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Genre: Rock
Northern Dream (1971) 01. Photograph (A Beginning) [add]
02. Everyone's Hero [add]
03. House of Sand [add]
04. End of the Seasons [add]
05. Rejoice [add]
06. Love's a Way [add]
07. Northern Dreamer [add]
08. Bloo Blooz [add]
09. Sad Feelings [add]
10. See It Through [add]
11. Smiles [add]
12. Chymepeace (An Ending) [add]

Sound on Sound (1979) 01. Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) [add]
02. For Young Moderns [add]
03. Stop/Go/Stop [add]
04. Furniture Music [add]
05. Radar in My Heart [add]
06. Stay Young [add]
07. Out of Touch [add]
08. Better Home in the Phantom Zone [add]
09. Substitute Flesh [add]
10. Atom Age [add]
11. Art/Empire/Industry [add]
12. Revolt into Style [add]

Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam (1981) 01. Banal [add]
02. Living in My Limousine [add]
03. Vertical Games [add]
04. Disposable [add]
05. False Alarms [add]
06. Decline and Fall [add]
07. White Sound [add]
08. Life Runs Out Like Sand [add]
09. A Kind of Loving [add]
10. Do You Dream in Colour? [add]
11. U.H.F. [add]
12. Youth of Nation on Fire [add]
13. Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam [add]

Sounding the Ritual Echo (1981) 01. Annunciation [add]
02. The Ritual Echo [add]
03. Sleep [add]
04. Near East [add]
05. Emak Bakia [add]
06. My Intricate Image [add]
07. Endless Orchids [add]
08. The Heat in the Room [add]
09. Another Willingly Opened Window [add]
10. Vanishing Parades [add]
11. Glass Fish (For the Aquarium) [add]
12. Cubical Domes [add]
13. Ashes of Roses [add]
14. The Shadow Garden [add]
15. Opium [add]

La Belle Et La Bete (1982) 01. Overture [add]
02. The Family [add]
03. Sisters and Sedan Chairs [add]
04. In the Forest of Storms [add]
05. The Castle: The Gates/The Corridor/The Great Hall/Dreams (The Merchant ...) [add]
06. The Rose and the Beast [add]
07. Magnificent (The White Horse) [add]
08. Beauty Enters the Castle: The Door/The Mirror/Candelabra and Gargoyles [add]
09. Beauty and the Beast [add]
10. Transition No. 1 [add]
11. Transition No. 2 [add]
12. The Hunt [add]
13. The Gift [add]
14. The Garden [add]
15. Transition No. 3 [add]
16. Transition No. 4 [add]
17. The Tragedy [add]
18. Transition No. 5 [add]
19. The Enchanted Glove [add]
20. Tears as Diamonds (The Gift Reverses) [add]
21. The Beast in Solitude [add]
22. The Return of Magnificent [add]
23. Transition No. 6 (The Journey) [add]
24. The Pavilion of Diana [add]
25. Transition No. 1 [add]
26. Transition No. 2 [add]
27. The Final Curtain [add]

Love That Whirls (The Diary of a Thinking Man) (1982) 01. Empire of the Senses [add]
02. Hope for the Heartbeat [Remix] [add]
03. Waiting for Voices [add]
04. A Private View [add]
05. Eros Arriving [add]
06. The Bride of Christ in Autumn [add]
07. Flesh [add]
08. He and Sleep Were Brothers [add]
09. When Your Dream of Perfect Beauty Comes True [add]
10. Flaming Desire [add]
11. Portrait of Jan With Flowers [add]
12. The Crystal Escalator in the Palace of God Department Store [add]
13. Echo in Her Eyes [add]
14. The October Man [add]

Chimera (1983) 01. The Real Adventure [add]
02. Acceleration [add]
03. Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug [add]
04. Tender Is the Night [add]
05. Glow World [add]
06. Another Day, Another Ray of Hope [add]

Savage Gestures for Charm's Sake (1983) 01. The Man in the Rexine Suit [add]
02. Watching My Dream Boat Go Down in Flames [add]
03. The Meat Room [add]
04. Narcosis [add]
05. Another Happy Thought (Carved for Ever in Your Cortex) [add]
06. Portrait of Jan With Moon and Stars [add]

