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Genre: Country
The Hillmen (1971) 01. Brown Mountain Light [add]
02. Ranger's Command [add]
03. Sanggaree [add]
04. Blue Grass Chopper [add]
05. Barbara Allen [add]
06. Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
07. Goin' Up [add]
08. Wheel Hoss [add]
09. When the Ship Comes In [add]
10. Fare Thee Well [add]
11. Winsborough Cotton Mill Blues [add]
12. Prisoner's Plea [add]
13. Back Road Fever [add]
14. Copper Kettle [add]
15. Roll on Muddy River [add]

Slippin' Away (1976) 01. Step on Out [add]
02. Slippin' Away [add]
03. Falling Again [add]
04. Take It on the Run [add]
05. Blue Morning [add]
06. Witching Hour [add]
07. Down in the Churchyard [add]
08. Love Is the Sweetest Amnesty [add]
09. Midnight Again [add]
10. (Take Me in Your) Lifeboat [add]

Clear Sailin' (1977) 01. Nothing Gets Through [add]
02. Fallen Favorite [add]
03. Quits [add]
04. Hot Dusty Roads [add]
05. Heartbreaker [add]
06. Playing the Fool [add]
07. Lucky in Love [add]
08. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
09. Ain't That Peculiar [add]
10. Clear Sailin' [add]

Morning Sky (1982) 01. Tomorrow Is a Long Time [add]
02. The Taker [add]
03. Here Today & Gone Tomorrow [add]
04. Morning Sky [add]
05. Ripple [add]
06. Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues [add]
07. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die [add]
08. Mexico [add]
09. It's Happening to You [add]
10. Hickory Wind [add]

Desert Rose (1984) 01. Why You Been Gone So Long [add]
02. Somebody's Back in Town [add]
03. Wall Around Your Heart [add]
04. Rough & Rowdy Ways [add]
05. Desert Rose [add]
06. Running the Roadblocks [add]
07. I Can't Keep You in Love With Me [add]
08. Treasure of Love [add]
09. Ashes of Love [add]
10. Turn Your Radio On [add]

Bakersfield Bound (1996) 01. Playboy [add]
02. Which One Is to Blame? [add]
03. Close Up the Honky Tonks [add]
04. Brand New Heartache [add]
05. Congratulations, Anyway! [add]
06. It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) [add]
07. He Don't Deserve You Anymore [add]
08. There Goes My Love [add]
09. My Baby's Gone [add]
10. The Lost Highway [add]
11. Time Goes So Slow [add]
12. Just Tell Me Darlin' [add]
13. Bakersfield Bound [add]

Like a Hurricane (1998) 01. Back's Against the Wall [add]
02. Angels' Cry [add]
03. Sooner or Later [add]
04. Carry Me Home [add]
05. Run Again [add]
06. Second Wind [add]
07. When You Walk in the Room [add]
08. Like a Hurricane [add]
09. Living on the Edge [add]
10. Forgiveness [add]
11. I'm Still Alive [add]
12. Heaven's Lullaby [add]

Way Out West (2002) 01. Backporch Boy [add]
02. There You Go [add]
03. Invitation to the Blues [add]
04. No Longer a Sweetheart of Mine [add]
05. Problems [add]
06. Better Man Than That [add]
07. The Old Cross Road [add]
08. Sugar Cane [add]
09. After All Is Said and Done [add]
10. You Done Me Wrong [add]
11. Save the Last Dance for Me [add]
12. Are You Missing Me? [add]
13. That's the Way It Was [add]
14. You're Learning [add]
15. Our Love It Don't Come Easy [add]
16. Good Year [add]
17. Backporch Boy (Outro) [add]

The Other Side (2005) 01. Eight Miles High [add]
02. True Love [add]
03. Drifting [add]
04. The Other Side [add]
05. Heaven Is My Home [add]
06. Touch Me [add]
07. The Wheel [add]
08. True He's Gone [add]
09. Heavenly Grace [add]
10. It Doesn't Matter [add]
11. Missing You [add]
12. The Water Is Wide [add]
13. I Know I Need You [add]
14. Our Savior's Hands [add]

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