann an Ile (It Is of Isla) Or (Song of Isla) [add]
04. Leis an Lurgainn [add]
05. Kirkton Burn/ Field of Faireies/ Baile Chaill a Na-H Iola (Lost ...) [add]
06. Mo Nighean Donn, Bhoiheach (My Nut-Brown Maiden) [add]
07. I Wad Walk the Hielans [add]
08. Nutmeg's Wellys [add]
09. West Highland Waltz/ Swept Away [add]
10. 's Fliuch an Oidhche (We the Night) [add]
11. Catriona [add]
12. Robi Donna Gorach (Nae Mair We'll Meet Agin) [add]
13. Fire in the Glen [add]
14. Appainn, Mo Chridhe (Appin, My Heart) [add]
15. Scotland, Fair Scotland [add]
16. May the Road Rise to Meet You [add]
17. Na Drochaide Jubilee (The Jubilee Bridge) [add]

Burns Night Out! (2002) 01. A Man's a Man for A' That [add]
02. Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Go [add]
03. Ye Banks & Braes O' Bonnie Doon/There Was a Lad [Excerpt] [add]
04. Green Grow the Rashes [add]
05. Comin' Thru the Rye [add]
06. To a Mouse [excerpt] [add]
07. Highland Mary [add]
08. Grace Before Meat [add]
09. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose [add]
10. Ae Fond Kiss/O' A' the Airts [excerpt] [add]
11. John Anderson, My Jo' [add]
12. I Hae a Wife O My Ain [add]
13. To a Louse [excerpt] [add]
14. Parcel of Rogues in a Nation [add]
15. I'll Go an' Be a Sodger [excerpt] [add]
16. Scots Wha Hae [add]
17. My Heart's in the Highlands [add]
18. Auld Lang Syne/Grace After Meat [add]

Jacobites by Name (2002) 01. Wha'll Be King But Cherlie? [add]
02. Dumbarton's Drums [add]
03. Ye Jacobites by Name [add]
04. All Around My Hat [add]
05. Piper's Plaid [add]
06. Auld Crooked Mouth/Ballad of Glencoe [add]
07. Back Where We Belong/A Tinker's Damn [add]
08. The Silkie/The Song of the Mermaid [add]
09. The Braes O' Birniebouzle/Charlie Is My Darlin' [add]
10. Hieland Laddy [add]
11. Gang Awa' Hame [add]
12. One Misty Moisty Morning/Doon the Rushy Glen [add]
13. Sheep in the Road [add]
14. My Bonnie Moorhen [add]
15. Lord George Will Lead Us/Scotland the Brave [add]
16. My Heart's in the Highlands [add]

Winds of Time (2004) 01. Winds of Time [add]
02. Yearning [add]
03. A Single Day [add]
04. I'll Be in Your Dreams [add]
05. March of Time [add]
06. In Your Fire [add]
07. Time, The Mighty Hero [add]
08. Perseverance [add]
09. Twice Around the World [add]
10. Ten Years Ago [add]
11. Jerusalem [add]
12. Burning Desire [add]
13. Company [add]
14. Take the Caravan & Go [add]
15. North by Northeast (Come Home to Me) [add]
16. Love Is Eternal [add]
17. Unspoken [add]

Swept Away (2005) 01. Mull of Kintyre [add]
02. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
03. Swept Away: A Lover's Waltz [add]
04. A Fine Homecoming Day [add]
05. Greyfriar's Bobby (Auld Jock's Lament) [add]
06. Mingulay Boat Song [add]
07. Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond [add]
08. The Mist Covered Mountains of Home [add]
09. Will It Be the King? [add]
10. Annie Laurie [add]
11. The Last Thing on My Mind [add]
12. Farewell Argyll [add]
13. Hauling Angus [add]

Walking Through This World (2006) 01. Walking Through This World [add]
02. For So Long [add]
03. The Scent of Pencil Shavings [add]
04. In the Air [add]
05. Going Now [add]
06. Flowers in Her Hair [add]
07. Believe in One [add]
08. A Fearful Child [add]
09. One Fine Summer Evening [add]
10. I Used to Be (Now I'm at Peace) [add]
11. You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone [add]
12. In My Wildest Days [add]
13. Kicking Frang [add]
14. Wheels [add]
15. God Never Sleeps [add]

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