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Genre: Rock
Midnight Mission (1984) 01. Standing in the Line [add]
02. Hands of the Working Man [add]
03. No Love in You [add]
04. Running [add]
05. Number One Is to Survive [add]
06. Midnight Mission [add]
07. Upset Me [add]
08. Luck Don't Last Forever [add]
09. Clean Cut Kid [add]
10. See the Light [add]
11. It's Ok [*] [add]

So Rebellious a Lover (1987) 01. The Drifter [add]
02. Gypsy Rider [add]
03. Every Angel in Heaven [add]
04. Del Gato [add]
05. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) [add]
06. Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
07. Almost Saturday Night [add]
08. I'm Your Toy (Hot Burrito No. 1) [add]
09. Are We Still Making Love [add]
10. Don't It Make You Want to Go Home [add]
11. Number One Is to Survive [#] [add]
12. Mary Sue [#] [add]
13. Del Gato [live/#] [add]

Sweden USA (1988) 01. It's Too Late [add]
02. Slow Rollin' Train [add]
03. Never Wanted to Try [add]
04. Remember That Moon [add]
05. Try to Hold On [add]
06. Secret Graves [add]
07. From a Dollar to a Dime [add]
08. You Can't Move In [add]
09. Heroes of My Hometown [add]
10. Rubies and Diamonds [add]
11. The Grand Blvd. [add]
12. Trying to Hold On [add]
13. Playing the Life [Leka Med Livet] [add]
14. Kinderwars [add]
15. Touch [add]

Live (1991) 01. Who Put the Sting on the Honeybee? [add]
02. Slow Rollin' Train [add]
03. Trying to Hold On [add]
04. Rubies and Diamonds [add]
05. See the Light [add]
06. You Can't Move In [add]
07. Broken Hands [add]
08. Sway [add]
09. Hartley Quits [add]
10. Midnight Mission [add]
11. Silver Train [add]

Within an Ace (1993) 01. Justice [add]
02. Dark Horses [add]
03. Why Did You Stop [add]
04. World of Pain [add]
05. Fortune [add]
06. Within an Ace [add]
07. Man Once Loved [add]
08. How Many Days? [add]
09. Rescue Fantasy [add]
10. Is the Lady Gone [add]

Reap the Whirlwind (1994) 01. Reap the Whirlwind [add]
02. Playing With Life [add]
03. Ups and Downs [add]
04. Rock of Ages [add]
05. Kinderwars [add]
06. Not a Soul to Remember [add]
07. Honest as Daylight [add]
08. Bills, Bills and More Bills [add]
09. Twine Time [add]

The Ring of Truth (2001) 01. Loserville [add]
02. Never Fade Away [add]
03. The Low Way [add]
04. The Ring of Truth [add]
05. Locked Up Tight [add]
06. Sweeter [add]
07. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? [add]
08. Great Black Hole [add]
09. Wave of the Hand [add]
10. Friends in Baltimore [add]
11. After You've Gone (Empty Blues) [instrumental] [add]
12. Winter [add]

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