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Fonda 500 lyrics
Genre: Rock
8 Track Sound System (2000) 01. Casiotone Introduction [add]
02. Interstella Invitation [add]
03. Orson [add]
04. International Feelings of Love [add]
05. Betamax [add]
06. Warming to the Warmth [add]
07. Ecoutez Les Grande Animaux Radio [add]
08. Passing Thru [add]
09. Slumbertime [add]
10. Song for a Commercial [add]
11. Pops # 3 [add]
12. When We Are Together We Make No Sound [add]
13. Recall [add]
14. Little Carnies Hi-Fi [add]
15. Lucky Tokyo [add]
16. The Glen Mcaffrey All Star Singularity [add]
17. Get Nearer to Me and You'll Always Be Warmed [add]
18. The Mexican Spaceman [add]
19. Introduction [add]

Autumn Winter Collection (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. The Autumn Tree Song [add]
03. Snowball [add]
04. Dans le Caravanette et Toi Aussi? [add]
05. ...ZZZZ [add]
06. The Snow [add]
07. The Stars That You Can See During Autumn & Winter [add]
08. Furball [add]
09. Blanket-Sharing Is Both Good & Important [add]
10. Woolen Birds [add]
11. Flight into the Sound of Autumn & Winter [add]
12. Snowy Times Are Coming [add]
13. Hibernate [add]

Number One Hi-Fi Hair (2003) 01. Number One Hifi Hair [add]
02. Bumble a Bumble B Bumble C Bumble D [add]
03. The Magic Sunshine Butterfly [add]
04. Nicholas Number Two [add]
05. Intro Duction to Slow Wildlife [add]
06. Number DT 2580 [add]
07. Computer Freaks of the Galaxy [add]
08. R-U-A-R-O-B-O-T? [add]
09. The Mexican Swim a Thon [add]
10. Why Context Is Essential to Us and Everyone [add]
11. There Is No Light Brighter Than the Light of Love [add]
12. Nicholas Number One [add]
13. Animal of Airs [add]
14. The Colours and the Birdsongs Are One in the Same [add]
15. Spell Out Avec Mol [add]
16. The Five Double O in Super Special Stereo [add]

Spectrumatronicalogical Sounds (2004) 01. Like a Welcome from a Friendly Cassette [add]
02. All of the Songbirds Love You [add]
03. Un Elephant [add]
04. Robotic Samba Program [add]
05. Electronic Bee [add]
06. Avigato [add]
07. The Sound of Mathematiques [add]
08. Open... [add]
09. The Boy Who Made a Girl out of His Xylophone [add]
10. Warmth and Light Are Everything: Warmth and Light Is You [add]
11. La Mariposa del Noche [add]
12. The Girl in the Mountain Print T Shirt [add]
13. Tampico Me [add]
14. Natures Magic Wand [add]
15. The All Over Cazio Country Sound [add]
16. Hey Hey Its the All New Cuico Clentos Show Show [add]
17. I Am a Drummer [add]
18. Ghost Train [add]
19. Le Jeu de Poche Has Great L.E. d's [add]
20. Digital Space Pop [add]
21. At the Shallow End of the Zoo [add]
22. Humming Bird Tree [add]
23. Insectual Keyboard Dweller [add]
24. Simons Alphabetical Beard [add]
25. Inside the Memory Mind of the 8th Dimensional Mind Drummer [add]
26. Spectrumized Smile [add]
27. Warmth Can Sound Like This [add]
28. This Sound Will Break Your Heart Not Your Stereo [add]
29. Close... [add]

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