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Genre: Rock
Burning Blue Soul (1981) 01. Red Cinders in the Sand [add]
02. Song Without an Ending [add]
03. Time Again for the Golden Sunset [add]
04. Icing Up [add]
05. Like a Sun Risin Thru My Garden [add]
06. Out of Control [add]
07. Bugle Boy [add]
08. Delirious [add]
09. The River Flows East in Spring [add]
10. Another Boy Drowning [add]

Soul Mining (1983) 01. I've Been Waitin' for Tomorrow (All of My Life) [add]
02. This Is the Day [add]
03. The Sinking Feeling [add]
04. Uncertain Smile [add]
05. The Twilight Hour [add]
06. Soul Mining [add]
07. Giant [add]
08. Perfect [add]

Infected (1986) 01. Infected [add]
02. Out of the Blue (Into the Fire) [add]
03. Heartland [add]
04. Angels of Deception [add]
05. Sweet Bird of Truth [add]
06. Slow Train to Dawn [add]
07. Twilight of a Champion [add]
08. The Mercy Beat [add]

Mind Bomb (1989) 01. Good Morning Beautiful [add]
02. Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) [add]
03. The Violence of Truth [add]
04. Kingdom of Rain [add]
05. The Beat(en) Generation [add]
06. August & September [add]
07. Gravitate to Me [add]
08. Beyond Love [add]

Solitude (1993) 01. That Was the Day [add]
02. Dis-Infected [add]
03. Jealous of Youth [add]
04. The Violence of Truth [Remix] [add]
05. Helpline Operator [Sick Boy Mix] [add]
06. Another Boy Drowning [live] [add]
07. Solitude [add]
08. Dolphins [add]
09. Dogs of Lust [Germicide Mix] [add]

Dusk (1993) 01. True Happiness This Way Lies [add]
02. Love Is Stronger Than Death [add]
03. Dogs of Lust [add]
04. This Is the Night [add]
05. Slow Emotion Replay [add]
06. Helpline Operator [add]
07. Sodium Light Baby [add]
08. Lung Shadows [add]
09. Bluer Than Midnight [add]
10. Lonely Planet [add]

Hanky Panky (1995) 01. Honky Tonkin' [add]
02. Six More Miles [add]
03. My Heart Would Know [add]
04. If You'll Be a Baby to Me [add]
05. I'm a Long Gone Daddy [add]
06. Weary Blues from Waitin' [add]
07. I Saw the Light [add]
08. Your Cheatin' Heart [add]
09. I Can't Get You off of My Mind [add]
10. There's a Tear in My Beer [add]
11. I Can't Escape from You [add]

NakedSelf (2000) 01. Boiling Point [add]
02. Shrunken Man [add]
03. The Whisperers [add]
04. Soul Catcher [add]
05. Global Eyes [add]
06. December Sunlight [add]
07. Swine Fever [add]
08. Diesel Breeze [add]
09. Weather Belle [add]
10. Voidy Numbness [add]
11. Phantom Walls [add]
12. Salt Water [add]

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