Summer of God's Piano (1984) 01. Antennnae Two [add]
02. Transmission (N.B.C. 97293) [add]
03. The Sleep of Hollywood [add]
04. The Celestial Bridegroom [add]
05. Under the Red Arch [add]
06. Orient Pearl [add]
07. Sacrament [add]
08. Falling Blossoms [add]
09. The Difficulty of Being [add]
10. Zanoni [add]
11. The Chinese Nightingale [add]
12. Tantra [add]
13. Soon September (Another Enchantment) [add]
14. Rural Shires [add]
15. Perfidio Incanto [add]
16. The Lost Years [add]
17. The Charm of Transit [add]
18. Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio) [add]
19. Wysteria [add]
20. Swing [add]
21. Snowfall [add]
22. Realm of Dusk [add]
23. Over Ocean [add]

Vistamix (1984) 01. The Real Adventure [add]
02. Flaming Desire [add]
03. Acceleration [add]
04. Empire of the Senses [add]
05. Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug [add]
06. Do You Dream I Colour? [add]
07. A Kind of Loving [add]
08. Tender Is the Night [add]
09. Glow World [add]
10. Another Day, Another Ray of Hope [add]

Getting the Holy Ghost Across (1986) 01. Suvasini [add]
02. Contemplation [add]
03. Theology [add]
04. Wildest Dreams [add]
05. Lost in Your Mystery [add]
06. Rise Like a Fountain [add]
07. Age of Reason [add]
08. The Hidden Flame [add]
09. Because of You [add]
10. Pansophia [add]
11. Heart and Soul [add]
12. Living for the Spangled Moment [add]
13. Feast of Lanterns [add]
14. Illustions of You [add]
15. Word for Word [add]
16. Finks and Stooges of the Spirit [add]
17. Nightbirds [add]
18. The Yo-Yo Date [add]

On a Blue Wing (1986) 01. Suvasini [add]
02. Contemplation [add]
03. Wildest Dreams [add]
04. Lost in Your Mystery [add]
05. Hidden Flame [add]
06. Rise Like a Fountain [add]
07. Heart and Soul [add]
08. Living for the Spangled Moment [add]
09. Because of You [add]
10. Pansophia [add]

Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights (1987) 01. West Deep [add]
02. The Spirit Cannot Fail [add]
03. Pilots of Kite [add]
04. Seventh Circle [add]
05. Phantom Gardens [add]
06. The Angel of Hearth and Home [add]
07. Villefranche Interior [add]
08. Night Tides [add]
09. First Memory [add]
10. Azure Extension [add]
11. Radiant Spires [add]
12. The Evening Peal [add]
13. Threnodia [add]
14. A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain [add]
15. Body of Light [add]
16. At the Center [add]
17. Self-Initiation [add]
18. The Word That Became Flesh [add]
19. The Hermetic Garden [add]
20. Revolving Globes [add]
21. The Four Square Citadel [add]
22. Little Daughters of Light [add]
23. Orient of Memphis [add]
24. The Angel at the Western Window [add]
25. The Piano Room [add]
26. Rain Dance [add]
27. Aching Heart [add]
28. Arising [add]
29. Welcome to Realm Seven [add]
30. Without a Blue Horizon [add]
31. Female Nebula [add]
32. Demon Raising [add]
33. Burning the Grove of Satyrs [add]
34. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of [add]
35. Realm of Archons [add]
36. The Rossetti Effect [add]
37. Infinite Station [add]
38. Piano Angelica [add]

Map of Dreams (1987) 01. Legions of the Endless Night [add]
02. Spinning Creatures [add]
03. At the Gates of the Singing Garden [add]
04. Heavenly Message, No. 1 [add]
05. Heavenly Message, No. 2 [add]
06. Heavenly Message, No. 3 [add]
07. Fellini's Picnic [add]
08. Dark Angel [add]
09. Infernal Regions [add]
10. Dance of the Fragrant Woman [add]
11. The Alchemy of Ecstacy [add]
12. Aphrodite Adorned [add]
13. The Wheel of Fortune and the Hand of Fate [add]
14. Forked Tongues, Mixed Blessings [add]
15. Another Tricky Mission for the Celestial Pilot [add]
16. Water of Life (Transfiguration) [add]

