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Rick Springfield lyrics
Genre: Rock
Just Zoot (1969) 01. One Times Two Times Three Times Four [add]
02. Hey Mr. Songwriter [add]
03. Flying [add]
04. Yes, I'm Glad [add]
05. Who's Afraid of You [add]
06. About Time [add]
07. Monty and Me [add]
08. Sailing lyrics
09. Feeling [add]
10. Sha La La lyrics
11. She's Alright lyrics
12. Shake Your Feathers [add]

Zoot Out (1970) 01. You Better Get Going Now lyrics
02. One Times Two Times Three Times Four [add]
03. Monty and Me [add]
04. About Time [add]
05. Mr. Songwriter lyrics
06. Flying [add]
07. Hey Pinky [add]
08. Strange Things lyrics
09. Eleanor Rigby lyrics
10. Turn Your Head [add]
11. The Freak lyrics
12. Evil Child lyrics

Beginnings (1972) 01. Mother Can You Carry Me lyrics
02. Speak to the Sky [add]
03. What Would the Children Think [add]
04. 1000 Years lyrics
05. Unhappy Ending [add]
06. Hooky Joe [add]
07. I Didn't Mean to Love You [add]
08. Come on Everybody [add]
09. Why? lyrics
10. Ballad of Annie Goodbody [add]

Comic Book Heroes (1974) 01. Comic Book Heroes lyrics
02. I'm Your Superman lyrics
03. Weep No More lyrics
04. Why Are You Waiting lyrics
05. Believe in Me [add]
06. Misty Water Woman lyrics
07. The Liar lyrics
08. The Photograph lyrics
09. Bad Boy lyrics
10. Born Out of Time [add]
11. Do You Love Your Children lyrics

Mission Magic (1974) 01. We're Gonna Have a Good Time [add]
02. It's Driving Me Crazy lyrics
03. Free and Easy [add]
04. You Can Really Do It (If You Try) [add]
05. On the Other Side [add]
06. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover [add]
07. Love Is the Key [add]
08. You Better Think Twice [add]
09. Welcome to the Rodeo [add]
10. I Want You lyrics
11. Just Gotta Sing lyrics
12. If We Help One Another lyrics
13. Starlight, Starbright lyrics
14. Catch Me If You Can lyrics
15. I Know That It's Magic lyrics
16. Theme from Mission Magic [add]

Wait for Night (1976) 01. Take a Hand [add]
02. Goldfever lyrics
03. One Broken Heart lyrics
04. Where's All the Love [add]
05. Archangel lyrics
06. Jessica lyrics
07. Million Dollar Face lyrics
08. Old Gangsters Never Die lyrics
09. Treat Me Gently in the Morning [add]
10. Life Is a Celebration [add]

Working Class Dog (1981) 01. Love Is Alright Tonite lyrics
02. Jessie's Girl lyrics
03. Hole in My Heart [add]
04. Carry Me Away lyrics
05. I've Done Everything for You [add]
06. The Light of Love [add]
07. Everybody's Girl lyrics
08. Daddy's Pearl lyrics
09. Red Hot & Blue Love [add]
10. Inside Silvia lyrics

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (1982) 01. Calling All Girls lyrics
02. I Get Excited lyrics
03. What Kind of Fool Am I? [add]
04. Kristina lyrics
05. Tonight lyrics
06. Black Is Black lyrics
07. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
08. How Do You Talk to Girls [add]
09. Still Crazy for You [add]
10. The American Girls [add]
11. Just One Kiss lyrics
12. April 24, 1981 lyrics

Living in Oz (1983) 01. Human Touch lyrics
02. Alyson lyrics
03. Affair of the Heart [add]
04. Living in Oz [add]
05. Me & Johnny [add]
06. Motel Eyes lyrics
07. Tiger by the Tail [add]
08. Souls lyrics
09. I Can't Stop Hurting You lyrics
10. Like Father, Like Son lyrics

Beautiful Feelings (1984) 01. Bruce lyrics
02. Just One Look lyrics
03. Solitary One lyrics
04. Spanish Eyes lyrics
05. Everybody's Cheating lyrics
06. Looking for the One [add]
07. Cold Feet lyrics
08. Brand New Feeling lyrics
09. Beautiful Feelings lyrics
10. Guenevere lyrics

Hard to Hold (1984) 01. Love Somebody lyrics
02. Don't Walk Away lyrics
03. Bop 'Til You Drop lyrics
04. Taxi Dancing lyrics
05. S.F.O. [add]
06. Stand Up lyrics
07. When the Lights Go Down [add]
08. Great Lost Art of Conversation [add]
09. Heart of a Woman [add]
10. I Go Swimming lyrics

Tao (1985) 01. Dance This World Away lyrics
02. Celebrate Youth lyrics
03. State of the Heart (Intro) [add]
04. State of the Heart [add]
05. Written in Rock [add]
06. The Power of Love (The Tao of Love) [add]
07. Walking on the Edge [add]
08. Walk Like a Man [add]
09. The Tao of Heaven [add]
10. Stranger in the House [add]
11. My Father's Chair lyrics

Rock of Life (1988) 01. Rock of Life [add]
02. Honeymoon in Beirut [add]
03. World Start Turning lyrics
04. One Reason (To Believe) lyrics
05. Soul to Soul [add]
06. Tear It All Down lyrics
07. Woman lyrics
08. Dream in Colour [add]
09. Hold on to Your Dream [add]
10. (If You Think You're) Groovy [add]

Karma (1999) 01. His Last Words lyrics
02. It's Always Something [add]
03. Religion of the Heart [add]
04. Beautiful Prize lyrics
05. Karma lyrics
06. Shock to My System [add]
07. Free lyrics
08. Prayer lyrics
09. The White Room lyrics
10. In Veronica's Head [add]
11. Ordinary Girl lyrics
12. Act of Faith [add]
13. Karma [Remix] [add]

The Greatest Hits...Alive (2001) 01. Affair of the Heart [add]
02. I've Done Everything for You [add]
03. Alyson lyrics
04. Rock of Life [add]
05. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
06. I Get Excited lyrics
07. Love Somebody lyrics
08. April 24th/My Father's Chair [add]
09. State of the Heart [add]
10. Medley: What Kind of Fool Am I?/Don't Walk Away/Carry Me ... [add]
11. Free lyrics
12. Love Is Alright Tonite lyrics
13. Human Touch lyrics
14. Jessie's Girl lyrics
15. Kristina lyrics
16. Living in Oz [add]
17. Gloria lyrics
18. Itsalwaysomething [add]

Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance (2004) 01. Perfect lyrics
02. I'll Make You Happy lyrics
03. Will I? lyrics
04. God Gave You to Everyone [add]
05. Idontwantanythingfromyou lyrics
06. Jesus Saves [add]
07. Beautiful You lyrics
08. Wasted lyrics
09. Shoot Your Guru lyrics
10. Alien Virus lyrics
11. Angels of the Disappeared [add]
12. Eden lyrics
13. The Invisible Girl lyrics
14. My Depression lyrics
15. Your Psychopathic Mother lyrics
16. Every Night I Wake Up Screaming lyrics
17. Open My Eyes [add]

The Day After Yesterday (2005) 01. I'm Not in Love [add]
02. Under the Milky Way [add]
03. Life in a Northern Town [add]
04. Broken Wings [add]
05. Human [add]
06. Holding on to Yesterday [add]
07. Baker Street [add]
08. Waiting for a Girl Like You [add]
09. Let's Go Out Tonight [add]
10. For No One [add]
11. Miss You Nights [add]
12. Blue Rose [add]
13. Cry [add]
14. Imagine [add]

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