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Mark Murphy lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Rah! (0000) 01. Angel Eyes [add]
02. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
03. Stoppin' the Clock [add]
04. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most [add]
05. No Tears for Me [add]
06. Out of This World [add]
07. Milestones [add]
08. My Favorite Things [add]
09. Doodlin' [add]
10. Li'l Darlin' [add]
11. Twisted [add]

That's How I Love the Blues (0000) 01. Going to Chicago Blues [add]
02. Se?or Blues [add]
03. That's How I Love the Blues [add]
04. Jelly Jelly Blues [add]
05. (I'm Left With The) Blues in My Heart [add]
06. Fiesta in Blue [add]
07. Rusty Dusty Blues [add]
08. Blues in the Night [add]
09. The Meaning of the Blues [add]
10. Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues [add]
11. Blues, You're the Mother of Sin [add]
12. Wee Baby Blues [add]

Mark Murphy Sings (0000) 01. On the Red Clay lyrics
02. Naima [add]
03. Body and Soul [add]
04. Young & Foolish [add]
05. Empty Faces [add]
06. Maiden Voyage [add]
07. How Are You Dreaming? [add]
08. Cantaloupe Island [add]

Stolen Moments (0000) 01. Stolen Moments [add]
02. Farmer's Market [add]
03. Waters of March (Aguas de Mar?o) [add]
04. Don't Be Blue [add]
05. Like a Lover (O Cantador) [add]
06. Again [add]
07. D.C. Farewell [add]
08. We'll Be Together Again [add]
09. Sly [add]

What a Way to Go (0000) 01. What a Way to Go [add]
02. Ceora Lives [add]
03. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
04. Saxophone Joe [add]
05. All My Tomorrows [add]
06. Jamaica (A Little Island of Calm) [add]
07. I Never Noticed Until Now [add]
08. Clown in My Window [add]
09. Ding Walls [add]

I'll Close My Eyes (0000) 01. I'll Close My Eyes [add]
02. If [add]
03. Happyin' [add]
04. Miss You Mr. Mercer [add]
05. Small World [add]
06. There Is No Reason Why [add]
07. Time on My Hands [add]
08. Ugly Woman [add]
09. Not Like This [add]

Who Can I Turn To (1966) 01. Who Can I Turn To? (When Nobody Needs Me) [add]
02. I Wanna Be Around [add]
03. That's What Makes Me a Girl [add]
04. Cotton Fields [add]
05. A Wonderful Day Like Today [add]
06. You'd Better Love Me [add]
07. There Is a Time [Le Temps] [add]
08. My Kind of Girl [add]
09. This Train [add]
10. Star Sounds [add]
11. In Love for the Very First Time [add]
12. Talk to Me Baby [add]

Midnight Mood (1970) 01. Jump for Joy [add]
02. I Don't Want Nothin' [add]
03. Why and How [add]
04. Alone Together [add]
05. You Fascinate Me So [add]
06. Hopeless [add]
07. Sconsolato [add]
08. My Ship [add]
09. Just Give Me Time [add]
10. I Get Along Without You Very Well [add]

Bridging a Gap (1973) 01. Come and Get Me [add]
02. Sausalito [add]
03. She's Gone [add]
04. Steamroller [add]
05. We Could Be Flying [add]
06. Sunday in New York [add]
07. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
08. No More [add]
09. As Time Goes By [add]
10. I'm Glad There Is You [add]

Bop for Kerouac (1981) 01. Be Bop Lives (Boplicity) lyrics
02. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]
03. Parker's Mood [add]
04. You Better Go Now [add]
05. You've Proven Your Point (Bongo Beep) [add]
06. The Bad and the Beautiful [add]
07. Down St. Thomas Way [add]
08. Ballad of the Sad Young Men [add]

Beauty and the Beast (1985) 01. Poem: Beauty and the Beast [add]
02. Beauty and the Beast [add]
03. I Can't Get Started [add]
04. Doxy [add]
05. Memphis Blues [add]
06. Effendi [add]
07. The Lady Who Sang the Blues [add]
08. Along Came Betty [add]
09. Vocalise [add]
10. Spring Friend [add]

Kerouac Then and Now (1986) 01. Blood Count [add]
02. Medley: Eddie Jefferson [add]
03. Ask Me Now [add]
04. San Francisco [add]
05. Lazy Afternoon [add]
06. If You Could See Me Now [add]
07. November in the Snow [add]
08. Lord Buckley [add]
09. Medley: The Night We Called It a Day/There's No You [add]

September Ballads (1987) 01. September Fifteenth [add]
02. When She Is Mine [add]
03. When This Love Affair Is Over [add]
04. Night Life [add]
05. Sack Full of Dreams [add]
06. Crystal Silence [add]
07. I Never Went Away [add]
08. Sausalito [add]
09. Para Nada [add]
10. Spring Is Where You Are [add]