Pavilions of the Heart & Soul (1989) 01. Gift of the August Tide [add]
02. Loving Tongues [add]
03. Blue Nude [add]
04. In the Realm of Bells [add]
05. Your Nebulous Smile [add]
06. The Glance of a Glittering Stranger [add]
07. Another Kiss for Your Slender Neck [add]
08. The Warmth of Women's Eyes [add]
09. Seduction (Ritual With Roses) [add]
10. Dreamed Embraces [add]
11. Herself With Her Shadow [add]
12. The Exquisite Corpse [add]
13. Ardent Hands [add]
14. Her Laughing Torso [add]
15. Migrating Angels [add]
16. Les Amoureux [add]
17. Meshes of the Afternoon [add]
18. Mountains of the Heart [add]
19. Willow Silk [add]
20. Tender Encounters (States of Grace) [add]
21. Melancholia [add]
22. The Eternal Female [add]

Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars (1992) 01. Ancient Guitars [add]
02. Girl from Another Planet [add]
03. Spinnin' Around [add]
04. Shaker [add]
05. God Man Slain [add]
06. The Dead We Wake With Upstairs Drums [add]
07. New Moon Rising [add]
08. The Glory Days [add]
09. Wishes [add]
10. Angel in My System [add]
11. Wings and Everything [add]
12. Boat to Forever [add]
13. The Invisible Man and the Unforgettable Girl [add]
14. So It Goes [add]
15. Fires in the Sky [add]
16. Dream Ships Set Sail [add]

Buddha Head (1995) 01. My Philosophy [add]
02. Killing My Desires [add]
03. Buddha Head [add]
04. The Way [add]
05. Big River [add]
06. Karma Kisses [add]
07. We Will Rise [add]
08. Signs and Signals [add]
09. Lotus in the Stream [add]
10. Enlightenment [add]
11. Eternally [add]
12. Duality [add]
13. Perfect World [add]
14. The Heart Has Its Reasons [add]
15. Sun Will Rise [add]
16. The Big Illumination [add]
17. Life as We Know It [add]

Crimsworth: Flowers, Stones, Fountains and Flames (1995) 01. Crimsworth [add]
02. Crimsworth [add]

Electricity Made Us Angels (1995) 01. Begin to Burn [add]
02. Heaven's Happy Hemisphere [add]
03. God in Her Eyes [add]
04. Float Away [add]
05. Big Blue Day [add]
06. Sweet Is the Mystery [add]
07. If Wishes Were Horses [add]
08. Fair Winds and Flying Boats [add]
09. Ocean over Blue [add]
10. River of Love [add]
11. This Is Destiny [add]
12. Wonders Never Cease [add]
13. Nothing Yet [add]
14. God Thundered Boy [add]
15. She Sends Me [add]

Practically Wired...Or How I Became Guitarboy (1995) 01. Roses and Rocketships [add]
02. Spinning Planet [add]
03. Thousand Fountain Island [add]
04. Piano 45 [add]
05. Pink Buddha Blues [add]
06. Kid With Cowboy Tie [add]
07. Royal Ghosts [add]
08. Her Presence in Flowers [add]
09. Big Noise in Twangtown [add]
10. Tiny Little Thing [add]
11. Wild Blue Cycle [add]
12. Every Moment Infinite [add]
13. Friends from Heaven [add]
14. Eternal for Emiko [add]

After the Satellite Sings (1996) 01. Deeply Dazzled [add]
02. Tomorrow Yesterday [add]
03. Flipside [add]
04. Streamliner [add]
05. Memory Babe [add]
06. Skull Baby Cluster [add]
07. Zoom Sequence [add]
08. Rocket to Damascus [add]
09. Beautiful Nudes [add]
10. Old Goat [add]
11. Squirm [add]
12. Wow! It's Scootercar Sexkitten! [add]
13. Phantom Sedan [add]
14. Ordinary Idiots [add]
15. V-Ghost [add]
16. Blink-Agog [add]

Magnificent Dream People (1997) 01. Sun at Six Windows [add]
02. Bird Ornaments [add]
03. My Favourite Atom [add]
04. Girl I Never Forgot [add]
05. Cirlce the World in a Paper Canoe [add]
06. Queer Weather [add]
07. Astro-Coaster [add]
08. Brutal Tinkerbell [add]
09. Waltz at the End of the World [add]
10. Secret Agent at Science Park [add]
11. Twentieth Century [add]
12. Aura Hole [add]
13. Radiant Nature Knows Not the Worker's Sorrow [add]
14. Essoldo Stripshow [add]

