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Cassandra Wilson lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Songbook (0000) 01. Let's Face the Music and Dance [add]
02. Sweet Lorraine [add]
03. Blue in Green [add]
04. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [add]
05. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
06. Whirlwind Soldier [add]
07. Little One I'll Miss You [add]
08. Body and Soul [add]
09. No Good Time Faries [add]
10. Autumn Nocturne [add]

Days Aweigh (0000) 01. Electromagnolia [add]
02. Let's Face the Music and Dance [add]
03. Days Aweigh [add]
04. Subatomic Blues [add]
05. Apricots on Their Wings [add]
06. If You Only Know How [add]
07. You Belong to You [add]
08. Some Other Time [add]
09. Black and Yellow [add]

Blue Skies (0000) 01. Shall We Dance? [add]
02. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
03. I've Grown Accustomed to His Face [add]
04. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
05. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
06. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
07. Sweet Lorraine [add]
08. My One and Only Love [add]
09. Autumn Nocturne [add]
10. Blue Skies [add]

Jumpworld (0000) 01. Woman on the Edge [add]
02. Domination Switch [add]
03. Phase Jump [add]
04. Lies [add]
05. Grand System Masters [add]
06. Jump World [add]
07. Love Phases Dimensions [add]
08. Whirlwind Soldier [add]
09. Warm Spot [add]
10. Dancing in Dream Time [add]
11. Rock This Calling [add]

Point of View (1985) 01. Square Roots [add]
02. Blue in Green [add]
03. Never [add]
04. Desperate Move [add]
05. Love and Hate [add]
06. I Am Waiting [add]
07. I Wished on the Moon [add]
08. I Thought You Knew [add]

She Who Weeps (1990) 01. Iconic Memories [add]
02. Chelsea Bridge [add]
03. Out Loud (Jeris' Blues) [add]
04. She Who Weeps [add]
05. Angel [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. New African Blues [add]

After the Beginning Again (1991) 01. There She Goes [add]
02. 'Round Midnight [add]
03. Yazoo Moon [add]
04. Sweet Black Night [add]
05. My Corner of the Sky [add]
06. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [add]
07. Redbone [add]
08. Summer Wind [add]

Live (1991) 01. Don't Look Back [#] [add]
02. Soul Melange [#] [add]
03. 'Round Midnight [#] [add]
04. My Corner of the Sky [#] [add]
05. Desperate Move [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. Rock This Calling [add]

Dance to the Drums Again (1992) 01. Melanin Song [add]
02. Don't Look Back [add]
03. Rhythm on My Mind [add]
04. Wonders of Your Love [add]
05. Nothin' But a Thang [add]
06. I Will Be There [add]
07. Just Keep Thinking of Eubay [add]
08. Another Rainy Day [add]
09. Amazing Grace [add]
10. Dance to the Drummer Again [add]

Blue Light Til Dawn (1993) 01. You Don't Know What Love Is lyrics
02. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
03. Tell Me You'll Wait for Me [add]
04. Children of the Night [add]
05. Hellhound on My Trail [add]
06. Black Crow [add]
07. Sankofa lyrics
08. Estrellas [add]
09. Redbone [add]
10. Tupelo Honey [add]
11. Blue Light 'Til Dawn [add]
12. I Can't Stand the Rain [add]

New Moon Daughter (1995) 01. Strange Fruit [add]
02. Love Is Blindness lyrics
03. Solomon Sang [add]
04. Death Letter [add]
05. Skylark [add]
06. Find Him [add]
07. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
08. Last Train to Clarksville [add]
09. Until [add]
10. A Little Warm Death lyrics
11. Memphis [add]
12. Harvest Moon [add]

Traveling Miles (1999) 01. Run the Voodoo Down [add]
02. Traveling Miles [add]
03. Right Here, Right Now [add]
04. Time After Time lyrics
05. When the Sun Goes Down [add]
06. Seven Steps [add]
07. Some Day My Prince Will Come [add]
08. Never Broken [add]
09. Resurrection Blues (Tutu) [add]
10. Sky and Sea (Blue in Green) [add]
11. Piper [add]
12. Voodoo Reprise [add]

Belly of the Sun (2002) 01. The Weight [add]
02. Justice [add]
03. Darkness on the Delta [add]
04. Waters of March [add]
05. You Gotta Move [add]
06. Only a Dream in Rio [add]
07. Just Another Parade [add]
08. Wichita Lineman [add]
09. Shelter from the Storm [add]
10. Drunk as Cooter Brown [add]
11. Show Me a Love [add]
12. Road So Clear [add]
13. Hot Tamales [add]

Glamoured (2003) 01. Fragile [add]
02. Sleight of Time [add]
03. I Want More [add]
04. If Loving You Is Wrong [add]
05. Lay Lady Lay [add]
06. Crazy [add]
07. What Is It? [add]
08. Heaven Knows [add]
09. Honey Bee [add]
10. Broken Drum [add]
11. On This Train [add]
12. Throw It Away lyrics

Thunderbird (2006) 01. Go to Mexico [add]
02. Closer to You [add]
03. Easy Rider lyrics
04. It Would Be So Easy [add]
05. Red River Valley [add]
06. Poet [add]
07. I Want to Be Loved [add]
08. Lost [add]
09. Strike a Match [add]
10. Tarot [add]

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