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The Silos lyrics
Genre: Rock
Cuba (1987) 01. Tennessee Fire [University of France Music BMI] [add]
02. She Lives Up the Street [Bob Rupe and Walter Salas-Humara] [add]
03. For Always [University of France Music, BMI] [add]
04. Margaret [University of France Music BMI] [add]
05. Mary's Getting Married [University of France Music BMI] [add]
06. Memories [Bob Rupe and John Salton] [add]
07. Just This Morning [add]
08. Going Round [University of France,BMI] [add]
09. It's Alright [University of Alabama] [add]
10. All Falls Away [University of France Music BMI] [add]
11. Get Back My Name [University of France Music BMI] [add]
12. Maybe Everything [Bob Rupe and Walter Salas-Humara] [add]
13. Head Party [University of France Music, BMI] [add]
14. Hook in My Lip [add]
15. Tennessee Fire # 2 [add]

The Silos (1990) 01. Caroline [add]
02. Picture of Helen [add]
03. Commodore Peter [add]
04. Anyway You Choose Me [add]
05. Maybe Everything [add]
06. I'm Over You [add]
07. Take My Country Back [add]
08. (We'll Go) Out of Town [add]
09. Don't Talk That Way [add]
10. The Only Story I Tell [add]
11. ?Por Que No? [add]
12. Here's to You [add]

Hasta La Victoria! (1993) 01. Miles Away [add]
02. All I Know Is Your Name [add]
03. Your Last Life [add]
04. My Big Car [add]
05. Nobody But You [add]
06. All Night [add]
07. Henrietta [add]
08. Sometimes When I Come Over [add]
09. Find Someone [add]
10. All Spring All Summer [add]
11. Try Tomorrow [add]
12. Find a Way [add]

Susan Across the Ocean (1994) 01. Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around [add]
02. Upside Down Instead [add]
03. Shaking All Over the Place [add]
04. All She Wrote [add]
05. Wanna Ride [add]
06. Susan Across the Ocean [add]
07. Change the Locks [add]
08. The Sounds Next Door [add]
09. Start to Burn [add]
10. Nothing's Gonna Last [add]
11. I'm Straight [add]
12. Fallen Angel [add]

Long Green Boat (1997) 01. All Falls Away [add]
02. Commodore Peter [live] [add]
03. Two Voices [add]
04. Just This Morning [live] [add]
05. I'm Over You [live] [add]
06. You Look Like Sheila [add]
07. Margaret [add]
08. Shine It Down [add]
09. Miles Away [live] [add]
10. Your Last Life [add]
11. Tennessee Fire [add]
12. Find a Way [Alternate Version] [add]
13. September [add]
14. Let's Take Some Drugs & Drive Around [live] [add]

Heater (1998) 01. Prison Song [add]
02. Nothern Lights [add]
03. Thanks a Million [add]
04. Eleanora [add]
05. Angels [add]
06. Arms of the Sea [add]
07. Front Porch [add]
08. I Like You [add]
09. Stoplight [add]
10. Mom Out Dancing [add]
11. Cold Hands of Fate [add]
12. Away [add]

Laser Beam Next Door (2001) 01. Satisfied [add]
02. Drunken Moon [add]
03. Sangre y Lagrimas [add]
04. Where Ya Been [add]
05. I Believe [add]
06. The Title of This Song [add]
07. Four on the Floor [add]
08. One World [add]
09. Disfrute [add]
10. Jean Marie [add]
11. Wooky Do [add]

Ask the Dusk (2002) 01. Shine It Down [add]
02. 4 Wanted Signs [add]
03. Susan [add]
04. Start the Clock [add]
05. A Few Hundred Thank Yous [add]
06. Now That I've Lost You [add]
07. Seeing Blue [add]
08. Heart + Soul [add]
09. Carol [add]
10. About Her Steps [add]
11. Two Voices [add]
12. September [add]
13. Cuba [add]
14. Promises [add]
15. Bridge [add]
16. You Look Like Sheila [add]
17. Don't Go Home [add]
18. Nobody's Business [add]
19. Heartbeat [add]
20. O' Fat Bass [add]
21. Thinking About You Tonight [add]

When the Telephone Rings (2004) 01. The Only Love [add]
02. Whistled a Slow Waltz [add]
03. Ready for Anything [add]
04. Holding on to Life [add]
05. Innocent [add]
06. When the Telephone Rings [add]
07. The First Move [add]
08. Don't Wanna Know [add]
09. 15 Days [add]
10. Dumbest on Parade [add]
11. Take a Hit [add]

Come on Like the Fast Lane (2006) 01. Behind Me Now [add]
02. Fall on Your Knees [add]
03. Tell Me You Love Me [add]
04. I Won You Won [add]
05. Keeping Score [add]
06. People Are Right [add]
07. Come on Like the Fast Lane [add]
08. Top of the World [add]
09. Days Gone By [add]
10. Sunset Morning [add]
11. Never Leaving [add]

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