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Fred Mollin lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Friday the 13th: The Series [Original TV Scores] (1989) 01. Friday the 13th - The Series [Opening Titles] [add]
02. Inheritance/Tails I Live, Heads You Die/Wax Magic [add]
03. Suite from "Baron's Bride" [add]
04. Suite from "Badge of Honor" [add]
05. Death of Mickie (Tails I Live) [add]
06. Suite from "Symphony in B Sharp" [add]
07. Suite from "Brain Drain" [add]
08. Suite from "Eye of Death" [add]
09. Suite from "What a Mother Wouldn' Do" [add]
10. In the Basement [The Electrocutioner] [add]
11. Suite from "The Playhouse" [add]
12. Suite from "Wedding in Black" and "Bottle of Dreams" [add]
13. End of a Year ("Bottle of Dreams") [add]
14. Friday the 13th - The Series [Closing Credits] [add]

Forever Knight [Original Soundtrack] (1996) 01. Forever Knight Theme [add]
02. The Hunger [add]
03. What a Wonderful Thing Humanity Is... [add]
04. Dark Knight (France 1228) /Cherry Blossoms (The Ambush) [add]
05. Suite from Queen of Harps [add]
06. Suite from the Hunted [add]
07. Nick's Piano Theme/Suite from Forward into the Past [add]
08. Black Rose [add]
09. Suite from Amateur Night [add]
10. If You Love Something [add]
11. Suite from Be My Valentine [add]
12. Father Figure (Nick's Lullaby to Lisa) [add]
13. Suite from Dark Knight [add]
14. You Would Do Well to Avoid Me [add]
15. Touch the Night [add]
16. Avenging Angel (Time Stands Still) [add]
17. Curiouser and Curiouser (Nick and Janette) [add]
18. Suite from Undue Process [add]
19. Suite from a More Permanent Hell [add]
20. Baby, Baby (CN Tower Finale) [add]
21. Only One Thing Is Truly Permanent... [add]
22. Dark Side of the Glass [add]

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