Weird Critters (1998) 01. Rain and Neon [add]
02. Candyland [add]
03. Birds and Blue Stuff [add]
04. Radiated Robot Men [add]
05. Coney Island [add]
06. Weird Critters [add]
07. Golden Sattelites [add]
08. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters [add]
09. Quarter Moons and Stars [add]
10. Wonder Story [add]
11. Cool Blue Heaven [add]
12. Far Too Flip [add]
13. Realm Rider [add]
14. Angels in Arcadia [add]

Atom Shop (1998) 01. Wild and Dizzy [instrumental] [add]
02. Dreamsville [add]
03. Magic Radio [instrumental] [add]
04. Pointing at the Moon [add]
05. Train With Fins [add]
06. Popsicle Head-Trip [add]
07. Propeller of Legend [add]
08. Viva la Voom-Voom [add]
09. Billy Infinity [add]
10. She Gave Me Memory [add]
11. My World Spins [add]
12. Rocket Ship [add]
13. Girlfriend With Miracles [add]
14. Spinning Dizzy on the Dial [add]
15. Atom Shop (Is Closing) [add]

Deep Dream Decoder (1998) 01. Things to Come [add]
02. God Bless Me [add]
03. Rise (Above These Things) [add]
04. Snowing Outside [add]
05. It's All True [add]
06. A Head Full of Lights and a Hat Full of Haloes [add]
07. The Girls I've Loved [add]
08. Amazing Things [add]
09. Deep Dream Decoder [add]
10. Dissolve [add]
11. Year 44 (The Birthday Song) [add]
12. Wing & A Prayer [add]
13. Dreamnoise and Angel [add]
14. Tired Eyes [add]
15. Golden Girl [add]
16. The Spark [add]

With Culturemix (1999) 01. Luna Park [add]
02. Radio Head [add]
03. Housewives on Drugs [add]
04. Dancematic [add]
05. Four Postcards Home [add]
06. Zebra [add]
07. Exile [add]
08. Tangram [add]
09. Cave Paintings (After Joseph Campbell) [add]

Noise Candy (2003) 01. Humming in the Void/Girl with the Thousand-Watt Smile [add]
02. Vista-Dome-Railcar [add]
03. Behold Dumb Wonders [add]
04. Dreamland Avenue [add]
05. Jet Town [add]
06. Atom Blasted Cadillac [add]
07. Rocket Science Ranchboy [add]
08. No Meaning [add]
09. Whatever I Do [add]
10. Emerald City [add]
11. One Way Track [add]
12. Nowhere Fast [add]
13. Real Thing This Time [add]
14. Buddha's Eyes Are Everywhere [add]
15. Rockarolla [add]
16. Swing Song [add]
17. Edge of Recall [add]
18. My Paranoia [add]
19. Tomorrow's World [add]
20. Blowin' the Dust off the Book of the Future [add]
21. Great Plains [add]
22. Big Yellow Moon [add]
23. Hot-Rod Racer [add]
24. That Was Then [add]
25. Space-Ranch [add]
26. Monorail [add]
27. Ghost Train [add]
28. All This and a Girl Like You [add]
29. More Rain [add]
30. The Lonesome Cowboy Radio Show [add]
31. Sleepy Snakes [add]
32. Wild Lilac [add]
33. Perdita Rose [add]
34. World of Dreams [add]
35. Real Gone [add]
36. Time Today [add]
37. The Cowboy Club [add]
38. High and Mighty [add]
39. Baby Ruth's Big Special [add]
40. First Boy on the Moon [add]
41. Down Comes the Rain [add]
42. Don't Cry, Space-Guy [add]
43. Peppermint Flower [add]
44. Magic Hill [add]
45. The World Wakes Up [add]
46. Dumb-World [add]
47. Lay-Zee Boy Receiver [add]
48. Nevertheless [add]
49. Bright 'N Breezy [add]
50. The Hipseter Gimmick [add]

Chameleon (2003) 01. City One [add]
02. Science and Sacrament [add]
03. Machine Voodoo [add]
04. Chameleon [add]
05. Circular Tour [add]
06. The Shape of Things to Come [add]
07. Astro Logic [add]
08. Tropicus [add]
09. O Vee [add]
10. On the Beam [add]
11. Mex-Arcana [add]
12. Man Machine [add]
13. Hip-No-Tize [add]
14. New Dream Island [add]
15. Blue Sky [add]
16. To the Sea in Ships [add]
17. Blonde and Built to Last [add]
18. To a Child [add]
19. Rosalia [add]
20. Golden Shrine [add]
21. Playback [add]
22. Designer Dance [add]
23. On the Beach [add]
24. Like a Dream [add]
25. Mitsukini [add]

