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Big Joe Williams lyrics
Genre: Blues
Nine String Guitar Blues (0000) 01. I Got the Best King Biscuit [add]
02. Haunted House Blues [add]
03. I Done Stop Hollering [add]
04. I Got a Bad Mind [add]
05. Long Tall Woman, Skinny Mama Too [add]
06. Stack of Dollars [add]
07. Indiana Woman Blues [add]
08. My Baby Keeps Hanging Around [add]
09. Jiving the Blues [add]
10. Jump, Baby, Jump! [add]

Piney Woods Blues (1958) 01. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
02. Drop Down Mama [add]
03. Mellow Peaches [add]
04. No More Whiskey [add]
05. Tailor Made Babe [add]
06. Big Joe Talking [Interview] [add]
07. Someday Baby [add]
08. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
09. Peach Orchard Mama [add]
10. Juanita [add]
11. Shetland Pony Blues [add]
12. Omaha Blues [add]

Blues on Highway 49 (1961) 01. Highway 49 [add]
02. Overhaul Your Machine [add]
03. Blues Left Texas [add]
04. No. 13 Highway [add]
05. Down in the Bottoms [add]
06. Poor Beggar [add]
07. That Thing's in Town [add]
08. Walk on, Little Girl [add]
09. Tia Juana Blues [add]
10. 45 Blues [add]
11. Arkansas Woman [add]
12. Four Corners of the World [add]

Nine String Guitar Wizard (1961) 01. Stack O'Dollars [add]
02. Meet Me Around the Corner [add]
03. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
04. Providence Help the Poor People [add]
05. Highway [add]
06. Peach Orchard Mama [add]
07. I Know You Gonna Miss Me [add]
08. Borrowing That Stuff [add]
09. Crawling King Snake [add]
10. Stepfather Blues [add]
11. Worried Man Blues [add]
12. Brother James [add]
13. Wild Cow Blues [add]
14. Rootin' Ground Hog [add]

Tough Times (1961) 01. Sloppy Drunk Blues [add]
02. Yo Yo Blues [add]
03. President Roosevelt [add]
04. Forty-Four Blues [add]
05. Greystone Blues [add]
06. I Want My Crown [add]
07. Mean Stepfather [add]
08. Brother James [add]
09. Shake Your Boogie [add]
10. Vitamin a Blues [add]
11. She Left Me a Mule to Ride [add]
12. So Glad [add]

Blues for 9 Strings (1963) 01. 38 Pistol Blues [add]
02. I'm a Fool About My Baby [add]
03. Pearly Mae [add]
04. Walking Blues [add]
05. Highway 45 [add]
06. Meet Me at the Bottom [add]
07. Skinny Mama [add]
08. Jockey Ride Blues [add]
09. Army Man Blues [add]
10. Black Gal You're Sure Looking Warm [add]
11. Pallet on the Floor [add]

Big Joe Williams at Folk City [live] (1964) 01. Mink Coat Blues [add]
02. Burned Child Is Scared of Fire [add]
03. Baby, I Ain't Gonna Let You Go [add]
04. Trouble Gonna Take Me to My Grave [add]
05. Bugle Blues [add]
06. Just Want to Be Your Man [add]
07. I'm Gonna Do It This Time [add]
08. She's Doggin' Me [add]
09. How Do You Want Your Rollin' Done [add]
10. I Can't Sign My Name [add]
11. Bottle up and Go [add]
12. I'm Tired, Woman [add]

Studio Blues (1964) 01. Levee Camp Blues [add]
02. Low Down Dirty Shame [add]
03. Gambling Man [add]
04. Ain't Gonna Rain No More [add]
05. Feel So Good [add]
06. Prowling Ground Hog [add]
07. Back Home Again [add]
08. Sugar Babe [add]
09. Tell Me Mama [add]
10. Studio Blues [add]

