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Mike "Sport" Murphy lyrics
Genre: Rock
Willoughby (1999) 01. Prayin' Ground and Pleadin' Terms [add]
02. It's Definitely Sunday [add]
03. Hoot Mon! [add]
04. The Dilettante Ball [add]
05. The Night Surrounds [To Neil Innes] [add]
06. Carry Me to the Piano [add]
07. The Orphan Train [add]
08. When I Rain [add]
09. Ava [add]
10. The Moon Stares Down [To Biff Rose] [add]
11. Sing Me to Sleep [To Eugene Pitt] [add]
12. Potrzebie (That's What I Want) [add]
13. Go 'Bout Your Bizness [add]
14. The Blue 88's [Sodium Amytal] [add]
15. Kerry Dances [add]
16. A Wretch Like Me/Gentle Annie [add]
17. July [*] [add]
18. Rise [*] [add]

Magic Beans (2000) 01. It Isn't Raining... [add]
02. Treat Me Like an Artist! [add]
03. Poinaire Draiocht [add]
04. Black River Falls [add]
05. See Rock City [add]
06. Home Is Far Away [add]
07. By the Light [add]
08. March of the Berrie Jigglers [add]
09. I'm Bound [add]
10. My Nemesis [add]
11. Nothing in Wondering [add]
12. Leslie's Coming Over [add]
13. Saint Ives [add]
14. Where the Soul Never Dies [add]
15. Fad?, Fad? [add]
16. The Small Planets [add]
17. Cactus Boy [add]
18. Haricots Magiques [add]
19. Pulling Out of Rachel [add]
20. Duds, the Cow of Human Kindness [add]
21. More God [add]
22. The Weeping Ico [add]
23. Maybe, Maybe Not [add]
24. Cabfare for the Comman Man/Lullabye [add]
25. ...And I Didn't Vote for You [add]
26. Secret Bonus Track [add]
27. Top Secret Super Bonus Track [*] [add]
28. Ultra Secret Mega Bonus Track [*] [add]

Uncle (2003) 01. No Fair [add]
02. Johnny Lightning [add]
03. The Lost Children [add]
04. In Other Words, Never [add]
05. The Late Days of Summer [add]
06. Bird in the House [add]
07. What Are They Doing in Heaven [add]
08. Miles Across the Sea [add]
09. Welcome to New Jersey [add]
10. Paul LaGrutta [add]
11. Behistun [add]
12. You Lousy Stinking Scumbag [add]
13. Bad Guest [add]
14. Played By Linda Blair [add]
15. Such a Beautiful Sight [add]
16. Shoo Fly Shoo [add]
17. Frogs Are Singing [add]
18. Sleepy River [add]
19. The Sound of Her Voice [add]
20. The Doray Waltz [add]
21. Everybody's Gone [add]
22. The Clang of the Yankee Reaper [add]

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