The Hermetic Jukebox (2003) 01. Christ Via Wires [add]
02. Clock Conscious [add]
03. I Wonder [add]
04. Eastern Electric [add]
05. Search and Listen [add]
06. News from Nowhere [add]
07. One Man's Fetish Is Another Man's Faith [add]
08. Right, Then Left [add]
09. Iconography [add]
10. The God's Speak [add]
11. Life Class [add]
12. Altar Natives [add]
13. Sex, Psyche Etcetera [add]
14. Several Famous Orchestras [add]
15. Who He Is [add]
16. Exactly the Way You Want It [add]
17. Why Be Lonely [add]
18. Everyday Is a Better Day [add]
19. The Receiver and the Fountain Pen [add]
20. Welcome Home Mr. Kane [add]
21. This Is True [add]
22. Greeting a New Day [add]
23. The Breath in My Father's Saxophone [add]
24. Our Lady of Apparitions [add]
25. The Whole City Between Us [add]
26. Deva Dance [add]
27. Always Looking Forward to Tomorrow [add]
28. World Thru' Fast Car Window [add]
29. Profiles, Hearts, Stars [add]
30. Daughter of Dream Come True [add]
31. Alchemia [add]
32. Um, Ah Good Evening [add]
33. Kut Up in Cartoonsville [add]
34. Short Wave [add]

Whimsy (2003) 01. Nostalgia (For the Future) [add]
02. Slumberlite [add]
03. Let Flow the Wine [add]
04. Switch Off That Desert Sunset [add]
05. Magnetism Made Me Do It [add]
06. A Simple Thought Flashes Through My Mind [add]
07. Senor Mysterioso [add]
08. Ocean Full of Wishes [add]
09. Swept Away [add]
10. Islands in the Sky [add]
11. Always Summer [add]
12. The Fundamental Blues [add]
13. My Favourite Urban Chrome-Green Sky [add]
14. Dizzy in the Head [add]
15. I Looked at the Sea [add]
16. The Girl Who Disappeared into a Cloud [add]
17. Whimsy [add]
18. So Far [add]
19. The Violins of Autumn [add]
20. Will [add]
21. Showtime [add]
22. Dumb Palooka [add]
23. Garage Full of Clouds, Pt. 2 [add]
24. Organola [instrumental] [add]
25. Perfect Bliss [add]
26. Powder Blue [add]
27. Here We Go [add]
28. When We Were Young [add]
29. Fairyland Before the Fire [add]
30. Cowboy Christmas [add]
31. Struck Dumb by Beauty Again [add]
32. Don't Be a Stranger [add]
33. The Light This Universe Attracts [add]
34. Sing Ye Golden Sunbeams, Sing [add]
35. Superslippy [add]
36. The Fabulous Fountain of Your Savoir Faire [add]
37. A Star Named Desire [add]
38. Buzz Was Honey [add]
39. Over the Moon [add]
40. Close Your Eyes (The Sleepy Town Symphony) [instrumental] [add]

Magnificent Dream People/Electricity Made Us (2003) 01. Sun at Six Windows [add]
02. Bird Ornaments [add]
03. My Favourite Atom [add]
04. Girl I Never Forgot [add]
05. Circle the World in a Paper Canoe [add]
06. Queer Weather [add]
07. Astro-Coaster [add]
08. Brutal Tinkerbell [add]
09. Waltz at the End of the World [add]
10. Secret Agent at Science Park [add]
11. Twentieth Century [add]
12. Aura Hole [add]
13. Radiant Nature Knows Not the Worker's Sorrow [add]
14. Essoldo Stripshow [add]
15. Begin to Burn [add]
16. Heaven's Happy Hemisphere [add]
17. God in Her Eyes [add]
18. Float Away [add]
19. Big Blue Day [add]
20. Sweet Is the Mystery [add]
21. If Wishes Were Horses [add]
22. Fair Winds and Flying Boats [add]
23. Ocean Over Blue [add]
24. River of Love [add]
25. This Is Destiny [add]
26. Wonders Never Cease [add]
27. Nothing Yet [add]
28. God Thundered Boy [add]
29. She Sends Me [add]

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