Stavin' Chain Blues (1966) 01. Stavin' Chain Blues [add]
02. Roll and Tumble [#] [add]
03. Mean Stepfather [add]
04. You Got to Help Me Some [add]
05. You're Gonna Need King Jesus [alternate take/#] [add]
06. Jumpin' in the Moonlight [instrumental] [add]
07. Rocks and Gravel [#] [add]
08. Sweet Old Kokomo [add]
09. Nobody Knows Chicago [add]
10. Gonna Check Up on My Baby [add]
11. You're Gonna Need King Jesus [add]
12. Rambled and Wandered [add]
13. Going Back to Crawford, Miss. [add]
14. Stavin' Chain Blues [alternate take/#] [add]
15. J.D. Talks [add]

Big Joe Williams & Sonny Boy Williamson (1969) 01. King Biscuit Stomp [add]
02. I'm a Highway Man [add]
03. Don't You Leave Me Here [add]
04. Bantam Rooster Blues [add]
05. P Vine Blues [add]
06. Mellow Apples [add]
07. House Lady Blues [add]
08. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
09. Stack of Dollars [add]
10. Wild Cow Moan [add]
11. Bad and Weakhearted Blues [add]
12. Mean Stepfather Blues [add]
13. Somebody's Been Borrowing That Stuff [add]
14. Break 'Em on Down [add]

Malvina My Sweet Woman (M) (1988) 01. Whistling Pine Blues [add]
02. Mama Don't Allow No Doggin' All Night Long [add]
03. Thousand Year Blues [add]
04. She's Been Shaking a Little Boogie [add]
05. Strange Girl Blues [add]
06. Early Morning Blues [add]
07. Shake a Little Boogie [add]
08. Early in the Morning [add]
09. New Car Blues [add]
10. Taylor Made Stomp [add]
11. You Done Me Wrong [add]
12. Black Rat Blues [add]
13. Poor Beggar [add]
14. Everyday Brings Out a Change [add]
15. Baby Don't You Wanna Go [add]
16. Highway 61 Blues [add]
17. Rooster Blues [add]
18. Rollin' in Your Arms [add]
19. You Are My Sunshine [add]

Big Joe Williams [L&R] (1997) 01. Malvina My Sweet Woman [add]
02. Whistling Pine Blues [add]
03. Mama Don't Allow No Doggin' All Night Long [add]
04. Thousand Year Blues [add]
05. She's Been Shaking a Little Boogie [add]
06. Early in the Morning [add]
07. New Car Blues [add]
08. Taylor Made Stomp [add]
09. You Done Me Wrong [add]
10. Black Rat Blues [add]
11. Poor Beggar [add]
12. Everyday Brings Out a Change [add]
13. Baby Don't You Wanna Go [add]
14. Highway 61 Blues [add]
15. Rooster Blues [add]
16. Rollin' in Your Arms [add]
17. You Are My Sunshine [add]

No More Whiskey (1998) 01. Tailor Made Baby [add]
02. Prison Bound Blues [add]
03. Dark Road Blues [add]
04. Hold up the Light, Let It Shine [add]
05. Delta Blues [add]
06. Lord Have Mercy [add]
07. Don't Your House Look Lonesome [add]
08. Somebody's Been Borrowing That Stuff [add]
09. Deal 'Em on Down [add]
10. Snitchin' Blues [add]
11. Jesus Gonna Make up My Dyin' Bed [add]
12. Lonesome Train Blues [add]
13. No More Whiskey [add]
14. Liza Jane Blues [add]
15. Texas Blues [add]
16. When I Lay My Burden Down [add]

Chicago 63 [live] (2003) 01. Sugar Mama [add]
02. Sinkin' Blues [add]
03. Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out [add]
04. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
05. Put on Your Nightcap Baby [add]
06. Bye Bye Baby Blues [add]
07. Don't Want No Big Fat Woman [add]
08. Ride in My New Car Blues [add]
09. Goin' Away, Won't Be Back Till Fall [add]
10. Sloppy Drunk Blues [add]
11. 44 Blues [add]
12. Terraplane Blues [add]

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