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Dan Hill lyrics
Genre: Rock
Dan Hill [1975] (1975) 01. You Make Me Want to Be [add]
02. Welcome lyrics
03. Looking Back lyrics
04. Fountain lyrics
05. Seed of Music [add]
06. Growing Up lyrics
07. Nobody's Right lyrics
08. Sour Whiskey lyrics
09. You Say You're Free lyrics
10. I Dreamt I Saw Your Face Last Night [add]
11. People lyrics

Hold On (1976) 01. Hold On lyrics
02. Proposal lyrics
03. I've Been Alone lyrics
04. City Madness lyrics
05. Rain lyrics
06. Phonecall lyrics
07. All Alone in California [add]
08. Question Marks in Time [add]
09. Caroline lyrics
10. Canada lyrics

Longer Fuse (1977) 01. Sometimes When We Touch lyrics
02. 14 Today lyrics
03. In the Name of Love [add]
04. Crazy lyrics
05. McCarthy's Day [add]
06. Jean lyrics
07. You Are All I See lyrics
08. Southern California lyrics
09. Longer Fuse lyrics
10. Still Not Used To [live] [add]

Frozen in the Night (1978) 01. Frozen in the Night [add]
02. All I See Is Your Face lyrics
03. No One Taught Me How to Lie [add]
04. (Why Did You Have to Go And) Pick on Me [add]
05. Friends [add]
06. Let the Song Last Forever [add]
07. When the Hurt Comes [add]
08. Dark Side of Atlanta [add]
09. Indian Woman [add]
10. Till the Day I Die [add]
11. Your Only Friend [add]

If Dreams Had Wings (1980) 01. Path of Least Resistance [add]
02. I Still Reach for You [add]
03. Ghost [add]
04. Island [add]
05. The Perfect Man [add]
06. My Love for You [add]
07. More Than Just a Clever Game [add]
08. Unloved People [add]
09. You Get a Little Harder [add]
10. If Dreams Had Wings [add]

Partial Surrender (1981) 01. I'm Just a Man [add]
02. All I Want Is You [add]
03. Don't Give Up on Love [add]
04. Somewhere in the Distance [add]
05. Just a Piece of Your Heart [add]
06. Pray That It's Love [add]
07. Pandora's Song [add]
08. Something's Wrong [add]
09. Fumiko [add]
10. Class of '69 [add]

Love in the Shadows (1984) 01. Love in the Shadows [add]
02. Helpless [add]
03. In Your Eyes lyrics
04. Just in Time [add]
05. You Pulled Me Through [add]
06. Something Ain't Right [add]
07. Where You Gonna Run To [add]
08. Don't Know Where It Comes From [add]
09. Thru to You [add]
10. Old Lady Song [add]
11. Love in the Shadows [Extended Instrumental Mix] [add]

Dan Hill [1987] (1987) 01. Conscience [add]
02. Carmelia lyrics
03. Can't We Try lyrics
04. Blood in My Veins [add]
05. Never Thought (That I Could Love) [add]
06. Every Boys Fantasy [add]
07. Lose Control [add]
08. Perfect Love lyrics
09. Pleasure Centre [add]
10. USA/USSR [add]

Real Love (1989) 01. Why Do We Always Hurt the Ones [add]
02. What Do You Want [add]
03. Can This Be Real Love [add]
04. Can't Break the Same Heart Twice [add]
05. Unborn Heart lyrics
06. Wishful Thinking [add]
07. You've Got to Get over Him [add]
08. Woman [add]
09. Human Heat [add]
10. You Are Where I Belong [add]

Dance of Love (1991) 01. I Miss You Still [add]
02. I Fall All over Again [add]
03. Is It Really Love? [add]
04. Sorry lyrics
05. Dance of Love [add]
06. Am I Fooling Myself [add]
07. Hold Me Now lyrics
08. Flirting With a Heartache [add]
09. Don't Give Up On Us [add]
10. Through It All [add]
11. Losing You [add]
12. Sometimes Love Is Not Enough [add]

I'm Doing Fine (1996) 01. Wrapped Around Your Finger lyrics
02. I Wanna Make Love to You [add]
03. I'm Doing Fine lyrics
04. Every Time We Say Goodbye [add]
05. If You Should Leave Me Now lyrics
06. I Wanna Be with You [add]
07. The Night We Met lyrics
08. Maybe This Time lyrics
09. She Is My Lady lyrics
10. Memories (Revisited) [add]
11. I Love You Now lyrics

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