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The Dillards lyrics
Genre: Country
Back Porch Blue Grass (1963) 01. Old Joseph [add]
02. Somebody Touched Me [add]
03. Polly Vaughn [add]
04. Banjo in the Hollow [add]
05. Dooley [add]
06. Lonesome Indian [add]
07. Ground Hog [add]
08. Old Home Place [add]
09. Hickory Hollow [add]
10. Old Man at the Mill [add]
11. Doug's Tune [add]
12. Rainin' Here This Mornin' [add]
13. Cold Trailin' [add]
14. Reuben's Train [add]
15. Deulin' Banjo [add]

Live!!! Almost!!! (1964) 01. Black-Eyed Susie [add]
02. Never See My Home Again [add]
03. There Is a Time [add]
04. Old Blue [add]
05. Sinkin' Creek [add]
06. The Whole World Round lyrics
07. Liberty! [add]
08. Dixie Breakdown [add]
09. Walkin' Down the Line [add]
10. Jody's Tune [add]
11. Pretty Polly [add]
12. Taters in Sandy Land/Gimmer Chaw T'Baccer [add]
13. Buckin' Mule [add]

Wheatstraw Suite (1968) 01. I'll Fly Away [add]
02. Nobody Knows [add]
03. Hey Boys lyrics
04. The Biggest Whatever lyrics
05. Listen to the Sound lyrics
06. Little Pete [add]
07. Reason to Believe [add]
08. Single Saddle lyrics
09. I've Just Seen a Face lyrics
10. Lemon Chimes lyrics
11. Don't You Cry [add]
12. Bending the Strings [add]
13. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune [add]

Copperfields (1970) 01. Rainmaker [add]
02. In Our Time [add]
03. Old Man at the Mill [add]
04. Touch Her If You Can [add]
05. Woman Turn Around [add]
06. Yesterday [add]
07. Brother John [add]
08. Copperfields [add]
09. West Montana Hanna [add]
10. Close the Door Lightly [add]
11. Pictures [add]
12. Ebo Walker [add]
13. Sundown [add]

Tribute to the American Duck (1973) 01. Music Is Music [add]
02. Caney Creek [add]
03. Dooley [add]
04. Love Has Gone Away [add]
05. You've Got to Be Strong [add]
06. Carry Me Off [add]
07. Smile for Me [add]
08. Hot Rod Banjo [add]
09. Daddy Was a Mover [add]
10. What's Time to a Hog? [add]

Decade Waltz (1979) 01. The Ten Years Waltz [add]
02. Greenback Dollar [add]
03. Easy Ride [add]
04. Headed for the Country [add]
05. Gruelin' Banjos [add]
06. Turn It Around [add]
07. 10 Years Waltz [add]
08. Hymn to the World [add]
09. Lights of Magdella [add]
10. Happy I'll Be [add]
11. Mason Dixon [add]
12. We Can Work It Out [add]

Homecoming & Family Reunion [live] (1979) 01. Introduction/Old Bald Eagle [add]
02. Hop High Ladies [add]
03. Cripple Creek [add]
04. The Whole World 'Round [add]
05. Ground Hog [add]
06. High Dad in the Morning [add]
07. Douglas and I Used to Sit Around and Play [add]
08. Old Joe Clark [add]
09. Tennessee Breakdown [add]
10. Ebo Walker [add]
11. Old Man at the Mill [add]
12. Listen to the Sound lyrics
13. Daddy Was a Mover/Banjo Signal [add]

I'll Fly Away (1988) 01. I'll Fly Away [add]
02. Nobody Knows [add]
03. Hey Boys lyrics
04. Biggest Whatever [add]
05. Single Saddle lyrics
06. I've Just Seen a Face lyrics
07. Bending the Strings [add]
08. Pictures [add]
09. Ebo Walker [add]
10. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune [add]
11. Rainmaker [add]
12. Old Man at the Mill [add]
13. Touch Her If You Can [add]
14. Woman Turn Around [add]
15. Yesterday [add]
16. Copperfields [add]
17. West Montana Hanna [add]
18. Close the Door Lightly When You Go [add]

Let It Fly (1991) 01. Darlin' Boys [add]
02. Close the Door Lightly [add]
03. Old Train [add]
04. Big Ship [add]
05. Missing You [add]
06. Out on a Limb [add]
07. Ozark Nights [add]
08. Tears Won't Dry in the Rain [add]
09. Livin' in the House [add]
10. One Too Many Mornings [add]
11. Let It Fly [add]
12. Wizard of Song [add]

Take Me Along for the Ride (1992) 01. Someone's Throwing Stones [add]
02. In My Life [add]
03. Like a Hurricane [add]
04. Take Me Along for the Ride [add]
05. Aginst the Grain [add]
06. Hearts Overflowing [add]
07. Bed of Clover [add]
08. Banks of the Rouge Bayou [add]
09. Move On (Life of the Common Man) [add]
10. Food on the Table [add]
11. Wide Wide Dixie Highway [add]
12. The Great Connection [add]

The First Time Live (1999) 01. John Hardy [add]
02. Old Man at the Mill [add]
03. Green Corn [add]
04. Katie Cline [add]
05. Banjo in the Hollow [add]
06. Old Blue [add]
07. Buckin' Mule [add]
08. Hard, Ain't It Hard [add]
09. Travelin' Dobro Blues [add]
10. Ground Hog [add]
11. Cripple Creek [add]
12. Little Maggie [add]
13. Cannon Ball Blues [add]
14. Watermelon on the Vine [add]
15. White House Blues [add]
16. Cumberland Gap [add]

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