Night Mood (1991) 01. Nightmood (Lembra) [add]
02. Madalena [add]
03. Ticket (Bilhete) [add]
04. Dinorah, Dinorah [add]
05. Before We Lose Tomorrow (Antes Que Seja Tarde) [add]
06. Sails (Velas I?adas) [add]
07. Love Dance (Lembran?a) [add]
08. M?os de Afeto [add]
09. Believe What I Say (Daquilo Que Eu Sei) [add]

North Sea Jazz Sessions, Vol. 5 (1996) 01. Bridges [add]
02. I Remember Clifford [add]
03. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) [add]
04. Stolen Moments [add]
05. Summertime [add]
06. Con Alma [add]
07. The Great City [add]
08. As Long as I Live [add]
09. Happy Samba [add]
10. He Ain't Heavy [add]
11. Love Stick [add]
12. The Lady Is a Tramp [add]
13. 'S Wonderful [add]
14. The Windmills of Your Mind [add]

Song for the Geese (1997) 01. You Go to My Head [add]
02. Sugar [add]
03. Baltimore Oriole [add]
04. Do It Again [add]
05. (Baby) It's Just Talk [add]
06. You're Blas? [add]
07. Song for the Geese (Tema Para los Gansos) [add]
08. Everybody Loves Me [add]
09. Lament [add]
10. I Remember [add]
11. We Two (Nos Dois) [add]
12. I Wish You Love (Que Reste-T-Il de Nos Amours?) [add]

Some Time Ago (2000) 01. There's No More Blue Time [add]
02. Peacocks [add]
03. Bohemia After Dark [add]
04. With Every Breath I Take [add]
05. You're My Alter Ego [add]
06. Life's Mosaic [add]
07. Sometime Ago [add]
08. That Old Black Magic [add]
09. Why Was I Born?/I'm a Fool to Want You [add]

The Latin Porter (2000) 01. I Get a Kick Out of You [add]
02. In the Still of the Night [add]
03. Dream Dancing [add]
04. Get Out of Town [add]
05. Looking at You [add]
06. I've Got You Under My Skin [add]
07. All of You [add]
08. Ev'rything I Love [add]
09. Experiment [add]

Links (2001) 01. In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee [add]
02. The Lady's in Love With You [add]
03. Don't Ask Why [add]
04. Wheelers and Dealers [add]
05. Taming of a Rose [add]
06. Breathing [add]
07. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]
08. Ode to the Road [add]
09. Medley: Daydream/In a Sentimental Mood [add]
10. I'm Thru With Love [add]

Lucky to Be Me (2002) 01. Medley: Lonely Town (Attacca) [From Leonard Bernstein's on the Town] [add]
02. Medley: Lucky to Be Me (Attacca) [From Leonard Bernstein's on the Town] [add]
03. Medley: Some Other Time [From Leonard Bernstein's on the Town] [add]
04. Dearly Beloved [add]
05. Then I'll Be Tired of You [add]
06. Photograph [add]
07. Serenade in Blue [add]
08. Just as Though You Were Here [add]
09. I Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart [add]
10. Blues for Frances Faye [add]
11. Medley: I Wonder What Became of Me/If Love Were All [add]

Memories of You (2003) 01. The Comeback [add]
02. In the Evenin' [add]
03. Everyday [add]
04. Memories of You [add]
05. Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) [add]
06. If I Were a Bell [add]
07. Close Enough to Love [add]
08. Love You Madly [add]
09. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) [add]
10. Sposin' [add]
11. A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry [add]

Bop for Miles (2004) 01. All Blues [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. Autumn Leaves [add]
04. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
05. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
06. My Ship [add]
07. Farmer's Market [add]
08. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]
09. Parker's Mood [add]
10. Milestones [add]
11. Miles [add]

Dim the Lights (2004) 01. Your Red Wagon [add]
02. Rules of the Road [add]
03. Street of Dreams [add]
04. Trilogy: Beautiful Love/Lullaby of the Leaves/Soft as in a Morning ... [add]
05. A Quiet Place [add]
06. Dim the Lights [add]
07. See You Later [add]
08. Two Lonely People [add]
09. It Amazes Me [add]
10. North Sea Night [add]
11. Time All Gone [add]
12. I Never Know When to Say When/I'm in Love Again [add]
13. Ravel Concerto/How Insensitive/Corcovado [add]
14. The Man on the Other Side of the Street [add]

Once to Every Heart (2005) 01. I'm Through with Love [add]
02. When I Fall in Love/My One and Only Love [add]
03. Skylark/You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
04. Our Game [add]
05. I Know You from Somewhere [add]
06. Bein' Green [add]
07. Once to Every Heart [add]
08. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
09. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me [add]
10. Love Is Here to Stay [add]

Love Is What Stays (2007) 01. Stolen Moments [add]
02. Angel Eyes [add]
03. My Foolish Heart [add]
04. So Doggone Lonesome [add]
05. What If [add]
06. The Interview [add]
07. Once Upon a Summertime [add]
08. Stolen Moments (1st Reprise) [add]
09. Love Is What Stays [add]
10. Stolen Moments (2nd Reprise) [add]
11. Too Late Now [add]
12. Blue Cell Phone [add]
13. Did I Ever Really Live [add]

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