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Jimmy C. Newman lyrics
Genre: Country
This Is Jimmy Newman (1959) 01. I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall) [add]
02. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
03. Outside Your Door [add]
04. To the Moon in a Rocket [add]
05. Making Believe [add]
06. Whatcha Gonna Do [add]
07. You're Makin' a Fool Out of Me [add]
08. So Soon [add]
09. Crying Over You [add]
10. Lonely Girl [add]
11. Please Accept My Love [add]

Jimmy Newman (1962) 01. Everybody's Dying for Love [add]
02. My Happiness [add]
03. Big Mamou [add]
04. Blue Darlin' [add]
05. Sail Along Silvery Moon [add]
06. Everybody But Me [add]
07. Good Deal Lucille [add]
08. Finally [add]
09. Alligator Man [add]
10. You're the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) [add]
11. I'll Hold You in My Heart [add]
12. Give Me Heaven [add]

Folk Songs of the Bayou Country (1963) 01. Introduction and Theme (Louisiana Purchase) [add]
02. Pretty Texas Girl [add]
03. Door of My Heart [add]
04. Jean Lafitte [add]
05. Grand Chenier [add]
06. Hollow Log [add]
07. Pretty Mary Ann [add]
08. Louisiana Moonlight [add]
09. Angeline [add]
10. Texas Twister [add]
11. Grand Basile [add]
12. Louisiana Purchase (Reprise) [add]

A Fallen Star (1966) 01. A Falling Star [add]
02. I Can't Go on This Way [add]
03. Sweet Kind of Love [add]
04. Need Me [add]
05. The Way That You're Living (Is Breaking My Heart) [add]
06. I've Got You on My Mind [add]
07. Honky Tonk Tears [add]
08. Seasons of My Heart [add]
09. Let the Whole World Talk [add]
10. Let's Stay Together [add]
11. Blue Darlin' [add]
12. Let Me Stay in Your Arms [add]

Artificial Rose (1966) 01. Artificial Rose [add]
02. City of the Angels [add]
03. You Must Be True [add]
04. Roses Are Red (My Love) [add]
05. Angel of Leave [add]
06. Back in Circulation [add]
07. Ramblin' Rose [add]
08. For Better or for Worse [add]
09. The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart) [add]
10. Bouquet of Roses [add]
11. My Love for You [add]
12. Mover [add]

Country Crossroads (1966) 01. Once Again [add]
02. I'll Always Love You Darling [add]
03. You Don't Want Me to Know [add]
04. Do You Feel Like I Feel About You [add]
05. Dream Why Do You Hurt Me So [add]
06. Angel Have Mercy [add]
07. Yesterday's Dream [add]
08. What Will I Do (What'll I Do) [add]
09. Last Night [add]
10. No Use to Cry [add]
11. Oh What a Fool I Was to Fall (For You) [add]

Cry Cry Darling (1966) 01. Cry, Cry Darling [add]
02. You Didn't Have to Go [add]
03. Can It Be Right [add]
04. With Tears in My Eyes [add]
05. Step Aside Shallow Water [add]
06. Day Dreamin' [add]
07. Crying for a Pastime [add]
08. Come Back to Me [add]
09. I Wanta Tell the World [add]
10. Bop a Hula [add]
11. Carry On [add]
12. You're the Idol of My Dreams [add]

Jimmy Newman Sings Country Songs (1966) 01. Back Pocket Money [add]
02. Cry, Cry Darling [add]
03. Recipe for a Broken Heart [add]
04. Bring Your Heart Home [add]
05. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
06. Already I'm Falling [add]
07. A Falling Star [add]
08. Four Walls [add]
09. Breaking the Tie That Binds [add]
10. Make the World Go Away [add]
11. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' [add]

The Jimmy Newman Way (1967) 01. Blue Lonely Winter [add]
02. Devil Was Laughing at Me [add]
03. Is It Really Over? [add]
04. Before the Next Teardrop Falls [add]
05. I Feel a Cry Coming On [add]
06. Thibodeaux and His Cajun Band [add]
07. Louisiana Saturday Night [add]
08. Hello Sadness (Bonjour Tristesse) [add]
09. Together Again [add]
10. Crazy Old Heart [add]
11. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream on [add]

