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Charly McClain lyrics
Genre: Country
Let Me Be Your Baby (1978) 01. That's What You Do to Me [add]
02. Take Me Back lyrics
03. You Can't Make Love by Yourself [add]
04. 1+1 = Love [add]
05. Make the World Go Away [add]
06. I'll Love Away Your Troubles for Awhile [add]
07. You Should Be Layin' in Her Arms (Instead of Lyin' Here in Mine) [add]
08. Come Take Care of Me [add]
09. Bedtime Comes Earlier at Our House [add]
10. Let Me Be Your Baby lyrics

Alone Too Long (1979) 01. When a Love Ain't Right [add]
02. I've Been Alone Too Long [add]
03. Baby I'm-A Want You [add]
04. I'm Putting My Love Inside You [add]
05. You're a Part of Me [add]
06. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me [add]
07. I'd Rather Fall in Love With You [add]
08. Gettin' Over You [add]
09. I've Never Loved Nobody Like I Love You [add]
10. You Decorated My Life [add]

Women Get Lonely (1980) 01. Women Get Lonely lyrics
02. Somebody's Got to Sing the Sad Songs [add]
03. Let's Put Our Love in Motion [add]
04. Too Sad for Laughing [add]
05. I Hate the Way I Love It [add]
06. Stuck Right in the Middle of Your Love [add]
07. I Don't Have to Dream Anymore [add]
08. Men lyrics
09. Sleepin' With a Drifter [add]
10. All by Myself Again [add]

Who's Cheatin' Who (1980) 01. Who's Cheatin' Who lyrics
02. I've Given About All I Can Take [add]
03. I Think I Could Love You (Better Than She Did) [add]
04. Somebody Wants to Love Me Tonight [add]
05. Keep on Lovin' You [add]
06. Competition [add]
07. I'm Really Me, You're Really You [add]
08. Only the Lonely Know [add]
09. Make Believe It's Your First Time [add]
10. Love Scenes [add]

Surround Me with Love (1981) 01. Sweet and Easy, Soft and Slow [add]
02. Surround Me With Love lyrics
03. Sleepin' With the Radio on [add]
04. That's All a Woman Lives for [add]
05. You and Me [add]
06. The Very Best Is You [add]
07. I'm Out of My Mind [add]
08. I've Never Loved Anyone More [add]
09. He's Back [add]
10. Love Left Over [add]

Still I Stay (1987) 01. Paradise Avenue [add]
02. Don't Touch Me There lyrics
03. And Then Some lyrics
04. Old Flame, New Fire [add]
05. Blue [add]
06. Number 1 in Your Eyes [add]
07. Still I Stay lyrics
08. I Know the Way by Heart [add]
09. What Makes Love Go 'Round and 'Round [add]
10. If You Didn't Need Me [add]

Charly McClain (1988) 01. It's Too Late to Love Me Now [add]
02. Your Eyes [add]
03. Lay Down lyrics
04. You Can Love It Away [add]
05. Pride and Sorrow [add]
06. Lay Something on My Bed Besides a Blanket [add]
07. Leaning on the Bottle (And Slowly Falling Down) [add]
08. Lovin' Arms [add]
09. Love Me 'Til the Morning Comes [add]
10. Hasten Down the Wind [add]

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