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The Subdudes lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Subdudes (1989) 01. Any Cure [add]
02. Light in Your Eyes [add]
03. Tell Me What's Wrong [add]
04. Need Somebody [add]
05. Run Little One [add]
06. Big Chief [add]
07. One Time [add]
08. She's Alone [add]
09. Got You on His Mind [add]
10. Tupelo [add]
11. Help Is on the Way [add]

Lucky (1991) 01. Push and Shove [add]
02. Deepst Thoughts [add]
03. Straight Shot [add]
04. Tired of Being Alone [add]
05. Laughing at Birds [add]
06. The Ballad of Gunther Johnson [add]
07. Dolly's Song (Have You Ever Thought...) [add]
08. I Can't Wait [add]
09. Another Heartbreak Now [add]
10. Someday, Somehow [add]
11. Wide Load [add]
12. Bye, Bye [add]

Annunciation (1994) 01. (You'll Be) Satisfied [add]
02. Why Can't I Forget About You [add]
03. Angel to Be [add]
04. I Know [add]
05. Late at Night [add]
06. Miss Love [add]
07. Poverty [add]
08. Message Man [add]
09. Save Me [add]
10. Fountains Flow [add]
11. Cold Nights [add]
12. Sugar Pie [add]
13. It's So Hard [add]

Primitive Streak (1996) 01. All the Time in the World [add]
02. Carved in Stone [add]
03. Break Down in These Walls [add]
04. Why Do You Hurt Me So [add]
05. Faraway Girl [add]
06. Love Somebody [add]
07. Lonely Soldier [add]
08. Too Soon to Tell [add]
09. Do Me a Favor [add]
10. She [add]
11. Don't Let 'Em [add]
12. Sarita [add]
13. Love O' Love [add]

Live at Last (1997) 01. Straight Shot [add]
02. All the Time in the World [add]
03. He's Got You on His Mind [add]
04. Intro [add]
05. Too Soon to Tell [add]
06. Late at Night [add]
07. Light in Your Eyes [add]
08. Intro [add]
09. Tell Me What's Wrong [add]
10. Why Can't I Forget About You [add]
11. Message Man [add]
12. Intro [add]
13. Sugar Pie [add]
14. Cold Nights [add]
15. Sarita [add]
16. Need Somebody [add]
17. Intro [add]
18. Bye Bye [add]

Miracle Mule [live] (2004) 01. Morning Glory [add]
02. If Wishing Made It So [add]
03. I'm Angry [add]
04. Brightest Star [add]
05. Maybe You Think [add]
06. Known to Touch Me [add]
07. Standin' Tall [add]
08. Don't Doubt It [add]
09. Mississippi Home [add]
10. Sound of Her Voice [add]
11. Oh Baby [add]
12. The Rain [add]
13. Miracle Mule [add]

Behind the Levee (2006) 01. Papa Dukie & The Mud People [add]
02. Next to Me [add]
03. No Vacancy [add]
04. One Word (Peace) [add]
05. Social Aid & Pleasure Club [add]
06. Time for the Sun to Rise [add]
07. Let's Play [add]
08. Looking at You [add]
09. Keep My Feet Upon the Ground [add]
10. Prayer of Love [add]

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