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T.G. Sheppard lyrics
Genre: Country
T.G. Sheppard (1975) 01. Trying to Beat the Morning Home [add]
02. Callin' You Again [add]
03. Who's Julie [add]
04. I'll Be Satisfied [add]
05. Country Country Club [add]
06. Devil in the Bottle [add]
07. Another Woman [add]
08. I Lived It Up [add]
09. Rollin' With the Flow [add]
10. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bush) [add]

Motels & Memories (1976) 01. Motels and Memories [add]
02. Cowboy in the Rain [add]
03. Little Brown Paper Nag Blues [add]
04. Hot Lips [add]
05. Pigskin Charade [add]
06. It Could've Been Nashville [add]
07. We Just Live Here [add]
08. Wednesday Night Poker [add]
09. Shame [add]
10. Solitary Man [add]

Solitary Man (1977) 01. Solitary Man [add]
02. Devil in the Bottle [add]
03. Oh, Pretty Woman [add]
04. Motels and Memories [add]
05. Another Woman [add]
06. Show Me a Man [add]
07. I'll Always Remember That Song [add]
08. We Just Live Here [add]
09. Shame [add]
10. Tryin' to Beat the Morning Home [add]

Daylight (1978) 01. Let's Keep It That Way [add]
02. She Believes in Me [add]
03. Never Ending Crowded Circle [add]
04. I'd Like to See Jesus on the Midnight Special [add]
05. Daylight [add]
06. Happy Together [add]
07. That's All She Wrote [add]
08. When Can We Do This Again [add]
09. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me [add]
10. What Would I Do Without My Music [add]

T.G. (1978) 01. Baby's Gettin' Around [add]
02. Where Do We Go (When We've Gone All the Way0 [add]
03. She Pretended We Were Married (While I Pretended She Was You) [add]
04. Mister DJ [add]
05. Nothing to Do But Lie [add]
06. Don't Ever Say Good-Bye [add]
07. Easy to Love (So Hard to Leave) [add]
08. Jenny, Don't Worry 'Bout the Kid [add]
09. I've Been So Wrong for So Long [add]
10. Lovin' On [add]

3/4 Lonely (1979) 01. You Feel Good All Over [add]
02. I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again [add]
03. My Ship's Coming In [add]
04. You Look Like Love [add]
05. I Came Home to Make Love to You [add]
06. You Do It to Me Every Time [add]
07. It's Only Love [add]
08. (She Wanted to Live) Faster Than I Could Dream [add]
09. I'll Be Coming Back for More [add]
10. Last Cheater's Waltz [add]

Smooth Sailin' (1980) 01. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven [add]
02. If I Never Saw the Light of Day Again [add]
03. I Feel Like Loving You Again [add]
04. I Could Never Dream the Way You Feel [add]
05. How Far Our Love Goes [add]
06. Smooth Sailin' [add]
07. My Mind's Already Home [add]
08. Do It Again [add]
09. Don't Touch Me [add]
10. Let the Little Bird Fly [add]

I Love 'Em All (1981) 01. We Belong in Love Tonight [add]
02. What's Forever For [add]
03. Party Time [add]
04. Silence on the Line [add]
05. Touch Me All Over Again [add]
06. I Loved 'Em Every One [add]
07. You Waltzed Yourself Right into My Life [add]
08. Face the Night Alone [add]
09. Troubled Waters [add]
10. The State of Our Union [add]

Finally! (1982) 01. Only One You [add]
02. Finally [add]
03. Crazy in the Dark [add]
04. Wasn't It a Short Forever [add]
05. All My Cloudy Days Are Gone [add]
06. In Another Minute [add]
07. We're Walking on Thin Ice [add]
08. You're the First to Last (This Long) [add]
09. She's Got Everything It Takes (To Make Me Stay) [add]
10. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone) [add]

