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The Tremeloes lyrics
Genre: Rock
Brian Poole Is Here (1966) 01. I Want Candy [add]
02. Michael, Row the Boat Ashore [add]
03. You Can't Sit Down [add]
04. Hands Off [add]
05. Times Have Changed [add]
06. Rag Doll [add]
07. Well, Who's That [add]
08. I Could Make You Love Me [add]
09. Love Me Baby [add]
10. Heard It All Before [add]
11. Chills [add]
12. Uncle Willie [add]

Chip, Dave, Alan and Rick (1967) 01. Suddenly You Love Me [add]
02. Happy Song [add]
03. Running Out [add]
04. Negotiations in Soho Square [add]
05. Suddenly Winter [add]
06. Sunshine Games [add]
07. Silence Is Golden [add]
08. Norman Stanley James St. Claire [add]
09. Cool Jerk [add]
10. I'm With You All the Way [add]
11. Sing Sorta Swingle [add]
12. Too Many Fish in the Sea [add]
13. Come on Home [add]

Even the Bad Times Are Good (1967) 01. Even the Bad Times Are Good [add]
02. Silence Is Golden [add]
03. Helule Helule [add]
04. I Shall Be Released [add]
05. Twist & Shout [add]
06. Ain't Nothin' But a Houseparty [add]
07. Suddenly You Love Me [add]
08. Rag Doll [add]
09. Yellow River [add]
10. Do You Love Me [add]
11. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
12. Hello World [add]
13. Here Comes My Baby [add]
14. Me and My Life [add]
15. Number One (Call Me) [add]

Suddenly You Love Me (1968) 01. Happy Song [add]
02. Running Out [add]
03. Negotiations in Soho Square [add]
04. Suddenly Winter [add]
05. Sunshine Games [add]
06. Silence Is Golden [add]
07. Norman Stanley James St. Claire [add]
08. Cool Jerk [add]
09. I'm With You All the Way [add]
10. Sing Sorta Swingle [add]
11. Too Many Fish in the Sea [add]
12. Come on Home [add]

The Live in Cabaret (1969) 01. Run, Baby, Run (Back into My Arms) [add]
02. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying) [add]
03. Hello World [add]
04. My Little Lady [add]
05. Angel of the Morning [add]
06. Games People Play [add]
07. Proud Mary [add]
08. Blessed [add]
09. Here Comes My Baby [add]
10. En Tu Mondo [add]
11. Mountain Dew [add]
12. F.B.I. [add]
13. I Shall Be Released [add]
14. Silence Is Golden [add]
15. Even the Bad Times Are Good [add]
16. Suddenly You Love Me [add]
17. Good Times [add]

Master (1970) 01. Wait for Me [add]
02. Long Road [add]
03. Now's the Time [add]
04. Try Me [add]
05. But Then I [add]
06. Before I Sleep [add]
07. Boola Boola [add]
08. I Swear [add]
09. Baby [add]
10. By the Way [add]
11. Willow Tree [add]
12. Me and My Life [add]

May Morning (1970) 01. May Morning [add]
02. All Pull Together [add]
03. Till the Sun Goes Down [add]
04. Turn on With Thee [add]
05. I Can't Even Breathe Down Here [add]
06. May Morning [Reprise 1] [add]
07. Anything [add]
08. Think of What You Said [add]
09. Beer Duel [add]
10. Hard Time [add]
11. I'll Take You Home [add]
12. Bunch of Rapes [add]
13. May Morning [Reprise 2] [add]
14. I You Know [add]

Silence Is Golden (1995) 01. Twist And Shout [add]
02. Do You Love Me [add]
03. Someone, Someone [add]
04. Tonight [add]
05. Silence Is Golden [add]
06. Good Lovin' [add]
07. I Can Dance [add]
08. Candy Man [add]
09. House Party [add]
10. I Want Candy [add]
11. Moving On [add]

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