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The Spongetones lyrics
Genre: Rock
Beat Music (1982) 01. Here I Go Again [add]
02. Tell Me Too! [add]
03. Cool Hearted Girl [add]
04. Take My Love [add]
05. Every Night Is a Holiday [add]
06. Don't You Know [add]
07. Where Were You Last Night? [add]
08. You're the One [add]
09. You Better Take It Easy [add]
10. Eloquent Spokesman [add]

Torn Apart (1984) 01. Have You Ever Been Torn Apart? [add]
02. Lana-Nana [add]
03. (My Girl) Maryanne [add]
04. Shock Therapy [add]
05. Now You're Gone [add]
06. Annie Dear [add]

Where-Ever-Land (1987) 01. Forget About May [add]
02. Self Sufficient Guy [add]
03. Anna [add]
04. Up in Smoke [add]
05. Tom [add]
06. Where-Ever-Land [add]
07. Images [add]
08. Just Another Mundane [add]
09. Talk to the Girl [add]
10. Since You Said [add]
11. Baby Boomer [add]
12. Don't Talk Too Loud [*/demo version] [add]
13. Woodstock II [*/demo version] [add]
14. Not So [live/*] [add]
15. (My Girl) Maryanne [live/*] [add]
16. Torn Apart [live/*] [add]

Oh Yeah! (1991) 01. Not So [add]
02. Always Carry On [add]
03. Got Nothing Left to Hide [add]
04. Oh Yeah! [add]
05. Infatuation [add]
06. Are You Gonna, Do You Need to (Love Me) [add]
07. Return the Boy [add]
08. Somewhere in the World [add]
09. Brand New Start [add]
10. Now Is Now [add]
11. Words and Music [add]
12. Am I Dancing or What? [add]
13. Stupid Heart [add]
14. Goodbye [add]

Textural Drone Thing (1995) 01. L' Amour/Le Guerre [add]
02. Better Lucko Next Time [add]
03. Rattle My Chain [add]
04. Little Death [add]
05. Just Another Dream [add]
06. Try to Please [add]
07. Skinny [add]
08. Whenever You're Around [add]
09. Spirit World [add]
10. TV Talks [add]
11. Resurrection Man [add]
12. Back Seat Full Moon [add]

Odd Fellows (2000) 01. You'll Come Runnin' Back [add]
02. Boy Meets Girl [add]
03. On the Wings of a Nightingale [add]
04. Dark Brown Eyes [add]
05. March of the Creaming Beezers [add]
06. Eyedoan Geddit [add]
07. Too Much Talk [add]
08. Black & White (First Thoughts...) [add]
09. Home [add]
10. Nightsong [add]
11. Love Song to Mrs. Parker [add]
12. Much Too Slow [add]

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