Perfect Stranger (1982) 01. War Is Hell (On the Homefront Too) [add]
02. Back in Your Arms [add]
03. Faking Love [add]
04. Reno and Me [add]
05. The Sun's Gonna Shine on Me [add]
06. Where Did We Go Right? [add]
07. A Pretty Diamond Ring [add]
08. Spare Hearts [add]
09. Gonna Keep on Tryin' [add]
10. Close Brush with Life [add]

Slow Burn (1983) 01. Somewhere Down the Line [add]
02. Don't Fight the Night [add]
03. She Put the Sad in All His Songs [add]
04. Baby I'm a Want You [add]
05. Slow Burn [add]
06. Blank Check (On My Love) [add]
07. Arthur and Alice [add]
08. How Lucky We Are [add]
09. First Thing First [add]
10. It's a Bad Night for Good Girls [add]

One Owner Heart (1985) 01. You're Going Out of My Mind [add]
02. Sad Song [add]
03. One Owner Heart [add]
04. Looking Out for Number One [add]
05. Love Burning Down [add]
06. I Can't Help But Love You [add]
07. Later On [add]
08. In My Dreams [add]
09. I Could Get Used to This [add]
10. Home Again [add]

It Still Rains in Memphis (1986) 01. It Still Rains in Memphis [add]
02. Love Is on a Fade [add]
03. You're My First Lady [add]
04. Paintin' the Town Blue [add]
05. Bad Thing About Good Love [add]
06. Movin' and Shakin' on Business Street [add]
07. Half Past Forever (Till I'm Blue in the Heart) [add]
08. She Don't Think Much of Me Anymore [add]
09. Strong Heart [add]
10. What You Gonna Do About Her [add]

One for the Money (1987) 01. Changes [add]
02. One of Those Days [add]
03. Come to Me [add]
04. Everybody Loved Us [add]
05. Let's Do It Again [add]
06. Echoes in My Heart [add]
07. Walk of Life [add]
08. So Much for Love [add]
09. Some Bridges [add]
10. One for the Money [add]

Crossroads (1988) 01. Don't Say It With Diamonds (Say It With Love) [add]
02. Nothing to It [add]
03. You Still Do [add]
04. I Know All About Her [add]
05. Invitation [add]
06. She Didn't Break My Heart [add]
07. While I'm Here [add]
08. Just as Long [add]
09. Something Worth Waiting for [add]
10. There's a Lot of Heart in This Old Heart of Mine [add]

Nothin on But the Radio (1997) 01. She's Gettin' the Rock [add]
02. Nothin' on But the Radio [add]
03. Whatever You're Looking for, You're Lookin' At [add]
04. You Can't Take It With You When You Go [add]
05. All over Town [add]
06. I Bring Her Flowers (Every Day) [add]
07. Ghost Town [add]
08. (There Ain't Nothin') Like a Coupe DeVille [add]
09. Another Cup of Coffee [add]
10. It Still Rains in Memphis [add]
11. Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) [add]
12. It's All over Now [add]

Live! (1998) 01. Smokey Mountain Rain [add]
02. Slow Burn [add]
03. Only One You [add]
04. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
05. I Wanna Be Around [add]
06. For the Good Times [add]
07. San Antonio Rose [add]
08. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]
09. I Loved 'Em Every One [add]
10. Last Cheater's Waltz [add]
11. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven [add]
12. Half Past Forever (Till I'm Blue in the Heart) [add]
13. One for the Money [add]
14. Fooled Around and Fell in Love [add]
15. Turn Your Radio On [add]
16. Mr. D.J. [add]
17. Patriotic Medley: Battle Hymn of the Republic/America the Beautiful [add]

Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2002) 01. I Loved 'Em Everyone [add]
02. Slow Burn [add]
03. Last Cheater's Waltz [add]
04. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven [add]
05. There's Only One You [add]
06. Devil in the Bottle [add]
07. War Is Hell (On the Homefront Too) [add]
08. I Fooled Around and Fell in Love [add]
09. You Feel Good All Over [add]
10. Whatever You're Looking for, You're Lookin' At [add]
11. I Feel Like Loving You Again [add]
12. One for the Money [add]
13. It's Party Time [add]
14. Finally [add]

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