The World of Country Music (1967) 01. Dropping Out of Sight [add]
02. There Goes My Everything [add]
03. Sue Mae San [add]
04. We Lost a Little Ground [add]
05. Everything [add]
06. Walk Through This World With Me [add]
07. Gentleman Loafer [add]
08. Almost Persuaded [add]
09. Unwanted Feeling [add]
10. After Dark Affair [add]
11. You're Still on My Mind [add]
12. Summer Skies and Golden Sands [add]

Born to Love You (1968) 01. Born to Love You [add]
02. Sunshine and Bluebirds [add]
03. Honey [add]
04. Long Time Gone [add]
05. Linda Lou [add]
06. By the Time I Get to Phoenix [add]
07. Carmelita [add]
08. Pencil and Paper [add]
09. Louisiana Man [add]
10. Be Proud of Your Man [add]
11. My Prayer for Today [add]

Jimmy Newman Style (1969) 01. Boo-Dan [add]
02. You Gave Me a Mountain [add]
03. Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn [add]
04. I May Fall Again [add]
05. There'll Always Be a Song [add]
06. I Don't Believe (What My Eyes Are Telling Me) [add]
07. Three [add]
08. Games People Play [add]
09. Of All the Things (You Left) [add]
10. Midnight Blue [add]
11. Surrounded by Your Love [add]

Country Time (1970) 01. Washington DC [add]
02. Foolishly [add]
03. My Elusive Dreams [add]
04. Darling Days [add]
05. You're the One [add]
06. (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone [add]
07. It'll Take a Lot of Love [add]
08. Let Me Live My Life With You [add]
09. Who's Gonna Break Your Heart [add]
10. This Night (Ain't Fit for Nothing But Drinking) [add]
11. Louisiana Dirty Race [add]

Progressive Country (1977) 01. Alligator Man [add]
02. Boo-Dan [add]
03. Big Mamou [add]
04. Thibodeaux and His Cajun Band [add]
05. Louisiana Man [add]
06. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
07. Diggy Liggy Lo [add]
08. Lache Pas la Patate [add]
09. Jole Blon (Pretty Blonde) [add]
10. Louisiana Saturday Night [add]

Cajun Cowboy (1978) 01. There's a Goldmine in the Sky [add]
02. Red River Valley [add]
03. Tumbling Tumbleweeds [add]
04. Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
05. Blue Canadian Rockies [add]
06. Big Appy Stud [add]
07. Sioux City Sue [add]
08. Boots and Saddle [add]
09. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie [add]
10. Tweedle O'Twill [add]

Happy Cajun (1979) 01. Alligator Man [add]
02. Boo-Dan [add]
03. Big Mamou [add]
04. Thibodeaux and His Cajun Band [add]
05. Louisiana Man [add]
06. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
07. Diggy Liggy Lo [add]
08. Lache Pas la Patate [add]
09. Jol? Blon [add]
10. Louisiana Saturday Night [add]
11. The Happy Cajun [add]
12. Basile Waltz [add]
13. Sweet Suzannah [add]
14. Sugar Bee [add]
15. Alons a Lafayette [add]
16. Grand Chenier [add]
17. A Cajun Man Can [add]
18. Day Dreamin' [add]

Earliest Recordings (1981) 01. Wondering [add]
02. What Will I Do (What'll I Do) [add]
03. Let's Stay Together [add]
04. Don't Say Goodbye [add]
05. I Made a Big Mistake [add]
06. If You Lose You'll Understand [add]
07. I'll Have to Burn the Letters [add]

Cajun Country [RCA] (1982) 01. Louisiana [add]
02. Cajun's Dream [add]
03. Louisiana Cajun Band [add]
04. The Cajun Stripper [add]
05. Acadian Rose [add]
06. Hurricane [add]
07. Rhinestone Cajun Rides Again [add]
08. Cajun Honey [add]
09. Texas Cajun [add]

Wild 'N' Cajun (1984) 01. Oh Louisiana [add]
02. Daddy's in His Pirouge [add]
03. French Song [add]
04. Ragin' Cajun (Scattin' Cajun) [add]
05. Sugar Cane [add]
06. Mississippi River [add]
07. Louisiana Woman [add]
08. Cajun Fais Do Do [add]
09. Cajun Love [add]
10. Bizzy Bayou [add]
11. That's All You Gotta Know [add]
12. Colinda [add]

