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Shenandoah lyrics
Genre: Country
Shenandoah (1987) 01. Stop the Rain [add]
02. She Doesn't Cry Anymore [add]
03. It Ain't Love Til It Hurts [add]
04. The Show Must Go On [add]
05. They Don't Make Love Like We Used To [add]
06. What She Wants [add]
07. She's Still Here [add]
08. I'm Gonna Hurt Her on the Radio [add]
09. Lily of the Alley [add]
10. Can't Stop Now [add]

The Road Not Taken (1989) 01. Sunday in the South [add]
02. Two Dozen Roses lyrics
03. See If I Care [add]
04. Mama Knows lyrics
05. She Doesn't Cry Anymore [add]
06. The Road Not Taken [add]
07. The Church on Cumberland Road [add]
08. Changes [add]
09. She's All I've Got Going [add]
10. Hard Country [add]

Extra Mile (1990) 01. Next to You, Next to Me [add]
02. Ghost in This House [add]
03. She Makes the Coming Home (Worth the Being Gone) [add]
04. She's a Natural [add]
05. I Got You [add]
06. Puttin' New Roots Down [add]
07. When You Were Mine [add]
08. Goin' Down With My Pride [add]
09. The Moon over Georgia [add]
10. Daddy's Little Man [add]

Long Time Comin' (1992) 01. Rock My Baby [add]
02. Hey Mister (I Need This Job) [add]
03. Leavin's Been a Long Time Comin' [add]
04. Same Old Heart [add]
05. Right Where I Belong [add]
06. Give Me Five Minutes [add]
07. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting [add]
08. Rattle the Windows [add]
09. There Ain't No Beverly Hills in Tennessee [add]

Under the Kudzu (1993) 01. Janie Baker's Love Slave [add]
02. If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too) [add]
03. I Want to Be Loved Like That [add]
04. One Kind of Woman I Like [add]
05. Under the Kudzu [add]
06. Nickel in the Well [add]
07. If It Takes Every Rib I've Got [add]
08. I'll Go Down Loving You [add]
09. The Blues Are Comin' Over to Your House [add]
10. Just Say the Word [add]

In the Vicinity of the Heart (1995) 01. Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do) lyrics
02. Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart [add]
03. Heaven Bound (I'm Ready) [add]
04. Always Have, Always Will [add]
05. Cabin Fever [add]
06. I Wouldn't Know [add]
07. Call It Love [add]
08. You Can Say That [add]
09. Every Fire [add]
10. She Could Care Less [add]

Coming Home (1995) 01. Next to You, Next to Me [add]
02. She's All I've Got Going [add]
03. Puttin' New Roots Down [add]
04. Sunday in the South [add]
05. She's a Natural [add]
06. See If I Care [add]
07. She Makes the Coming Home (Worth the Being Gone) [add]
08. Changes [add]
09. Daddy's Little Man [add]
10. Ghost in This House [add]

Now And Then (1996) 01. All over But the Shoutin' [add]
02. I Will Know You [add]
03. Lonely Too Long [add]
04. Deeper Than That [add]
05. Nowhere to Go But Back [add]
06. Mama Knows lyrics
07. She Doesn't Cry Anymore [add]
08. Next to You, Next to Me [add]
09. Sunday in the South [add]
10. Two Dozen Roses lyrics
11. Moon over Georgia [add]
12. Church on Cumberland Road [add]
13. Ghost in This House [add]
14. I Got You [add]
15. Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart [add]

Shenandoah Christmas (1996) 01. White Christmas [add]
02. Winter Wonderland [add]
03. The Christmas Song [add]
04. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
05. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
06. O Come All Ye Faithful [add]
07. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
08. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
09. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
10. There's a Way in the Manger [add]

2000 (2000) 01. Building a Home [add]
02. Tied to a Tumbleweed [add]
03. What Children Believe [add]
04. Something I Fell Into [add]
05. I Really Don't Want to Know [add]
06. Room to Run Around [add]
07. Hillbilly Hotel [add]
08. When You Were Mine [add]
09. Make the Best of It [add]
10. Loving You Again [add]
11. Lickity Split [add]
12. The Booger Song [add]

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