Jimmy C. Newman & Cajun Country (1986) 01. Cochon de Lait [add]
02. Tawna Woo Woo [add]
03. Cajun Born [add]
04. Louisiana, the Key to My Soul [add]
05. Rhinestone Cajun Rides Again [add]
06. Louisiana [add]
07. The Ragin' Cajun (Scattin' Cajun) [add]
08. Good Ole Boys from Louisiana [add]
09. Laughin' My Way Back to Lafayette [add]
10. My Toot Toot [add]

Cajun Music (1990) 01. Seasons of My Heart [add]
02. Blue Darlin' [add]
03. Cry, Cry Darling [add]
04. Day Dreamin' [add]
05. Come Back to Me [add]
06. Alligator Man [add]
07. Artificial Rose [add]
08. Bayou Talk [add]

The Alligator Man (1991) 01. J'Ai Fait une Grosse Erreur [I Made a Big Mistake] [add]
02. Chere Toute-Toute [add]
03. J'Aurais du T'Aimer [I Should Have Loved You] [add]
04. La 'Tit Cord [The Little String] [add]
05. La Bague Que Brille [The Ring That Shines] [add]
06. H? Madel?ine [Hey Madelaine] [add]
07. Tennis Shoes [add]
08. Hier Soir [Last Night Herbert Murdered My Poodle] [add]
09. La Porte d'En Arri?re [The Back Door] [add]
10. All the World Is Lonely Now [add]
11. Vieux Chance [Old Lucky] [add]
12. On Va Jamais Oublier [A Cajun Tribute: We Will Never Forget Them] [add]

Whatever Boils Your Crawfish (1995) 01. Dead Skunk [add]
02. Whatever Boils Your Crawfish [add]
03. Chere Marie [add]
04. Slippin' into Slidell [add]
05. Chere Baby [add]
06. French Song [add]
07. Ragin' Cajun (Scattin' Cajun) [add]
08. Bizzy Bayou [add]
09. Colinda [add]
10. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
11. Danser Danser [add]
12. Georgie Lou [add]
13. Bessyl Two Step [add]
14. Nicolette [add]

More Cajun Music (1995) 01. Cochon de Lait [add]
02. Tawna Woo Woo [add]
03. Louisiana, the Key to My Soul [add]
04. Good Ole Boys from Louisiana [add]
05. Cajun Born [add]
06. Rhinestone Cajun Rides Again [add]
07. Louisiana [add]
08. The Ragin' Cajun (Scattin' Cajun) [add]
09. Laughin' My Way Back to Lafayette [add]
10. My Toot Toot [add]

American Cajun (1998) 01. Ma Bell'tite Femme Est Gone (My Pretty Little Woman Is Gone) [add]
02. J'Va Tout'l Temp T'Aim? (I'll Always Love You) [add]
03. Allons Danser, Colinda [add]
04. Magdel?ne (Magdelene) [add]
05. Dans Mes Bras (In My Arms) [add]
06. D'La Bonne Musique (Some Good Music) [add]
07. Tout'l Temps des Ouragans Dan Ma Vie (Always Some Storms in My Life) [add]
08. Commenf'ce Fait? (Why?) [add]
09. B?b? (Baby) [add]
10. Un Americain Cajien (An American Cajun) [add]
11. Un Americain Cajien (An American Cajun) [add]

The Gumbo Song (1998) 01. The Gumbo Song [add]
02. Play Cajun Man [add]
03. Lache Pas la Patate [add]
04. Dead Skunk [add]
05. Whatever Boils Your Crawfish [add]
06. Chere Marie [add]
07. Slippin' into Slidell [add]
08. Chere Baby [add]
09. Ragin' Cajun (Scattin' Cajun) [add]
10. Bizzy Bayou [add]
11. Colinda [add]
12. Bessyl Two Step [add]

Cajun and Country Too (2000) 01. You're So Easy to Love [add]
02. So Used to Loving You [add]
03. Hanging the Clouds Out to Dry [add]
04. After All These Tears [add]
05. Wondering [add]
06. Va Dormir Avec Les Chiens [add]
07. Passe Partout [add]
08. Play Cajun Man [add]
09. Little Cajun Queen [add]
10. Lache Pas la Patate [add]

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